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Hey friends! Have you ever thought about giving it a try. Yes! I’m talking about your passion, all that hidden talent you posses. Why are you not projecting it to the world? Let the world know about your art. Let them know about you. If you have that fire inside then this article is for you. I will show you ways through which you can project yourself to the world. All you need is a?Personal Portfolio Website. Read further to get a clear answer.


Why you need to showcase your talent?

This question is stupid. I mean, why would someone want to die with his/her special abilities? The world is your playground. It is your purpose to leave the world with something more and that something more is your unique ability and talent. So, why not you would want to use it fulfill your ultimate purpose.

It sound so straight and easy but there are tons of people who are not letting their talent to be seen and appreciated by others. They spend their entire life waiting for that one opportunity to showcase their talent and that opportunity never comes to them. You know why? It is because they live in fear. Fear of society, failure and most importantly the fear of losing (money, people etc). If you just understand one simple fact that life is a game which ends with you then fear automatically gets out of the equation and what is left afterwards is purely you.

So, if you are clear about the importance of showcasing your talent to the world, the immediate question comes into mind is HOW? How can you become famous so that people will recognize you and your talent. The answer is simple- You need a platform to showcase your talent. Afterall, you are an artist and every artist needs a stage to perform and an audience to appreciate your efforts or to criticize you.


How to create your Identity?

This is the right question to ask. Today’s world is filled with opportunities. It is just that you need to become aware of it. The best way to create your identity in today’s world is via a website. A personal portfolio website which will be focused on just one thing- YOU. It will showcase your talent, desire, skills, thoughts, abilities, workmanship, coordination, playfulness, beauty, acting etc? what ever it is that you carry with yourself can be showcased via a website. Your thoughts can be showcased in the form of articles which will directly reach millions of people over the internet. It will accessible by every person on this planet who has access to the internet. There are so many things you can do over internet. Just imagine the possibilities.

Isn’t Social Media Doing the same thing?

Here, one may question, Isn’t social media already providing us the platform to showcase our talents? I would say that it is partially correct but there are too many glitches. The very first thing is that people doesn’t know how to use social media. All they do is post their personal lives in front of people they don’t even care about.

The other thing about social media is that it is narrow. The reach of social media is not much. I’m saying this in the context of a common man. You will have to take a whole different course to learn about social media and how can you use it to your advantage. Once you take up a course you realize that you need a product which can talk to people, a product which can make do advertisement for you. And soon you will land on the decision of making a website. So, you see it all comes back to one point and that point is – you need a website.

There are many people who are earning their daily with their personal website. You can quickly google about them and see how powerful they are. The only thing that they did is to showcase themselves online. They sold their talents and knowledge with other people and made their fortune out of it. The only thing they did is to make their lives and this world better by educating people with their personal lives, thoughts and knowledge. It is your time, you can become what you are.

Why you need a website?

Website is the most affordable way to get a platform to showcase your skill set and talent. If you are a wall artist who has exceptional talent to paint the walls or you are a Struggling Model waiting for that one opportunity then?why not showcase your work to each and every individual across the globe. Instead of waiting for it, you can make it. You never know who will visit your website and what opportunity he/she may offer you. Afterall, it’s a small world. You never know of the possibilities.

There was a recent incident when SRK was promoting his movie Raees. And suddenly a girl became famous out of this. Why? Because she was in the right place at the right time with the right attire and a nice smile. Everybody noticed this beautiful girl and this became a news and took fire. So, just imagine, a girl who never thought that she would get this limelight made the newspaper headline.

Now, just imagine if a similar personality came to your website and left a small comment in the comment box. No one can imagine the possibility of this act. So, don’t wait for someone else to do it. Step up and do it. If you need information about building a website then just fill the form at the end of this post. If you know how to develop website than there are free hosting providers to help you. You can find the link below.


Other benefits

#1 You control your audience

Control Your Branding

This is one of the best reason to create your personal portfolio website. Nobody knows you better than yourself. You know the type of people who are more likely to appreciate your work and help you to succeed in your endeavours. Website will give you the ability to control your target audience. It is completely your take as who must view your content. This will certainly increase your chance of getting successful.


#2 It’s an instant portfolio

Personal Portfolio

People today are more visual. They like to see things in practical rather than just believing in the stories. So, instead of telling someone about the projects that you made for people and they loved your work, you can actually point them towards your website and show them in less than minutes. This way not only you put a better impression on the person reviewing you but also you leave a persistant impression on the person’s mind. All of this can be achieved just with your website.


#3 You point recruiters in the right direction

Guide in right direction

Although, only 40% companies consider your social media profile but in my experience almost 70 to 80% hiring managers are interested in your personal data. It is better to point them in the right direction by yourself. Instead of them searching for the information about you which could be wrong and put negative impression on them, why not you point them toward the information you want to project over someone. That way you control your chances of getting recruited and leave less on chance (luck).


How to get Started?


Very good. All you need to do is setup your very own website. If you do not know how to create a website then it’s no problem at all. Just fill the form below with all your requirements and what your website should focus on. And I will get back to you with the solution. Afterall, it’s my job to help people get online. As more and more people create their personal portfolios the better they become as a resource. Now, you will want to accomplish more and polish your skills because you know there are people watching your performance. It is so much believing. All you need to do is to take your first step. Please fill the form below with detailed information of your requirements. Take time and try not to miss anything, that way I would be able to help you better.

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