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Hello guys, I know it’s high time for all the potential job seekers. This is a stressful time because you have to focus on lots of things at the same time. In this hassle you sometimes forget the things which values the most. Yes, I’m talking about your Interview Attires. Have you given it a thought yet? If you have been busy with other stuff and has forget to look at this side then maybe it is time. Do not leave it to the last moment. Just to make your task easy and smooth, I have written this article which will help you choose your favourite look. It is time to IMPRESS.

Interview Attire

Why should you care about the Interview Attires?

It’s all about your first impression. Selection is not completely based on the correct answers that you give in front of the interviewer but in the way you present it. Similarly, as soon as a person sees you, at that very moment your image is imprinted on that person’s mind. And you wouldn’t want it to be like an average guy. You should always leave good impression on the person’s mind at the very first sight. Science says that people decide 9 things on the first sight, I’m sure you wouldn’t like that to be negative. Therefore, pay close attention to the way you are going to present yourself? It could make a huge difference. You cannot be lucky every day but you can look good 😉

Men Interview Attire

Men style of dressing has been quite static over the years. It is pretty much the same whether you are applying for the higher post or the entry level post. Just the weight of fabric varies.

Suit Style

You should directly go for a solid Navy suit. A Solid Navy will never turn anyone off and on top of that you don’t want to be too showy, or come out too strong. Do not go for a black or tan suit, however, they look great but these are not appropriate for the interviews unless you are going for some TV interview where you have to come out strong and gglamorous Avoid blazers or jackets as these doesn’t look very formal and gives you more of casual look. A suit is what you should choose for your interview. Here are some collections I chose from the amazon store to narrow your choice,

Shirt & Tie

Pretty Straight-forward call it is – Go with the 100% White Cotton Shirt. Yes, it should be white? There are numerous reason why you should choose white shirt in an interview instead of any other color. Wear a simple shirt and by simple I mean plain traditional shirt without tab collars or Wide English Spread collars. Keep it simple and traditional. That would make you look elegant and handsome. Just stick with that. I’m forcing white so much because it sends subliminal message to the observer’s mind and gives a sense of cleanliness, simplicity, goodness and politeness.

I think it’s a good idea to invest a few bucks on your new Shirt as it is really going to make a difference. Here are some of the picks from the amazon store,

The second important thing that could drastically compliment your attire is your Tie. It is not mandatory but if chose correctly can dramatically improve your entire look. You just have to choose a Tie that compliments your look. There is a vast range available that can go with your look. An all-over, neat pattern, a small dot or a classic stripe all work well. Just make sure you do not go with extremely bright colors. Keep is simple and elegant. I have narrowed down your choice to a few of these, choose what your heart feels right 😉


It’s quite simple to choose a shoes that goes with the formal suit. You simply have to match the color of your shoes with your belt and it’s an overall match. If you are going with the navy blue suit and a white shirt then a black belt with matching shoes are really going to compliment your overall look. Again I have narrowed down your choices from a vast pool to a few?


Minimize it. I would suggest only a Watch to go with and that’s it. No other thing is required.
Women Interview Attire


I really believe in getting dressed well and appropriate as it opens up wide range of opportunities for you at any given moment. This article is for all of you who are going to face the interview for the first time just so you can get it straight without much hassle. I hope this will help you in choosing the right attire for interview. If you liked it then share and comment below… Do not forget to subscribe.


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