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What is Luck?

This is one of the most difficult questions to answer and even more difficult to understand.

I was a believer of NO LUCK but then life started to unfold and I found that LUCK exists.

But, what is luck?

Is it just a probability of an event to occur or is it more than that?

Is there a way to use LUCK to our benefit?

There are loads of unanswered question when it comes to luck and in this article, I will try to approach it in a different manner. I would like to share my understanding of the LUCK FACTOR and will continuously experiment on it for its validity.

Does LUCK exist?

do luck exists

I never believed anyone when they said that luck exists, maybe because of my Agnostic behaviour.

I asked for proofs.

There was a time when I experienced luck as pure probability or chance.

After I made the above statement, I googled the meaning for both LUCK and CHANCE. I know google does not know everything but just to be clear I googled the meaning and it is pretty much exact.

Meaning of Luck

But it is not what LUCK feels like, does it?

Luck feels so real.

Then what is LUCK?

Well, I didn’t stop there. I kept on exploring luck in different aspects and this is what I found.

LUCK has more than one meaning in a different context. If you are going to talk about luck in a prescriptive way then you will not believe in LUCK and will say that it’s just a name given to the probable outcome of some event which could be fortunate or unfortunate.

But you see, it’s not that simple. Out of every 10 people you meet, you will find 8 of them who believes in luck. When asked they said – there are things that affect our lives which we cannot control. And indeed it is true…

But is that what we call luck. The aspects of our lives which we cannot control. And if so, then why does everybody talk about luck so often. If it is not in our control than talking about is just a waste of time and energy.

I kept exploring but now with a more analytical approach. And I found that Luck is not all chance. There are aspects to it involved that makes luck different from a probability.


distinct luck

You see luck has 3 aspects which makes it distinct from probability or chance:

  1. Luck can be good or bad.
  2. Luck can be an accident or chance.
  3. Luck applies to a sentient being.

These 3 aspects (described in Wikipedia) makes luck distinct.

You see, LUCK always has a side attached to it, either it is good or bad. The main reason is that it depends on the 3rd aspect of it which states that it applies to a sentient being. Things which can feel or has a perspective.

We discussed the luck being accident or chance in the previous paragraph and we found that it’s neither. It’s just the events that take place in one’s life without him having control over it.

For example, a person going to the ATM to take out money finds a 2000 INR note on the road.

The above example incorporates all the three-factor. A Person (Sentient Being) found a 2000 INR note (Chance Or Accident). That 2000 INR note holds some value for the founder (GOOD).

You see, if the same thing would have happened to a dog we wouldn’t have called it luck. But instead of note there was a big bone, then it’s a lucky day for the dog.

But the immediate next question is – Can you control it?

Is there a Way to Control THE LUCK FACTOR?

luck factor

If we will believe the wiki’s definition of luck with just these 3 aspects then NO there is no way we can have control over our luck.

But what if there is another factor involved. The factor that governs people’s life. The factor that makes LUCK customizable like any other thing in the virtual world.

The 4th aspect

The 4th aspect to the Luck is – how well you Let Go Of Things. So, the four aspects will be:

  1. Luck can be good or bad.
  2. Luck can be an accident or chance.
  3. Luck applies to a sentient being.
  4. Luck is how well you Let go of Things.

As soon as you stop attaching yourself to the outcome of some event, you start creating your own luck.

At a given time, a person’s mind can only focus on one thing. Human mind is the greatest most powerful thing in this universe. We have the power to manipulate our nature in whatever way we want it to be. The only thing we need to learn is to control it. And control comes when you detach yourself from the situation and think through.

If you stop attaching yourself to the outcome of some event it would mean that you have Let Go of That Event from your life.

Letting go of the things doesn’t mean that you become careless towards it but it means to detach yourself from it.

It is only when you detach yourself to some event or thing, you get the power to control it.


The power which makes you great, the power Great Steve Job possessed. You simply have to detach yourself from the outcome of the event and attach yourself to its cause. In short, I’m talking about KARMA.

Just by making this subtle change, you will possess the power to control each and every aspect of your life. Here is a simple example –

Event: Campus Selection
Thousands of student prepare for this event but only the lucky few get selected. Who are these lucky few?

These lucky few are the ones who actually prepared for the event but not the outcome. You see there are two types of students among these thousand.

Type 1: These students thinks about the stuff which may come in the exam.

Type 2: These students prepare for the stuff irrespective of what is going to come in the exam.

You are intelligent enough to find out which student have more CHANCE or PROBABILITY?getting selected.

Care to share your definition of LUCK, just comment below and let me know what you think…

  • Article By: Varun Shrivastava

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