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Hey friends, writing after a long time, I hope you missed me. FYI- I am an engineering graduate now and I have just started with the new phase of life called work. Yes, I am a new girl in the city. I luckily got placed in a few companies which are situated in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Pune. I choose Pune because of my early joining and good job profile.

This blog is all about my new life and what is my experience as a fresher in the job and as a new girl in town. I will tell you my story from the day it all started to the day I am writing this article for all of you.

The Beginning…

All of this started in March, I came back from attending my second cousin’s wedding. My last semester classes had already started and there were only a few campuses arrived.

I was not placed in any company till now and this was quite depressing.

I was low on hope but was still preparing to get selected in a company even if I had to go out after college. Luckily I got a notification from college that there will be a few companies visiting in the mid of March and April.

Also, the recruiters were coming to a closed campus especially on request from the college authorities.

My college training and placement officer arranged a session for all of the students in order to get the highest placement possible.

I got excited and started preparing well for the companies (company names weren’t disclosed).

During the college sessions, I came to know that most of the companies visiting my college will be BPO (business processing and outsourcing). This information didn’t let my hopes down, as for me it was like having a job is better than being unemployed after graduation.

People often have a fear of what others will think about them, and I think sometimes that fear is just our imagination.

What is BPO?

For those students who are still doing their engineering and have a confusion about this field then please allow me to clear all your doubts.

I personally got educated about this field during my personality development sessions in college.

I met this amazing person. This lady was our personality and development teacher. She is a dynamic person and her class has been the best classes I have ever attended in my college life.

So, she told us about the company profiles that were about to visit our college. As she announced about the companies being only BPO, a lot of students got disinterested and said that they would rather prefer being unemployed.

The teacher asked them what is the reason behind their ignorance for the BPO sector. All of them replied with the same answers, the reason for them not liking the BPO sector was:

  • The job profile is not technical and even a higher secondary graduate is eligible for it.
  • Once you enter the BPO sector then you cannot switch to a technical profile ever, so four years of engineering will be a waste if we as students have to work for the BPO sector.

I think this is because of the lack of proper education among the youngsters in India that they are still unaware of what they want to do in life.

Our teacher as always so graciously and cleverly answered them right back and cleared all our myths about BPO as well as life after college if you don’t have a job.

That’s how she started with the thing-

  • At first, she explained us our own current conditions and told us that how it feels to be unemployed after college. She told about the situations when students move out to big cities in search of a job, for walk-ins and how much money it takes for their parents to spend on their stay in the metro cities.
  • How difficult and frustrating it gets when you don’t find a job, your parent’s money gets wasted even after you have finished college and also the pressure you get from them to come back home (for girls there is only one option left by parents and that is to get married). Yes, it is common in a small town like Jabalpur that if a girl does not get a job even after 4 years of engineering or any other graduation course, then she is just being married off to a nice boy who can take her liability. Few of my college mates got married too.
  • Then she explained us about the pros of getting a job placement in BPO.
  • For the best part is that we will be placed in a company before graduation, that thing is quite satisfying for an engineer. As you already know the number of engineering graduates in India is even higher than the entire population of Nepal and Bhutan combined.
  • Secondly, you are actually earning some money of your own and will be living in a metro with a job. This minimizes the chance of you wasting your parent’s hard earned money and increases your chance to be in contact with the corporate world.
  • 95% of the BPO companies have night shifts, so this gives you a chance to attend walk-ins during the day time and earn during the night. Please don’t come up with the excuses in your mind people, we are young and this is the only time to work hard enough to make an identity of ourselves in society. It’s ok if you are with incomplete sleep for a few days, you already spend the whole night chatting online anyways. Being awake for a job won’t hurt that much.
  • It’s no issue if you want to pursue your career in BPO even after studying engineering for four years. The BPO industry actually offers more money and comfort than technical jobs. You just need to differentiate clearly between the person of a calibre you are than the person you just wanna be for no reason. Example– I met this girl recently, she is a BPO executive for four years and she actually gifted her parents with a newly built house in her own hometown. She is the only child of her parents and they never had a house of their own till then. She bought the land, built the whole beautiful house with parking and garden area, all this just with the money that she earned in the four years of her job as a BPO executive. So, my friend’s no job is a small job, all that matters is the way you do your job and what it turns out to be after a few years.
  • In short, we all need money to survive and a good social status to prove our self-dependence capabilities and also a bit of contribution to the society.

So, after hearing all this and collecting more information about the BPO, almost everyone got ready to happily work in the BPO.

The Recruitment

Just ten days after our sessions started, we got the news that a company is visiting the next day.

It was a BPO company from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The company’s name was ETech. There were only two rounds, essay writing, and personal interview. The interviewer asked us about-

  • How was our day, what was our routine and what do we know about the BPO sector?

I got selected easily along with 14 girls and 7 boys from my college. We got a small package of 2.2 lakhs per annum, and it is enough for a person to survive in Gujarat. I was happy with my first placement.

My formal Picture for company interviews
My formal Picture for company interviews

But this was not it, I again got an email about another company coming just a day after as an open campus in our town.

This profile was for the post of software analyst-technical support. This company was EClinical Works, the job location was Mumbai and the package was a bit higher than the previous one. Now, I became even more excited as this company offered technical job and was also based in Mumbai that was quite fascinating itself.

The day came, about 400 students appeared for the campus.

We all reached the venue at 9 in the morning (as instructed to us). There were four rounds – Group discussion< Written< Management and Technical Round< HR round. You can know more about how to clear interview rounds and dress code for interviews through these blogsInterview attire for women and How to clear GD rounds.

They called a group of 20 people for each group discussion round and selected exactly 12 out of the group.

Then the written round had 30 questions related to networking, SQL, and vocabulary. We all got 30 minutes to solve the question paper. By this time it was already 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

Now, the selected candidates appeared for the HR round where they got shortlisted on the basis of their communication skills. I was among a few 100 left now.

After this, the technical and management round came, at last, I got called at around 11 at night.

I was hungry, exhausted waiting for my turn and my parents were continuously calling me for an update. Yet, I was quite high on enthusiasm as I wanted this job.

The sleep removed my filters and I gave all the technical answers in a flow, I myself couldn’t believe as to how fast I was answering the two interviewers.

The interview went for around half an hour. An hour after that I came to know that I got selected for the job profile. This was an even more happening moment and the experience was great.

I called my parents, they were already on their way to get me from the venue, as it was 12:30 in the night. I told my parents about my second placement, they were even happier with the pay scale and job profile.

By this time I was satisfied with the fact that I got placed in two companies and I am getting to go to Mumbai.

But destiny had more beautiful plan for me.

After ten days of my selection, I got a call from my bestie and he told me that he referred me for the walk-in drive for Bitwise company in Pune.

The job profile was a software tester and the package was as usual much higher than the previous ones. I enquired if I was really eligible for the drive being a non-graduate fresher. My friend confirmed to me that the drive was especially for 2016 and 2017 passing outs.

I immediately booked my tickets for June along with my mother. This happened within a week.

Bitwise Pune Drive

I reached Pune, attended the drive along with 200 other people just like me. Some of them were already in a job, some were unemployed, and only a few were freshers like me.

I had basic knowledge of software testing and I came to know that there were people who have already done a two-month course in testing. This seemed challenging to me and I laughed to myself that I won’t be able to clear this interview.

Yet my positivity quotient was high and all I did was to concentrate on the moment.

So the first round was written with three different sections, each containing 25 questions. Out of 150 (only who appeared for the day), only 17 cleared written.

Then there were 4 more rounds and at last, there were only 2 people remaining for the final interview.

You guessed it right 😀 I cleared the interview.

This moment was the best of all. I got the best job with the best profile and a handsome package (just flaunting 😉 ).

I could totally relate to this blog my friend Varun wrote when he got selected in the same company, now I too think that luck is an awesome factor.

Offer letter of three companies
Offer letters from three companies I got selected in

Do read this blog, it helped me a lot in understanding the world around me.

The Journey Begins…

I was overwhelmed with the fact that I have been placed in three companies even before getting my graduation.

Now I was busy with my exams and major project presentation.

College days were finally coming to an end. Students were sad about the most precious and fun phase of their life. I was excited to start my new one and am just too bad with the goodbyes so being emotional is not something I can handle.

On, 25 May 2017 I completed my last day in college and also my last engineering exams (yeah finally over). I got my joining date in Pune for 6th of June. As I got my joining date just 14 days before so I booked the tickets accordingly. Here is when the real fun begins-

The Struggle

My mother advised me to go on my own this time, as she already booked the PG (Paying Guest, the hostel would be a better word to describe it) for me and I have visited the city for once.

She handed me the responsibility for taking myself safely to my destination like an adult. I tried booking my tickets through regular IRCTC reservations systems but found the long waiting list. Now, I was only left with two options-

  • To book my tickets just a day before the train leaves, through the Tatkal (emergency) section of the IRCTC. This option had loopholes as there is 50% chance of getting the tickets booked.
  • To hire a broker to book my tickets and get a confirmed ticket. This has 80% chances of getting a confirmed ticket just 10 days before the train is dispatched.

I opted for the safer option, “the broker”.

He assured me that my tickets would be 100% by the day and I shouldn’t be worrying about it anymore. So, I got busy with my packing and saying goodbye to my hometown.

Just an evening before I was about to leave, I got a call from the broker that my tickets have not been confirmed. This was not at all acceptable and I had to go anyhow. So, I left with an unconfirmed ticket.

I still got to sit in the third tier as the broker promised me to send me safely in the third tier compartment.

My see off moment was a bit emotional, my little brother was crying but was also hiding his tears just pretending to be not caring, my mother almost cried and that’s not how I wanted my goodbye to be done like.

So, I cracked a funny family joke and made them all laugh. That’s the picture I wanted to carry forward with me.

A snapshot with my mother and brother just a day before I left for Pune
A snapshot with my mother and brother just a day before I left for Pune

The train left around 9 in the morning, I was comfortably seated until Itarsi came. After four hours of the journey, my train arrived at Itarsi Junction.

My seat got filled and I had to find some other place. Luckily I got another seat in the same compartment. But again after 3 hours, that seat got filled at Bhusawal.

I was without a seat by 6 in the evening and still had an entire night to reach my destination.

To be honest, I was a little scared, people were not helping me and seeing other people of my age travelling with their parents and a confirmed seat was even heartbreaking. Even heard a man talking about me to his son, that look she is travelling alone and that too without a ticket.

There was a couple with a cute kid who spoke in a very unusual manner, both of them were treating me like I was a thief or maybe a criminal. That felt even more disturbing.

At last, I kicked all these stupid things out of my brain and after 2 hours of travel besides the toilet, I politely asked a girl if she could share her birth with me.

I explained to her as for how unsafe it was for me to stay out of the coach at night (there were men coming again and again and they were looking at me in a way I cannot explain).

Luckily she agreed to let me sit in her seat but she also said that at the time of sleeping she needs the whole seat. This help was enough for me and I agreed on her terms. Then I talked to her and came to know that she is an employee in Cognizant.

I also had good conversations with other people sitting in front of me. They were better than the previous ones I met.

At 11 all the lights went off, people started preparing their beds to sleep. I borrowed a bed sheet from the train attendant (he was a helpful man too). I laid down the bedsheet on the floor of the compartment and slept. It was quite uncomfortable to sleep on the floor without a pillow and those comfortable AC coach beds.

Arriving My New Destination

The Pune Junction Railway Station
The Pune Junction Railway Station

The train reached Pune around 8:30 am and I had my joining at 9:30 am.

The morning view was quite beautiful, I saw horses and calves in a stable next to the railway track. There was greenery all around, big buildings and some beautiful houses to adore it.

This was nothing new as I travelled a lot of places before, although this view was soothing as it indicated my train journey coming to an end.

My friend came to pick me up at PUNE railway station. The station is huge, I myself got confused about the entry and exits. Thankful to my friend who dropped me off at the company accommodation room provided to me for 7 days.

So I got ready for my first day at the office and reached a bit late. Few other people joined with me but they were all experience holders and switched from their companies after a year or so.

We got the induction training and I was allotted the project team that very same day. It was all quite fast with me as a fresher because I was selected from a walk-in drive and not like a mass recruited fresher who gets separate training for a week and then the projects are being given to each one of them.

Anyways, this doesn’t matter as once you are in the job then you must be ready to train yourself. Luckily I got a project where I could learn and be a potential employee for the company.

My First Company Offered Accomodation
My First Company Offered Accomodation

For the next 5 days, I stayed at the company accommodation where I got lovely breakfast in the morning and then I had my lunch at the office canteen. Made some friends in here.

The Hostel – My New Stay At Pune

After a week I left the accommodation and went to the paying guest flat where I decided to live on rent.

The pg is a big 3bhk flat in a big building just beside the main road. There were 14 girls living already in the flat and I was the 15th one to join them. The reason I chose this flat/pg to stay was the kitchen provided by them for cooking and good spacious interior.

Although that’s not enough for giving 5500 a month for living in that flat.

The landlord is quite greedy or maybe she is just doing her business. She is in her late 60s and she speaks really sweet when you have money in your hand.

There are some girls in here who are real maniacs, I think they have a psychological issue with them. They tried to bully me and were rude to me in the beginning but I managed with them by being polite and sometimes just being ignorant.

My roommate is a sweetheart and she helps me always.

My Room
My Room

I still don’t like the place where I am living in currently because I just want my own space where there are no other girls to bother my privacy. I am still in search for one. Till then I am living happily with my 14 flatmates (sounds congested, isn’t it?)

Pune- The New City

Pune is beautiful I would say, in terms of the variety of trees and the number of birds. It’s still is ugly in some ways like it’s rainy season right now and there is still a shortage of water in 80% of the city.

For a complete review of Pune city, read my friend’s blog Why Pune is not a good city to live in.

Beggars still linger around on the streets asking for money and there are even children who are not being given any help from so-called NGO’s in the city.

There is one funny thing that I would like to share with you all, I’m seeing an awful lot of babies in this city. I mean babies with their parents. Their parents are all in their late 20s and early 30s. Looking at them I wonder still, is it just me or is it the people of Pune reproducing in a big mass.

Buses here are overloaded. I travel to my office by bus every day. It’s quite exciting sometimes as one day I literally travelled hanging on the back door of the bus. Here is a picture of me posing like a Bollywood heroine.


Bus ride

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The best part about Pune is that I am in the same company as my bestie’s and we now have double the fun than before. Here is a picture of the two of us enjoying the company’s day out at Oxford golf resort. He has been there for me the whole time and he is the actual reason for me being able to pull up so well throughout.

At present, I am looking for a flat along with my roomie and one other girl from office. I just received my first salary. Yes I earned it and I don’t know where does it came from but I suddenly became so concerned about spending my money at all. I want to save now, I suddenly feel like the money I earn are not enough for me. Well, I think that is some of the side effects of earning money on your own rather than spending your parent’s money.

Oh, you might also want to read Varun’s blog on his experience when he first visited. Follow the post link – The New Boy In Town.?There are a few more blog posts that might be helpful for you.

New Girl’s Final Words For The Blog


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Since I have been in this city, I have experienced a lot of new things in life. Be it the bus rides, new friends, work life or some heart breaks. Yet I am in love with the air of Pune, it gives me a sense of self-dependence that I always wanted. I now earn my own money and trying to manage all my expenses from my salary. I recently found a nice flat for myself, it is totally unfurnished but that’s what I wanted for so long. Also, the rent is quite affordable but the location is very good. I also faced a few mishappening like my boyfriend dumping me just one week after I came to Pune ( I am over it now). Pune is a great city with lots of opportunities, you just need to be aware of when and how to grab the best ones. Keep waiting for my next blog where I will tell you about my monthly expenses and how to manage better with a ?small income in big cities. Till then…

Be happy 🙂
Be My Aficionado 🙂

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