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Web Hosting is one of the most important aspects of any website. It becomes even more important for bloggers as their entire earning depends on their website performance. Statistics show that if your website is taking more than 2 seconds to load, there is more than 70% chance that the visitor will pass your website. This tells us one thing, out of all the benchmarks, speed is often the most important aspect. That is whole reason behind writing this article. I want to help people (especially bloggers) to choose the best and the Fastest Cloud Hosting Provider which is reliable and affordable.

DigitalOcean: The Fastest Cloud Hosting Provider

I have been using DigitalOcean for more than a year now and I’m really very happy with it. DigitalOcean is the perfect Cloud Hosting Provider for anyone who cannot compromise with their website’s uptime.

In the last one year, I have never faced any sort of downtime because of DigitalOcean(DO). DO has a really affordable price for the type of power and performance it offers. You can also purchase extra space as your website’s size grows.

I will talk about all the aspects that make it the best Cloud Hosting Provider out there.

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Affordable for Everyone

DigitalOcean has taken care of everyone’s need. No matter how small or how big, DO offers multiple plans for different requirements. Have a look at their impressive prices:

DigitalOcean Pricing

DigitalOcean Pricing

Plan Starts at $5

I started with the $5 dollar plan and you know what it turned out pretty awesome. It was the start of my professional blogging career. There is one important thing that I learned that day:

Taking money out of your pocket is very important for its multiplication. ~Varun Shrivastava Click To Tweet

Before this, I was looking for cheap solution and alternatives which did not help me at all. I was successful in finding the best free web hosting providers on the web but to be fair, nothing worked out for me. It was all because I was not applying the formula correctly. You see, you cannot learn how to earn money without spending it. This is one of the most important chapters of my life.

$5 plan was achievable for me at that time. It took me quite some time to make my mind to purchase it. I was the kind of guy who hates to see money go away. But now things have changed for me and I make big deals without giving much thought on the money but the value behind it.

So guys if you are looking forward to starting your own website for business then this is the starting point. In my opinion, $5 is easily affordable for everyone. I would strongly recommend you buy your first droplet from DigitalOcean because of its affordability and the fact that it gives you the complete platform to build on to. You will learn a lot of things which are required to maintain and optimize your website in the long run.

Powerful Droplets

The droplet is just a term DigitalOcean use to identify its Virtual Machines. Each droplet is a virtual machine which has its own power, memory, space and bandwidth. It is not like Shared Hosting where your website starts to slow down because someone else in your space takes up more memory. In VMs, the memory is not shared rather each VM has its own memory and CPU. So you get all the power you pay for.

With $5 Droplet, you get 512MB Memory and 20GB SSD Disk Space, 1TB Transfer plus Ubuntu 16.04.1 x64 operating system.

Let me represent it in a tabular format.

Disk Space20GB SSD
Operating SystemUbuntu 16.XX.X- x64
CPU Usage MonitoringYES (Graphical Representation)
Bandwidth UsageYES (Graphical Time Series)
Disk I/O UsageYES (Graphical Trend Chart)
Promo/Credits/DiscountYES ($10 Credit)

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You also get a powerful DigitalOcean real-time monitoring for CPU Usage, Bandwidth Usage and Disk I/O usage for you registered droplet. Check out the image below:

DigitalOcean Monitoring


One-click Droplet Backup

The most important feature of Dropbox which you will use at some point in time. The one-click droplet backup feature creates a snapshot of your existing droplet and copies it safely in the cloud.

Once you select droplet backup by clicking on the button, it will start an automatic backup of your droplet once every month and save you all the hassle of backing it up by yourself. You will have to pay a nominal $1 fee for this task but it’s worth it. Believe me, you will need this feature once your website grows out-of-bounds and your data becomes your wealth.

I personally have not used this feature of DigitalOcean because I use external ways to handle backup of my website and data. However, I strongly recommend you to leverage this feature. Refer the image below.

digitalocean Backup


Easy Resource Management

Your website requirements change over time. DigitalOcean is best at handling that so your website won’t experience any downtime. You can easily extend your resources just with a click. You want more memory, just click on the More button from your admin panel and select Resize Droplet.



Select the type of resource you want to increase or decrease and it will reflect in your current droplet in less than 5 minutes. Simply restart your droplet and your resources will be there.


The resize option saved me a big time. My website was attacked with loads of resources and it went down. By the time I came to know of the attack, my website was already down. I didn’t know at first that my website had been attacked. I saw the log monitor and saw a rise of CPU and memory usage.

At that moment the only thing I could think of was to increase the resources of my droplet to up the website and I did that.

The website was up in about 10 minutes. Once the website was up, I looked for the source of the attack in the logs. I blocked multiple IP addresses and monitored the performance for one hour. When everything looked okay, I lowered the resources and everything was back to normal.

That time I actually realized the necessity of one-click resource management. On top of that, DigitalOcean charges you on the basis of hours, so my cost didn’t go high up at this time. That was awesome.


Host Multiple Websites with No Extra Cost

One of the main reason I use Digital Ocean is that it’s hassle-free. You just have to purchase it once and you can host whatever you feel like and whenever you feel like. You do not need to pay anything extra other than the rental charges.


Currently, I’ve hosted 5 different websites on a single droplet and it is all good. The response time is excellent. trust me, you get all of this in a single package.

You must be thinking that don’t I need technical knowledge to accomplish that? And the answer is YES. You need technical knowledge of the server before you can set up your own website on your domain.

But there is a good option.

You can hire a freelancer to do it for you for very less. On top of that, it would be a one-time fee to set up your website. It makes it better when compared with other hosting providers where you get a restricted environment and you pay a lot more for a lot less. I would choose digital ocean anytime as I’m a technical person and I really love to be in control of everything.

There are a lot of things that I can do with DigitalOcean. I have set up server-side caching, content g-zip compression and multiple cron jobs that do certain tasks at certain intervals (periodically), such as Website Content Backup. I get to take leverage of all these things at a much lower cost as compared to other shared-hosting providers. As I have mentioned before, DigitalOCean team is really good when it comes to helping. On top of that, DigitalOcean community is huge and growing up quickly. There is very less chance to?not find an answer to something.

Community Support

The only thing that makes any person or business great is its community and DigitalOcean has a huge community to help you with almost every problem. There are tons of articles and discussions to help you with almost everything. Simply by visiting their community page, you will learn about a lot of different topics and articles that will help you improve your technical skills.

I always spend my timing reading these articles to improve my knowledge to increase my technical skills.

When I was first starting with DigitalOcean, the community articles and discussions really helped me a lot. Right from setting up a LAMP Stack on my droplet to optimizing it, community articles was there to help me. I’m in love with digital ocean because of its powerful and all time available community to help all your doubts and problems.

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Instantaneous Support

The second most important thing that I look for in any service provider is its customer support. A bad support may leave you in the worst situations and can even compromise your business. But that is not the case with DigitalOcean. It has world-class customer support that is active 24×7.

Before making a purchase I always read about the customer service reviews of any service. This develops my trust on the provider and builds my confidence that they will be there for me when I need them.

I can assure you that they will be there to support you anytime you need.

I have an incident where I was facing a problem which was occurring intermittently. I contacted them with the complete description of the problem. In less than, 24 hours they came up with a solution and when I implemented it, the issue got resolved.


$10 Credit On Sign Up

You want to try out DigitalOcean with the minimum before you set up your website and understand its different aspects, well, I have got a $10 credit for you.

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You will have to make your first purchase in order to get your $10 credit. The best advice, sign up with a $5 dollar droplet. You will immediately get $10 credit in your account which you can use for next 2 months. This way you will be using DigitalOcean for 3 months in just $5.

It is a great deal.

If you have any question or doubt, feel free to comment below or contact me directly. I would love to work for you to set up a website on DigitalOcean.


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