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Hey Freshers, how are you feeling?

Wait? I know.

You are feeling excited about joining an IT Company.

You might be thinking about all awesome opportunities that you are going to explore with this job.

The adrenaline rush you get just by the thought of earning your first paycheck.

I also know about your little dream castle you have been building all along. The life of a bachelor in a modern city.

Ahem ahem…

This article is going to be a wake-up call for you all. I will be talking about the collective experience of different people in this article including myself. Hope you will have a look inside of a freshers life inside the walls of an IT Company.


During the Last Week From Day of Joining


If you are close to your parents, I mean, If you have been living with your parents all this time then it is going to be heavy.

You will definitely feel heavy in the chest while leaving them. You will want to cry but at the same time try to resist by telling yourself that it is nothing to cry about. After all, you are going to start a new life.

I would advise you to not resist those tears, it only worsens the situation. Let them flow, and you will feel lighter.

Suddenly, you will want to spend more quality time with your parents. And you will receive a similar reaction from them too.

If you have just nailed you interview and waiting for your joining date then this article is definitely going to talk about the similar experience. Feel free to ask me anything, I have been there and still there 😉

When the day comes…


When the day comes, it is time to say goodbye to your family because you are going to start a new life

Your parents will try to look very happy from the surface and prepare everything for you. They will act strong and show that all they care about is sending you to your respective place.

But at the last moment, things will change 🙂

Your dad or sometimes even mum will accompany you to the new city. I’ve seen my friend’s mom accompanying them to the new city. (Thank god that was not the case with me). I would strongly recommend not to take your mother with you in the beginning. Most probably they will have to stay at the hotel and you won’t be able to meet them.

Try to go alone or with friends, and if you do not have friends or have not travelled alone before then ask your Dad to accompany you

After Reaching Your New Place

Everything seems so beautiful.

You have reached a new city, you see IT Parks with megastructures and pretty soon you are going to become a part of one.

Then the company offers you accommodation in some hotel room with 3-star facilities or sometimes it’s a bungalow (I stayed here).

Your life takes a hike from feeling average to extraordinary.

And you should feel that way because your company wants you to feel that way.

A feel of a super luxury lifestyle. It is exactly what you wanted in the first place?

Isn’t it?

Well, this is the best part of the whole process. You get a feel, it’s maybe temporary but it leaves an impression on you for a lifetime and motivates you to make it permanent. This is probably the most important part of an individual’s life. No matter where he/she has come from, a mere feeling of becoming independent earner becomes one of the best moment of your life.

But if you will closely observe yourself, you will also find a feeling of insecurity? We’ll see Why?

Read the article below, it is my experience of the new city (Pune) after staying there for more than a month all on my own.





It is your joining date today.

You have to reach office at 9:00 AM probably.

You wake up early, start preparing for your first day of joining. A lot of new thoughts fill your mind. The thoughts you are not familiar with. Some of the collective thoughts that I was able to dig out from people around me were like:

  • How am I going to reach there?
  • Where would I go after I reach there?
  • Am I looking Good enough to make my first impression?
  • Should I visit a temple on my way there?
  • Should I take my parents with me or not?
  • Taxi or Auto (it’s always taxi :D)
  • Revise all the documents which you will need there?
  • Jo Hoga Dekha Jaega?
  • And the list goes on…

You seriously start thinking individually. The only person visible to you at that time is YOU.


You finally reach your destination.

You look at many others there and they all look similar. They all probably might be thinking similar stuff.

Everyone you find there is in their formals.And then all the question clears out. Now, you have other people with you on the same ground. You are not alone anymore. You are now a part of a group. It is time for you to get inside the big gates of your company. And the usual process begins?


It’s time for induction.

Once you get inside the building, you will see a known face welcoming you. It is almost the same everywhere. You are ought to find someone who you have already met before. Be it during the interviews or seminars or something. The point is – The person will be known to you in some way or the other.

He/She will brief you on the current situation and ask you to be seated. You will love that person by the way 😀

Now, you will be briefed about the different aspects of the company, its people and the ethics and the moral and blah blah blah…

Induction may extend from 2 days to a whole week.

It is time for Freshers Training

LONDON - NOVEMBER 03: Production staff on the weekly fashion magazine, Grazia edit the magazine in a temporary office inside the Westfield shopping centre on November 3, 2008 in London. For one week Grazia magazine is being produced in the Westfield shopping centre and are offering shoppers free make-overs, fashion consultations and advice on pursuing a modeling career. (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

It is quite the same as your college days.

You will go in the morning and come back in the evening. You will learn the same technology which you already know but in a different way (practical way).

On the basis of your training, you will get daily assignments and weekly assessments which you will have to clear in order to proceed further (it depends on the company).

Training will be stretched for three months and meanwhile, you will start exploring the city and post many pictures on Facebook showing the world how happy you are 😀

This time is probably the best time in an IT company. You will start loving every part of it. Because you do not have to face any deadlines. No one is constantly pressuring you to do something. You live life in your own terms. A sense of fake freedom fills you with confidence.

Just make it count. You won’t get this period ever after. I have 4 ways which you can use from day one to stand out in the competition. I call it the Four Dynamics to Grow in an IT Company.

If you want to know the naked truth of an IT Company then read following articles,

After the Training

Are you still with me? Great… because in the coming part, I’m going to talk about the internal workings of an IT company. This will help you to prepare yourself for the worse.


Finally, the training has come to an end.

It is the time when you will be relocated to the different location.

Your friends will be moved to a different place (Intentionally).

You are alone once again. You will visit a new place with new faces all around. The feeling will be quite the same but this time, you will know what is going to happen and you will cope up with it patiently and peacefully.

You will be assigned a 4X4 cabin where you will have your own workstations set up with a name slip in the front and a phone on your desk. We all have seen this in the movies. It is exactly the same. It’s exciting for the first time, as you have seen this in the movies already.

But, sooner or later it starts to get monotonous. Every day is the same. You follow the same cycle every day:

  • Wakeup
  • Get ready
  • Travel to office
  • Reach at the office (10 to 7++)
  • Travel back home
  • Eat food
  • Sleep
  • Repeat

Wow, it’s so predictable, Isn’t it?

You already know, what’s going to happen with you in the coming days.

Your life is no longer happening and that is the reason all the nightclubs and pubs are earning huge bucks.

This is what IT company has to offer to you. You won’t even get paid much and whatever you will get paid will be spent on your food and accommodation. All these cities are costly and will take every penny out of your pocket.

And chances are that you will start hating your job because politics is a new concept to you, right?

Be prepared folks, the politics is going to take a toll on you from day one (if you are good at your work). It is not the work that makes you suffer, it is the process and bad politics. I strongly advise you to read the following blog. You will find a ton of knowledge.


This was just an eagle eye view of the entire experience.

Try to learn the most from this experience. There is a lot that happens, for ex- your first salary. There’s a lot to come ahead of you, just stay alive in every moment and observe yourself. Perhaps, the best medicine to improve yourself is Observation.

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I also want to talk about the financial knowledge which is going to be very important for you in these coming years. Maybe, I will dedicate an entire article for that in the coming days.

The expense management is going to come in handy. Especially when you are not from a wealthy family. Read the following blog:

How are you feeling? Are you alright?

Just let me know in the comments below.


  • Article By: Varun Shrivastava

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