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Web Hosting is one of the most important aspects of earning money with your website. But, before you can earn, you have to pay rent to house your website and keep it up and running.

At first, it felt counter-intuitive. How can I spend money on the website before earning from it?

I’m sure many of you have this kind of thought process.

It is totally fine.

You might be a student with very limited resources and it is totally fair to think that way.

I thought the same when I was a student, I used to spent hours trying to find that perfect deal that will save me money. And that same struggle has given me useful insights on saving money on Web Hosting. In this article, I will tell you multiple ways (that actually works) of saving money on Web Hosting Renewals.

On the other hand, many people who are capable of putting the money end up paying way more than what’s needed (without discounts).

It is important to understand the cost before you are going to put money into it. Because the money you save in your web hosting can be used to promote your website and purchase other useful services. This will give your new blog an early boost.

Before we begin I want you to ask you:

How much time have you spent already trying to save your money on Web Hosting?

Tell me in the comments below.

Now, try these tips and tricks and quickly save big (not big but significant) money on Web Hosting.

How to Save On Web Hosting Renewals Bills:

Spend Money Wisely

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned. ~ Benjamin Franklin Click To Tweet

Usually, a cheap and reliable WordPress Hosting starts anywhere between $3/month to $10/month, depending on your requirements. This estimation is for the Shared Hosting, it increases for managed or VPS hosting.

There are a few situations where you can save maximum on Web Hosting purchase.

First, when you are buying your hosting services for the first time. This is the time when you can save the most. You have multiple offers for you. You can save anywhere between $50-$100 at the time of first purchase.

Second, the time of renewals of Web Hosting services. This is another high time where you can save a lot on hosting. And there are other ways as well but the saving cap is not that huge compared to these times.

So, In this guide, I’m going to provide tips that will fit both the situation mentioned above.

First Time Buyers: New Web Hosting Purchase

This is the best time to save money for long term. This is the time when you will get the most discount and offers.

The competition between the Web Hosting providers is here. They will do everything to get you on board. There is hardly any discount available at the time of renewals. So, you got to make use of this time.

Here’s the tip to save money:

Purchase hosting for more than 1 year. The longer the duration, greater are the savings.

Many newbies make mistake here. They purchase hosting only for a year. This cut their saving by a lot. Do not make that mistake.

Let me show you an example from HostGator website:



  • 1 Month => $10.95/month (No Discount)
  • 3 Months => $7.95/month (27.40% Discount)
  • 36 Months => $3.63/month (62.11% Discount)

However, I used a mega saving promo code for this one.

Coupon Code: rsosaveas2new (Only valid for a limited time and on a new purchase)

Let me give you another example of our personal promo code of 60% discount.

BMA 60 Promo Code for sixty percent discount on Hostgator

BMA Promo Code: BMA60 (lifetime and valid on all new purchases)

Hereby using this promo code, you get discount on all type of purchases. But look at the 36-month plan. You save a whopping $155. You can use this to purchase themes and other useful services.

HostGator is one of the best Web Hosting providers in the market. They will literally take care of you like a mother :p You can totally rely on them completely.

A few months back I did a thorough research on Hostgator packages and services and wrote a comprehensive review article. You can find the article in the following location: HostGator Complete Review

Savings are right in front of you. You should Target for at least 2-year subscription and 3 years or more is perfection.

You can save huge bucks right away. Like in the above example, you save straight $160 and that really helps in long run. You should trust me on this.

We have also compiled a free list of all the good web hosting providers which you can find in the free-resources section of BeMyAficionado.

Save Money On Web Hosting Renewal: Repeat The Process

Your web hosting subscription is about to expire and you are looking for ways to save money on renewals then following a piece of advice will do the same for you.

You see:

It is very hard to find a promo coupon code on renewals. I haven’t found any web hosting service that provides promo codes on renewals.

Don’t worry, there are two ways by which you can save money on renewals:

  1. Ask your web hosting provider for a discount.
  2. Move your website to a new hosting provider.

Let me elaborate both the above points.

Ask your web hosting provider for a discount

This is not a very sure shot way, but it works 3/10 times. You could simply ask your web hosting provider for a discount on renewal. The only thing you need to pay attention is the way of asking.

Ask them something like:

Hello, my hosting is up for renewal on <Date of Renewal>. I had mixed feelings of my years with <Web Hosting Provider>. There were some issues which left a negative impact on my experience.

{Give them proof of your experience with their service}.

I would like to give <Hosting Provider> another shot but I would be more inclined for 1 more year if hosting if I can continue in the introductory rate. Or you have some discount coupons available so I can decide to stick with you for a long time

Is there anyway, something could be done?

This is a straightforward request asking for a discount.

In response to this request, the person will be obliged to offer you something or straight-away refuse your proposal. If he refuses your proposal, you can always turn to the next step (i.e. #Step 2).

Move your website to a new hosting provider

Website Porting

You tried negotiating the renewals price with your hosting provider but it didn’t work as expected. It is time to find a new home for your website.

Now once again, you can make use of the first time buyer discount coupons. Again, you can save money on your web hosting by opting for more than 2 years.

But, there is one problem:

You will have to port your entire website to a new location. This involves a bit of tech experience. Don’t worry though, moving WordPress website from one server to another is fairly easy. You can refer following guides for the same:

If you are not tech savvy and moving website from one hosting provider to another is not your type. Then you should opt for a long-term plan and save money there.

Or you can contact new web hosting provider and ask them to port your existing WordPress website to a new home. Many service providers do it for free.

Cool… Now you know the top ways of saving money on Web Hosting.

What strategies do you follow to save money on Web Hosting?

Tell me in the comments below.

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