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I recently found out that every successful people have a nick of talking to themselves. They are in constant need of an agreement. An agreement to themselves. Don’t ask me how I found about this because it has come from multiple sources. The important thing here is that they are the talkers to themselves and somehow they develop an ability to monitor their train of thoughts and pull the important stuff out of it while discarding the not so important stuff. They tend to do this on the constant basis and unknowingly. Their minds are built in that way. And this is the reason they find themselves different from others because hey! They are indeed different.

The purpose of this article is not just to tell you about this little secret of successful people but also how you can make use of it? What changes you need to make in your daily life in order to completely alter your lifestyle. And let me tell you, it is not the changes (plural) in your life, it is just one change (singular) that could change the entire course of your life. This simple change is going to help you in making better decisions. I think I’ve exaggerated a lot, now let’s get to the point.

You have already heard about it a lot of time that meditation is one thing that will make you productive and help you to achieve better results. Wait, wait, wait? this is not about the meditation. Believe me! I’m going to give you a tool which you can use as a replacement to meditation. You see, meditation is all about finding yourself. It is about creating yourself. The direct next question comes is HOW? How can meditation help us in finding ourselves? Meditation is all about analysing your thoughts and making a proper judgement on them as to which thought is good and which thought is bad. If you can take this filtering in your own hands then you will open the gate to immense power and take control of your life, Simple.

If you will read about meditation closely then you will find that meditation is a tool to open the gates to immense power. These gates are nothing more than those moments of realization when you understand about something, in this case, it is your own self. So, the tool that is going to help you replicate this is Whatsapp.


Use WhatsApp to Become Successful

I’m sure you are using WhatsApp day in and day out. But never thought that this small application can change your entire life. This is just because you never thought of using the WhatsApp in any different way other than the way it is meant to be used. Here, I’m going to tell you another way to use your Whatsapp to change your life.

I’m sure you are constantly using Groups inside WhatsApp to share all sorts of nonsense or useful stuff with your friends and family. Only this time I want you to create a group to share nonsense with yourself. This nonsense is nothing else but your very own creation. This creation must consist of you and only you. Okay, I know you are not getting anything and this is because I haven’t talked about the most important stuff yet. This creation must be just for you as a little private diary of your thoughts. So, here is what I want you to do.

  • Create an Empty Group in Whatsapp
    If you don’t know how to create a group then simply put your head inside a bucket full of water for atleast 5 minutes. Kidding. Don’t worry here’s the tutorial for that too. How to create whatsapp group. Duh! They knew people won’t know it. While creating a group, it will ask you to add a participant. Simply add your best friend only to kick him/her out later. Because I want you to create an empty group for yourself. Adding your best friend and kicking him/her out is the best part :D. Okay, so once you have an empty group with only one participant and that is you. Move on to the next part.WhatsApp Create Group
  • Personalise Your Group
    Add a cover image for the group. Name it something which resonance with your personality. Constantly find a change to change your image and group name as your personality evolves over time. It is good to keep up with the changing trends. In this case, it is you. Make sure your group has your unique impression. Here’s how my group looks like.
    WhatsApp Personal Group
  • Find the best time of the day
    By the best time of the day I want to point out the time in which you are at your highest (not advising weed). The time when you feel the immense positivity in you. For me, this time is the morning time. I love my mornings, I’m a morning person. It is this time of the day I find the most pleasant and positive. It is not necessary you will find the same in the morning. For some, it is the beautiful evening or for some, it is the dark night. Just find your best time of the day.
    influence of technology

  • Talk to Yourself
    Believe me, you have been talking to yourself every time you are alone. It could be knowingly or unknowingly but you are talking to your mind constantly whenever you are alone. I just want you to record these conversations inside your newly formed group by using the Record functionality of your smartphone and recording feature of WhatsApp and post it in the group. ?
    Yes, you will have to speak with your mouth and generate those analog waves to hit the diaphragm of your mic which will vibrate and convert those analog waveforms into digital patterns and save it in your mobile’s memory. Yes, you will have to speak up in words, technology is not that accurate to record your brain patterns in the form of audio yet (In future it will be). This is called brainstorming. Just remove every filter and speak whatever comes inside your head. Let the conversation begin.
  • Make Judgements
    One of the most crucial parts of this exercise is to make proper judgements. Don’t confuse yourself with passing judgement and making a judgement. Making judgement is very useful and important. Successful people makes it all the time and that is in fact, the reason of their success. However, you must not pass your judgement to others because you never know how that person is going to judge you on your judgement. Makes sense to you :/ Well, me neither.
    You need to make judgement on those thoughts that you have recorded. Most of the times those talks would not even make any sense and this is where you need to judge your thoughts. Discard these thoughts from the deep repositories of your mind in such a way that only good thoughts remain inside. This is how whenever you will open your mouth to speak something, only good and positive things will come out. Because there is less garbage and more useful stuff inside.
  • Master the Art
    Once you have learned the art of judging yourself. It is time to master it. Do it on a constant basis and make friends with yourself. The more you will talk to yourself, the more you will get to know that person. Once you know that person which is inside, there are better chances that you will make a right decision. Just practice it and master it.


How will I become Successful?

Well, if you still have this questions that “How will you become successful by knowing yourself?” then you need to alter the definition of the term success. I think we are not on the same page. Knowing myself better each day is the success for me and this is something I’m proud of. I say to people that I’m successful because deep down it is the truth that I hold. It doesn’t mean I don’t want riches and all materialistic possessions (the reasons are different). I do want all that stuff but I have very well understood the fact that those riches are not going to make me successful. And I also know one thing that the moment I understand myself completely, I will have everything I desire. I just need to understand that one person and the whole world will change.

I want you to share your views on this article and let me know if you find it useful. Share it with people in your circle and let them make use of it in the most fruitful way. Also, let me know what tools do you use to know yourself better.

I have made a small poster for you to remember the needful. Print it out and paste it somewhere you will remember. Pin it to your Pinterest board. Share it on social media and do not forget to practice it constantly.

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