Should Girls Wear Short Clothes?4 min read

Finally, I have picked out a topic that might attract many pseudo-feminists. To all the pseudo feminists, please don’t bother commenting because your views will not be considered (:p)

This question has become a rather huge and interesting point of debate nowadays… especially in India. And I really want you all to participate in this discussion (only except pseudo-feminists).

The other day I was having a conversation with my friends in our circle about this hot topic. Why do girls wear short clothes? And the conclusion was very intuitive: To Attract Men. Otherwise, there is no point in wearing shorts with sleeveless crop tops in Northern winters (:p) whereas, on the other hand, all the men are wearing two sweaters and a jacket (:o)

So the sole purpose of wearing short clothes is to attract men.

If you do not agree with me then feel free to comment below… this platform is open for discussion.

Moving on… Is there any problem if women wear short clothes?

This question has different answers depending on different situations.

Let’s look at it from the first and very obvious point-of-view that is to attract men.

Well… no there is nothing wrong in that. Every sex has the right to attract the opposite sex. Even men do bizarre things to make it happen. However, there is a place, time and a lot of personal talent involved.

Let’s consider a hypothetical situation. Say a girl enters a temple wearing a bikini or a short dress.

What do you think will happen? Please comment below and then we will take it there. But before that just ask yourself… would they appreciate her or abuse her and why?

Let’s consider another situation where the same girl wears a bikini on the beach. What would happen then?

Please let me know your views on this one as well in the comments. I want you to answer it straight especially the girls who have already done it before. How was your experience?

But consider this situation: What if the same girl wears a salwar suit to the temple and same salwar suit to the beach? What will happen then?

You know what will happen… she won’t attract much attention. The perception of the people will be the same towards her in both places. She would be a perfect fit in the temple as well as on the beach. Everyone will think of her in the exact same way in both the situation. And to top it all, she wouldn’t have to spend money on other dresses (:p).

Note: I’m purely making a point based on the clothes so please do not bring her nature, behaviour, activities into the discussion.

So to answer the question of whether is there a problem if a woman wears short clothes… I think yes. There is a problem. As you have seen that the same person could be interpreted in two completely different ways in both the situation. And I’m sure you would not want to be someone else while entering a temple and something totally different when you are someplace else. You would want to be who you are at all times. And the best way to do that is to not care about the clothes rather the way you present yourself.

On the other hand, if you want to be interpreted differently in different situations, then it’s your personal lookout.

I think the best approach towards it is to wear the covered clothes that would not reveal much about your externals and more about your internal features. And also it would protect you from the sun (:D).

Another Point To Be Noticed

This is the first generation in India where Indian females have stepped out of their house. So the majority of the people have not adopted the trend completely. Just to be clear I’m not discouraging females in any way and I truly want more women to step out take our nation ahead.

Also to put another point forward, suppose a girl is wearing revealing clothes to look sexy for the one she wants to have relations with. And instead of attracting the person she wants, she attracts some rapist or a person with bad intentions. This might put the girl in a prone situation.

I know the intent of the girl was not to attract the person but somehow she ended up attracting that person she didn’t want.

And the fact is you do not know who is a good person and who is not. So why to take the risk?

Let me know what you think about wearing short clothes in public?

  • Article By: Varun Shrivastava

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