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Hey girls, campus recruitment have started and now it’s high time for freshers and graduate to be prepared for a job interview. As you read in the last blog, “Interview attire for men“, in this blog I will be telling you about suitable interview attire for women. IT companies and many other MN-Cs start visiting colleges from September to march. Different companies have different recruitment criteria and process of selection. One thing that is common in every job recruitment is an interview. An interview is the final round to clear before getting your dream job. Many of us clear their written rounds very well and even clear the technical rounds but fail to clear the interview. Interview is about first impression, attitude, communication skills, confidence and most important of all it tests a person’s persuading power.


Presentation is equally Important as technical knowledge


It happens a lot of times that a person is very well with his/her subject knowledge that is important to be a skilled worker but fails to get the job because of lack of communication and presentation skills. This happens very frequently that the least expected person gets the job and a girl who was really studious and hardworking gets out of the list in the final interview round. Let me tell you a fact that is easy to observe but most of us fail to understand it because of lack of awareness. The person who is taking your interview has met you for the very first time in his/her life. He has no idea about your knowledge, your family background or even your skills. So he will only believe what you portray in front of him. You alone have the power to drive your interview in either a positive or a negative one. If you know the answers but fail to present them well and explain them to the interviewer, then you won’t be able to prove yourself as a desirable one. ?According to a research, interviewers believe 20% of what they hear and 60% of what they both hear and see.That is why a good interview attire for women is a must. ?The first impression is printed just at the moment when you enter the room. These three things results in creating a strong impression on the interviewer within 5 seconds-


  1. Your dress sense
  2. Facial expressions
  3. Way you sit or stand
  4. Body gestures


In this blog I will be discussing about some ideal interview attire for women along with hair and make-up.

Women interview attire


Suit style



Buy a decent formal suit for yourself. Coat is very important in every interview attire for women . You can wear a “chudidar salwar suit” with a nice fitting coat or blazer but in order to give a more positive sight you should wear a full formal attire with shirt, coat, pants, tie and shoes. Try to show as less skin as possible and make your look more professional.


Coats and trousers



Choose a light grey or dark indigo blue color for your coat and trousers. The fitting shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Instead of a trouser you can also try formal skirts if you have a slim body. A-line skirt and ?narrow bottom skirt is best choice. Length of these skirts shouldn’t be too short, keep them up to the knee. As for the trousers there are three types of trousers you should get tailored before an interview.



  1. Tapered pant
  2. Straight pants
  3. Footcat pants
  4. Wide waistband pants

Types of coats you can try are-

Single breasted, three/two buttoned ?blazers with two types of collar/lapel styles are more preferable.


  1. Notch lapels
  2. Peak lapels




Color and style choice for a formal shirt is very important. Girls can try light pink, light blue and white plain colored cotton or polyester shirts. Different styles of formal shirts are-

  1. Balloon sleeves half shirt
  2. Full sleeves formal shirt


Hair and makeup

Keep ?your hair neat and tidy. A high pony, low bun, flat open hair with a black hairband or sober will be just fine. Try to avoid shades and any fancy hair style. As for makeup, keep it subtle and simple. A light pink lipstick or just a brush of chap-stick will do good. Eye liner shouldn’t be too loud but just a fine line to enhance if needed. Keep your face clean and spotless. Avoid any kind of jewelries, a simple ear tops is?sufficient.



images-2? ?images-3

Wear flats or block heels. Avoid high heel shoes as they might make you uncomfortable during the interview and it will surely affect your expression and body posture. A pair of derby style dress shoe, court shoe, ?or black?colored?dress shoe should be preferred.


These were some of the styling tips for an interview. All these things I mentioned will give you a positive vibe and an uplift in the interview. Confidence and a right attitude is something should be worn by every women with lots of elegance. Choose the right set of words while answering, be more definite and just be yourself. All the best to all the lovely ladies out there for your interview. Also read?our travel blog Dolce Mathura.

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