7 Highly Successful Women that Showed Men That Women Are Equally Capable of Putting a Dent in the Universe7 min read

Hell Yeah! We can do it.

I know it’s not a Women’s day. But I had an inner urge to write an article on 7 Highly Successful Women that Showed Men That Women Are Equally Capable of Putting a Dent in the Universe.

These ladies followed their heart in spite of all the negative situations or people in their life.

They made either a new career with their passion or recreated a new version of their jobs. I have a list of 7 most extraordinarily successful women in the world who broke the stereotype rules and gave a new definition to the world.

They all faced many hurdles in their way, they fought with their parents. They suffered broken relationships, they even suffered extreme torture but they never gave up on what they believe. And that attitude transformed them into a never giving bitch who fought the entire world to make their dreams a reality.



Lilly Singh or popularly called as Superwoman is one of the most famous millionaire Vloggers on Youtube.

Born on 26 September 1988, she was raised in Ontario, Canada and joined Youtube on 10th October 2010.Her official website is unicornisland.ca.

She always wanted to be a rapper or an actor but no one believed her dreams.

One day in her childhood her parents bought her a superman logo ring and ever since then she wore it every day saying that the ring gave her power and confidence.

Lilly Singh has a degree in psychology from York University. Her disinterest in studies made her so depressed that she wanted to give up living. And she took a bold step and took a year drop from studies to take “Youtube” seriously as her job.

Her first video on Youtube is a video tutorial teaching “how to tie a perfect Punjabi side turla turban“.

Her parents supported her all through her journey.

At present she has a subscription of 9,110,742 and 1,322,300,388 views. She won the award for the social superstar of the year by MTV fandom awards in 2015.

She also worked in Hollywood movies like Dr. Cabbie and Giving back glam.

Her youtube videos are humorous and motivational. She has a different style of showing day to day life of every teenage in the world through her videos. My favourite characters are Lilly Singh and “Manjit Singh” (both of them are played by superwoman).

You can watch her videos at the youtube channel superwoman aka Lilly Singh.

Francesca Bortolotto Possati


She is the only woman to keep Venice alive and afloat.

We all know what a famous and beautiful travel destination is Venice, Italy.

Francesca’s grandfather Arnaldo Bennati bought a hotel in Venice in the 1930s. From then till now, alot have changed.

Today she is the CEO of five-star hotel groups called The BAUERs.

She is the most successful entrepreneur of Italy.

Francesca has two degrees in English and has worked as an independent interior designer in New York and Texas.

She came back to Italy in the 1990s and took over her family business of real estates. The idea she carried was to make Venice more than a tourist destination or a museum.

Francesca wanted people to stay in Venice for more than a week and discover it’s real beauty.

So she started buying lands in the outskirts of Venice and built luxurious hotels for people who wish to see the real Venice.

With a Dynamic personality and charming looks, she is presently independent with two children and still holds the position of the only successful business woman of Venice.




Born on April 27 Miami, she is a female animation dancer.

At the age of 17, she gained fame as a real life barbie girl.

She performs robot dancing.

Her real name is Courtney Nicole Kelly.

Dytto started dancing at an early age and learned brake dance. She gave this dance form her own twist by giving it a feminine touch like rolling her hair while dancing.

The girl performs popping, animation, robot, tutting and finger tutting.

She also hosts famous “world of dance” platform and ranks 2281 among the most famous people on earth.

She has 895 followers on Instagram.


Alex Delora


Alex is the most successful belly dancer in the world.

She is from Ukraine and has 13k followers on Instagram. This is an awesome video of one of her performances.

Mia Khalifa


Mia is very famously known for her successful career in pornography modelling from the year 2014-15.

Born on 10th Feb 1993, 5 feet 2 inches tall Mia is basically from Lebanese country and belonged to middle eastern culture.

She converted to Christianity in the year 2010 and changed her name into Mia Callista. She is now a Lebanon American.

You all must be pretty absurd by reading a porn star name on the list of the most extraordinary woman in the world, don’t you?

Well, there is much more about this lady than her controversial career, which makes her a part of this list.

Everyone have made a false image of porn stars. They think porn stars are dumb girls with no good career to opt. But if you think honestly, you are also getting fucked in your occupation everyday (not on television) and you are not even getting paid for it.

Atleast she is doing what she loves doing and earning millions.

By the way, Mia has a bachelor’s degree in history and arts from the University of Texas and willingly chose pornography as her career and passion.

She have been in many controversies for wearing an Islamic hijab while shooting for porn movies.

The act went outrageous, as the Muslim community considered she brought shame to the religion by wearing a pure form of clothing for such an act.

Lebanese people have claimed to disown her as their native citizen and her parents also left her side.

In the year 2014, she was ranked as number 1 performer by the website Pornhub.

Mia wanted to become an entrepreneur and now she owns her own franchise of “Whataburger“.

She got so popular that there is a song dedicated to her by an American band timesflies.

She still gets a lot of death threats yet the girl goes on doing her sassy things all over the internet. The girl’s got lots of money and fame through her work and she is happily living as an American citizen.


Miss Maya blue


She is the number one female escort in the world and charges 4500 dollars per night for her services.

That’s like 30,16437 INR per night.

Miss Maya has her own website which represents her as a very classy and elegant woman.

She claims that she is a hardworking woman and very dedicated towards her career.

Maya loves travelling, painting, horse riding and as mentioned on her website she can be a man’s confidant or a best friend.

She even meets men for dinner, lunch or for travelling together by charging 4500 dollars per hour.

Whatever she does, she is very successful in her career and holds her position in the world with grace.

She has no such pictures showing her face in any website just to maintain her privacy.


Bharti Singh


She is an Indian stand-up comedian who made her fortune through a television comedy show on Sony channel.

She was born on 3rd July 1985 Amritsar, Punjab.

Bharti is the third child of her parents.

She is also a national level shooter and archer.

Bharti appeared in a number of comedy television shows like comedy classes, comedy circus, comedy nights. She also appeared in Bollywood movies.

One of the things that makes her such an amazing comedian is the way she uses her body weight for funny gestures and easily makes fun of herself just to make people laugh.

I love the way she presents herself on the stage and her humour is awesome. She is my personal favourite.

So these are some of the Highly Successful Women of the planet.


I really admire each one of them as they portray a picture of strength and elegance to our world.

We all have a unique quality within us, that makes us different from the rest. No one else can do that thing better than us, no one can even copy us or take it away from us. Because that particular thing is what all of us possess.

So let’s each one of us find out that unique thing inside us and become a better version of ourselves just likes these gorgeous ladies I MENTIONED ABOVE.

What do you think about these ladies?


  • Article By: Priyanka Yadav

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