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Web Hosting is the first thing that you need before you start your website.

Recently, I’ve put my hands on HostGator hosting and I must tell you that it is one of the best and most affordable web hosting in its genre.

In this article, I will try to literally sell you HostGator package (because of its AWESOMENESS).

Here’s a fact:

About 65% of websites don’t rank for best of the articles in the industry because they are not reliable.

Trust is the most important factor when it comes to rank your website in Google SERP. And that is the reason why you see repetitive names on the google search console. Because Google prefers some over others and Content is not the only factor.

Trust plays an important factor in ranking your website on the first page.

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How to increase your Website’s Trust Factor?

Create a Solid Foundation for your website.

The most important factor in starting a blog or an online business is its solid foundation. So, what is the solid foundation of your website?

Hosting Server.

It is the foundation of every online business.

The foundation provides the stability and reliability of every structure. You must not hesitate to spend money on the foundation. After all, this is the factor that is going to keep you standing for long.

And if you will calculate in a long run, you would have actually saved a lot of money by having a good hosting server

A Solid Foundation is what I have to offer you in this article.

HostGator is a cost-effective and trusted solution.

As I said, I will try to sell you HostGator in this article (so excuse me if I sound too much like a salesman 😉

HostGator has got everything that a newbie can ever ask for

Following is the discount coupon for first time buyers:

Why is HostGator Awarded as the Best Hosting Provider?

HostGator is one of the world’s most popular hosting provider. It is the best in its class that comes in affordable prices and an excellent support. Here is the reason to buy HostGator package.

99.99% Uptime

This is no scam, I have tested HostGator first hand never experienced a downtime, not even for a minute. It offers excellent uptime and you can trust its servers 24×7. Your website’s visitors will always get what they are looking for. You can completely rely on HostGator for its hardware and support.

Full CPanel Support

I don’t know if you have used CPanel dashboard before, but it undoubtedly one of the most famous platforms from where you can see and manage all parts of your web hosting. Whether be it database management, file management, file usage, system management, useful tools like one-click WordPress install, Server Backup, forum creator tools and other useful stuff all in one place.

CPanel offers a wide variety of options and tools that help users quickly manage all the aspects of your website.

CPanel is people’s choice management dashboard and that is what HostGator has it for. It is really going to make your lives easier.

The Hosting Provider for All Your Needs

Most of your needs will be taken care of by the three shared hosting plan that HostGator has to offer.

  1. Hatchling Plan
  2. Baby Plan
  3. Business Plan

hostgator plans and pricing

Check out the latest price

These three plans will serve most of your needs. However, there are certain restrictions which are imposed on the users in a shared hosting environment.

I would not call it restriction but the necessity of a shared hosting to provide better service to all its users.

In case you need something out-of-box which is not covered by the shared hosting plan then in such situations, HostGator offers Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers that would allow you to use whatever application or tools you want. I use Git to manage my code and therefore use virtual private server cloud hosting to maintain website’s code.

Similarly, I use JAVA to host and manage other parts of my website and for that, I need my own private space in which I can do whatever I feel like.

For such scenario, I would prefer HostGator VPS or Dedicated Hosting plan.

I use Digital Ocean to power BeMyAficionado. If you are interested in Virtual Private Servers then read the following article:

Affordable Prices

As I have mentioned before that HostGator offers the plan for every need and it does that in the most efficient and affordable way.

Spend Money Wisely

HostGator Hatchling plan starts at $3 dollar per month.

This plan is most suitable for someone who is going to host a single website. There are very few hosting providers that provide so much for so less.

I have a discount coupon for you all: BMA60 Put this in the promo code section while signing up and get 60% discount on all shared hosting plans.

If your need is to host multiple websites then you must opt for HostGator’s Baby Plan.

This plan starts at around $6 and lets you use unlimited domains on a single server.

I would strongly recommend you to go with this plan because often times or not your website grows with time and it happens real fast. There are always times when you need to host multiple websites for multiple services that you offer and at that time it becomes costly to host different plan for a different domain.

Baby plan is what I recommend to my clients every time and I’m going to recommend the same to you too.

60% Discount Promo Code

Promo Code: BMA60 Get 60% flat discount on all type of purchase. (First time offer)

Promo Code: BMA25 Get 25% flat discount on all purchases.

Sign up Link!

Do you need more?

Maybe it is the business plan that fulfils your need.

The business plan offers everything that comes with hatchling and baby plan combined, plus it offers private IP address and SSL certificate and a toll-free number to offer you consistent support throughout.

One more thing that HostGator provides in abundance is the disk storage and server bandwidth. It provides unlimited storage and bandwidth in all plans.

Note: For maximum discount, buy a subscription for 2 or more years. Read the following article to leverage maximum discount on your web hosting purchase.

45 Days Refund Policy

refund policy

Suppose, you are not happy with HostGator after using it for 45 days (possibility is less). Then you can ask for a complete refund and they will refund your money. The only thing that they ask for is the reason behind your dissatisfaction and what can they do to make it better.

This shows their confidence in what they do. They are pretty confident that you will love them for what they do. If not, take the money back.

Excellent Customer Service

You will find lots of useful resources on their website blog to help you with almost everything. They have a super solid FAQ section which will solve most of your queries. They have world’s best customer support which will help you to solve your problems and to guide you better.

If nothing solves your problem then contact HostGator’s 24×7 live support agents that will take your problem in their hands and solve it gracefully. The end result will always be the happiness 🙂

There is no way you are going to stuck with HostGator.

Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth

As I have already mentioned before, HostGator offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth with all its plans. This means that it doesn’t matter how many people visits your website and resources they consume. It is always going to be unlimited.

Unlimited Disk Space

If you really need a Hosting Provider then HostGator is the best place to start.

Do you know Harsh Agarwal (The Indian Blogger), well, he started his career with HostGator and now he earns more than 1937550.00 INR every month. 

I’m not saying Harsh Agarwal is earning that much because of HostGator but it certainly feels good to know that you are moving on the path of a successful entrepreneur 🙂

I’m trying to sell you HostGator because it is the best in its genre and you will not find any web hosting that offers so much at so affordable prices. On top of that, here is the 60% coupon code: BMA60.(affiliate link)

Pinterest_HostGator - The World's Most Affordable

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