3 Things To Remember When Your Life Starts to SUCK7 min read

When life starts to suck then it seems like everything you want to do or accomplish will work against you in one way or the other. There seems no way out of this situation and your mind just becomes more and more frustrated. There are many wet pillow nights, just because you cannot make it right.

I have experienced a similar situation or to say the truth, I’m actually experiencing a similar situation in my life and after loads of pain, I think I have learned a few important lessons. In this article, I have shared 3 Things that you should do in order to stay resilient in your lows.

#1. Do not ever make excuses


It is one of the saddest truth among us. We make excuses to escape pain, hardships, work and all sorts of things. Things that actually matter. Try to think of the situations when you have used an excuse to get out of it and you will know what I’m talking about.

We all know that excuses are bad for oneself. It’s bad for our health and relationships. It’s bad for our emotional state. Then too we keep on doing the same things.

We continuously make excuses to skip our training sessions or to skip the last few topics of the chapter after preparing for the passing marks. These excuses keep us off from achieving excellence.

The Illusion

Hollow face illusion

When you make an excuse for something, it creates an illusion in your mind that you have made the right choice. It does so because now you will make peace with your decision and it will no longer bother you.

I know it feels good to make excuses. It temporarily sets your mind in a relaxed state. It makes your mind think that it is right and it should not be feeling guilty about it, which is absolutely fine and that’s why excuses are for.

Excuse simply means to justify a situation or a cause which involves you. The real problem arises when you make it your habit.

When you continuously make excuses for every little thing in your life then slowly you start pushing yourself in a state of depression.

It is because our mind is now conditioned that way. Now, instead of solving a problem your mind starts looking for ways to escape it.

Once you start escaping your problems, your problems get accumulated in a bubble which grows bigger and bigger every time you make an excuse.

This leads to bad decision making and ultimately you end up in a place where there are less hope and opportunities.

So how can you overcome it?

It’s not much difficult to overcome this situation. You gotta start taking things sincerely.

You must analyse the situation first and based on the degree of impact you must decide whether you are responsible for that problem or not. If you are responsible in the slightest of the ways then it is better to face the problem rather than running away from it.

Remember, with every problem that you solve you become a better decision maker plus your problem bubble shrinks :).

So next time try to finish those last few topics before the exam.

#2. Talk yourself out of it

Sometimes the situation is not that complicated than what you make of it.

You just have to give yourself more time. And often time that is all you need to do.

Sometimes life sucks for a reason.

It may be because of your dream.

Yes, your dream. You might have dreamt of something which takes a lot on your part. But, you are not that capable yet. So, in order to make your dreams come true, you will have to walk the difficult path. Of course, there will be obstacles in the way, after all, those obstacles are your milestones.

Just remember, Without the lows, you don't experience the highs. Without obstacles, you don't appreciate victories. Without challenge, there is boredom. Without being tested, we can't experience the true exhilaration of triumph. Click To Tweet

You just have to keep yourself motivated through this time and face all the obstacles like a real hero. As I said, do not try to make excuses as an escape. If you have to do it, you have to do it, there is no other option. You must give it all in order to break it. You come out stronger and smarter.

Always keep talking to yourself whenever you get time. Try to understand yourself. Sometimes you run after things that you think you need but once you get it you realize you have made the wrong decision.

#3. Eliminate your Fears

fear is the final hurdle

This is the biggest obstacle in a person’s life. It has been the biggest obstacle of my life as well. Every time when you try to do extraordinary, fear wraps you.

You might have experienced this situation where you had an awesome idea to do something but that idea remained an idea just because of the fear of failure or what people will think and say if you fail… you never made a plan for its execution.

You introduced one more thing in your life by not executing your idea and that is regret. You will regret it after sometime when you will find out that someone else has done exactly the same thing which used to be your idea. But, at that time you will just regret your life for not doing it when you had time.

Always remember, if you have an Idea it is because you are capable to accomplish that particular task and you must not wait or fear anything in doing it. Just remember you are not alone in this world if you won’t do it someone else will.

This is my favourite lines from Mark Zuckerberg’s commencement speech:

I remember the night I launched Facebook from my little dorm in Kirkland House. I went to Noch’s with my friend KX. I remember telling him I was excited to connect the Harvard community, but one day someone would connect the whole world.

The thing is, it never even occurred to me that someone might be us. We were just college kids. We didn’t know anything about that. There were all these big technology companies with resources. I just assumed one of them would do it. But this idea was so clear to us—that all people want to connect. So we just kept moving forward, day by day.

Mark Zuckerberg

You never know what you are capable of until one day you actually do it.

  • Article By: Varun Shrivastava

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