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Today I’m going to make a comparison between two of the most reliable, affordable and people’s choice Web Hosting Providers i.e. DreamHost and HostGator. Choosing a Web Hosting Provider is one of the most crucial tasks in running a website. Especially, for a blogger whose earning depends on it. You would definitely want to invest in the best. In this article, you will find out which one is the Best Web Hoster.

This review is purely based on a blogger’s perspective and would help new age bloggers to choose the best for themselves according to their needs. I have put every useful thing in this article based on my blogging experience and journey. I have also faced the Web Hoster problem before for which I have already tried and tested many different solutions and these are the best two I came up with.

Let’s compare DreamHost with HostGator’s Baby Plan.


HostGator Baby Plan VS Dreamhost Web Hosting: Review and Features

HostGator offers 3 shared hosting plans:

  • Hatchling Plan (Single Domain/Website Plan)
  • Baby Plan (Multiple Domain Plan)
  • Business Plan (Private SSL and IP and Free VoIP Phone Service)

Baby plan is the most suited and affordable plan HostGator has to offer. I personally find it very useful as it gives me the liberty to host multiple websites. Very often when you are starting up, you do not find the need for multiple domains/websites. But, once your website gains some traction, you find a need for more than one domain to sell your services or to run the forum. The reasons are endless.

Free $100 Adwords and Bing Credit

Baby Plan, like every other plan, offers handsome $100 Adwords and Bing credit to everyone. This could be a real deal when it comes to gain some quick traffic to your newly created blog. You can use the $100 dollar credits to run a 20 or 30 days campaign on AdWords for the keyword you want your blog to target.

I came to know the power of paid advertising in later stages of my blogging career and I’m really impressed with the kind of traffic you can pull with proper keyword targeting. HostGator’s free $100 credit is going to be really helpful for you in attracting targeted readers to your blog in early stages.

(You do not get any free credits with DreamHost.)

Private SSL Out of the Box (Only Allowed Not Free)

Baby Plan gives you the authority to add your SSL plan from any other third party vendor. This is a great deal as I know multiple services that don’t even allow you to add SSL to your website. It is a good thing that it allows you to add SSL from any third party service. I also know a few third party services which offer you free SSL/TLS certificates. You can have a free certificate attached to your website domain and you are good.

Dreamhost offers free SSL/TLS certificate out of the box. You do not need any other service to do this job manually. As soon as you register for the annual plan, you get this out of the box. It is really very useful as Google has already announced the importance of SSL with the SEO of your website. It has become an SEO factor and you would want to make your website secure as soon as possible.

Features List

Some of the most attractive features of HostGator comes with the ability of its dashboard. They provide a full performance check on your blog and server usage. It also provides you the way to look into the error logs. This way you can keep your website error free.

Another important feature that HostGator provides to its users is the ability to prevent HotLinking. This way you save up extra resources on your website. For more info on hotlinking, refer the link.

I have made a quick table-wise comparison between the HostGator and DreamHost Features, so you can look for the most important aspects.

Unlimited StorageYESYES
Unlimited BandwidthYESYES
Unlimited WebsitesYESYES
OneClick WordPress SetupYESYES
Free SSL CertificateNOYES
Unlimited MySql DatabasesYESYES
HotLinking PreventionYESNO
Error Log MonitoringYESNO
Free Blog MigrationYESNO
Plan Price$140 for 3 years$286 for 3 years
Discount CouponBMA60 (60% Discount on Any Store Item + $4.99 on Selected Domains)Attached to the link below
Sign Up LinkHostGator Sign UpDreamHost Sign Up

I strongly suggest you go with HostGator’s Baby Plan as it offers everything compared to Dreamhost + you get $100 Adwords Credit. I did not find much of a performance difference between these two services for a shared hosting plan. Although, as you can see there is quite some difference in the cost.

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My experience with HostGator and DreamHost is amazing. The only thing that restricts me to use DreamHost is its cost. Apart from that, I did not find much difference in both the services.

I have a personal affinity towards HostGator Baby Plan as it offers unlimited websites and $2 private IP plus $100 Adwords Credit.

In case of any query, feel free to ask in the comment section below. Share your experience of HostGator and Dreamhost to help other people.

  • Article By: Varun Shrivastava

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