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Excellence is a relative term. The person will be rewarded excellence for his work only if he/she have done something outstanding as compared to the people in the league.

To achieve excellence in everything you do, to achieve excellence in your life, you must perform your duties/tasks/jobs outstandingly better than every other person in your league. And it is not easy.

Excellence is a quality of a being. A quality that motivates a being into pushing the self-defined limits everytime a task is given to him.

The good news is: Every person living in this world is capable of developing this quality.

And in this article, I’m going to list down 5 Actionable Steps you can take right now to Achieve Excellence in Life.

What type of person is most perceptive for achieving excellence?

Have you ever experienced a real failure in life?

If you have then you know how it feels inside. The teardown feeling of loneliness as if everything you ever worked for so hard have been taken away from you forever. That is a point in person’s life where he cannot be defeated anymore because there is nothing left in him to be defeated. That broken down person is the most preceptive of achieving the Excellence. Because he has nothing left but to put his head down and work.

You would want to read this article if your answer is YES to any one of the below questions:

  • Do you often find yourself cornered in a workplace?
  • Do you feel that everyone else thinks you are stupid?
  • Have you ever felt that people no longer adore your work?
  • Have you found yourself in a constant struggle to please others?
  • Is your life directionless?
  • Are you looking for ways to achieve excellence in your life?


The above questions are not random, these questions are based on the response from many people, most of them are freshers/college graduates and rest are simply struggling to find their place in this world.

I want to help you because I’ve been through that phase and I know what is going inside your head. It must be hard, a tear-down feeling of loneliness.

Don’t worry, it is a phase like every other phase of your life… it will pass. But, you must not let it damage the person inside you.

I’ve seen people change in a not-so-good way after phasing out of such situation. You must not let the external situation torture the person inside you. And I know exactly how you can protect yourself from the external environment.

I’ve tried my best to come up with 5 actionable steps which will help you to achieve excellence in life. These steps are based on my prior knowledge of the situations, lifestyle and people I’ve met in my life.

Before I begin, I want to tell you that you already know the steps. But this article is about the scientific reason behind those practices. It was only when I understood the science, I practised it with all my will and it does help me every day. I’m giving you the same.

#1. Wake-up Before Sunrise

ancestors teaching

There is a strong reason why our ancestors always taught us to wake-up early. And it took me 2 decades to understand the power of getting up early (before sunrise) The reason behind their teachings.

The reason is simple:

The energies present in the atmosphere during that time is the most powerful. It is the time where possibilities are infinite. And if you can utilize this time to ask universe of what you want in life, those things will manifest in your life.

By the term energies, I’m not referring to the Godly power but the effect of electromagnetic waves that surround us all the time. There is a proven study that shows sunrise and sunset is the time that disrupts the atmospheric ions the most. It is due to the angle that is created by the electromagnetic waves sent from the sun with respect to the earth’s thermosphere (top layer of the earth’s atmosphere).

Stone Henge Ancient times

Our ancestors knew something which we are still struggling to find out. Read more about ancient stone henge.

And this is not just limited to the ionization effect, a whole lot of different energies are present at this time. Most of these energies are only present at this time and you will not find these energies any other time. That is why it is recommended by our ancestors to get up early and leave the house before sunrise.

In India, my grandmother always asked me to practice “Surya Namaskar”. It means greeting the sun with a particular form of Yogasan. Please refer the following video for the same:

Accompanying it by pouring the water from your palm or Lota by raising it above your head and front of your eyes. I really found it useless (being from the technical background), but now I know I was stupid to believe that way because now, I know the science behind it.

When you Arajit water to the sun, the sunrays spreads after falling on the water droplets. This spread ray falls on your body directly. Your body absorbs this energy which keeps your body healthy and diseases free. My grandmother still does it every morning at the age of 85. And I really feel proud looking at her 🙂

By the way, if your curious to know how it is done, following is the image of a person practising the same.


A person worshipping sun

This is a common practice in India, however, if you are from some other country, you might not find it common.

It is time to wake up, Sid!

Effects of following such practices

  • More time for personal well-fare.
    You are waking up before sunrise and our day usually starts after a few hours after sunrise. It will naturally give you more time for yourself. This is also the best time of the day. Your mind is fresh, your body is in motion, you are feeling happy. This is a powerful combination and capable of achieving everything and anything in the world.
  • The healthy mindset with really good decision-making skills.
    In the end, your decisions define your life path. If you can somehow train your mind to make better decisions, train it to choose the best in any given situation, then you will always be rewarded. Waking-up early can do it for you.
  • Healthy disease-free body.
    When you wake up early and move your body, you force your blood to reach in each and every part of your body. Blood itself contains all the necessary healing compounds required by your body to stay healthy. By following such simple practice can help you live a longer and healthier life.
  • Your natural sleep quality will improve.
    Early to bed and Early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. It is true. Once you come into the routine of getting up early then you will automatically go to bed early. Your natural sleep cycle will improve and you will feel more refreshed. This is where the creativity quotient increases.
  • Your world will be brighter
    A recent study found that people who wake-up early are happier as compared to the ones who do not. This internal happiness is the source for attracting good in your life. Be it friends, family, situations or simply more happiness.
  • Better focus and concentration.
    Your efficiency will improve by many folds. You will be able to concentrate better and for prolong time and get more done in less time. If you are a student then it will definitely improve your scores in exams. This is a proven strategy. Try it and see the effects for yourself.

Are you still with me?

Great! because now I’m going to tell you the second actionable step that holds the potential to change your entire life.

#2. Move Your Body

This should be the consequence of getting up early.

move your body

I mean if you have started getting up early then leave your house for good. Go for a brisk walk, or run. Wear your joggers, plug in your earphones, play the song that motivates you. Move your body, let the blood flow to every part of your body. Sweat, more sweat, and sweat some more. With every morning step you take, you provide strength to your immunity system.

With every step you take, you become immune to diseases. So, take those steps.

There have been countless studies and the tremendous amount of data to prove the positive health benefits of morning exercise. If you want to see the proof then follow the links:

Learn New Skill

Learn new skills

I personally use this time to learn a new skill. For example last quarter I spent my morning into learning how to swim. Believe it or not, In less than 2 month’s time, I was swimming for a kilometre each day. This not only helped me to improve my immunity and lose quick fat but also blessed me with one of the most important survival skill. I finally conquered my fear of water.

Here’s a little tribute video of my swimming.

Oh, and it reminds me of the feeling that comes when you conquer your fears.

Whenever you conquer your fear, you become brave and you want to continue to walk on the same path. This makes you unstoppable. The momentum is the difference.

Have you ever imagined why some people constantly succeed in whatever they do?

Well, I think I know the answer.

They are able to do it because of their momentum.

Once you break your losing pattern, you create a new pattern: A winning pattern. This helps you to keep motivated and win some more and more and the streak continues.

But, I’m not here to tell you why Mr. John Doe is successful. I’m here to tell you how can you become successful. This is about you.

And this brings us to the third actionable way you can take right now towards prosperity.

#3. Sacrifice Your Most Beloved And Joyous Moments, Acts and Habits

To gain your positive momentum, you will have to start by sacrificing your most beloved and joyous moments, acts and habits. And this is hard. Sacrifice is always a hard thing but it often pushes you to move on and achieve the impossible.


You will have to sacrifice the habits that are unknowingly pulling you down. Some of those habits are:

  • Getting up late in the morning (after 8:00 AM).
  • Watching TV or getting involved in late night chatting, partying, outing etc…
  • Prioritising movies and serials over other important aspects of life.
  • Not giving the required time to your parents and friends and people who care for you.
  • Draining your sexual energy into masturbating or getting laid regularly.
  • and more…

I know you won’t accept it adrift but talk to yourself and figure it out. If your life doesn’t feel purposeful then you might be draining your energies into the less important aspects of life. You need to give up these habits right away.

Sacrifice. Mourn. Move On. Click To Tweet

Sacrifice. Mourn. Move On.

Remember the SMM Mantra of Success. This will help you to achieve the excellence in life. The excellence is the only ingredient that is valued in long run of your life. The same thing is taught in the movie 3 Idiots (if you have not watched it then watch it now).

But, how will you identify the habits that are pulling you back?

One Word: Meditation.

This brings us to our 4th actionable step to live an excellence life.

#4. Meditation: The Way Of Life

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles.

Meditation has given me the utmost peace at the time when I was most disturbed. It not only gave me peace of mind but also improved my learning capabilities.

Now, if anyone asks me for a solution to their life problems, my answer is always the meditation.

But why so many people fail to practice it even if it is so effective?


People do not know how to meditate. They think meditation means shutting down your mind. They are a fool to think that way. Shutting down the mind is next to impossible for someone who does not even have control over his/her thoughts. An amateur cannot perform such deeds. His consciousness is not evolved yet.

Let me ask you a simple question:

Can you predict your next 2 hours accurately?

I challenge you to practice this simple exercise. Because this simple exercise will make you realize that your life is not in your control at all.

But, I’m sure if I challenge a YOGI to do the same, he will do it with a gentle smile on his face.

So, why is it so hard for you to predict the future?

Here’s the thing:

Your mind is always cluttered with thousands of thoughts. Thoughts which you are not even aware of. And, When you suddenly try to control your thoughts, you unknowingly start trying too hard. Instead of letting go, you start grabbing it, this causes more tension and a feeling of restlessness.

The process of meditation is different.

I want you to click on the following link and read my personal experience. I’ve got message from people thanking me for it after reading the article. Here’s the link:

How to meditate like a Yogi

In this article, I have explained every basic detail that will help you to get started quickly and leverage the benefits of meditation.

How does it feel after Meditation?

Have you ever been high on the feeling of Marijuana?

It is similar to that feeling but much more positive.

You will find yourself relaxed, joyous, happy. A sense of higher purpose will afloat your mind for an hour or two after meditation.

You become more alert and perspective towards things that resonates your inner attributes. For instance, I become more perspective towards sound and vision. It could be different for you. You might become perspective towards touch, feel, emotion. You will have to find it out by yourself.

It is a feeling of bliss and utter silence. You will definitely love that state. Follow the link:

#5. Get the Shit Done Anyway

Getting Shit Done will be the best skill on your resume

This is the last and most effective way to achieve excellence in your life.

Getting shit done will always be the best skill on your resume. Click To Tweet

Ask yourself this question, whom will you choose for your company, a person with good skills who is lazy and not sincere or someone who is a good learner and knows how to solve a problem anyway?

The answer is pretty simple and this is the skill which most interviewers look for in an employee. The skill to get things done anyway.

If nothing motivates you and you are falling down into a rabbit hole with each passing minute then I guess there is nothing more to lose for you.

Fight back. At least you will die with honour. And who knows, you might defeat the situations and come out a strong man.

The Choice is Yours.

Matter of Choice

Which Pill will You Choose?


These actions will guarantee you the life you want to live.

You will no longer be a victim of circumstances, rather, you will be the manipulator of it.

If you resonate even by a 1% then share this article. Open up to me, open up to the world. Tell them who you are but before everything else ask the same question to yourself?

Who are you anyway?

I would like to conclude this article with Steve Job’s quote:

We don't get a chance to do that many things, and everyone should be really excellent. Because this is our life. Life is brief, and then you die, you know? So this is what we've chosen to do with our life. Click To Tweet

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