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Ever imagined how these SOCIAL MEDIA MAGNETS make money on the internet. What are the common traits they share to attract millions of people on their social media channel? Well, in this article I have tried digging deeper into the lives of some of the big names in social media right now. They all seems to share some common traits, I call these traits secret ingredients of a great recipe. This article is all about making that special recipe by putting those special ingredients in it. The good part, anyone can become a SOCIAL MEDIA MAGNET only if he use these secret ingredients effectively.?


Social Media is an Amplifier

Social media is an amplifier

Reach millions

Oh, yes! Social media is nothing but an amplifier of your personality and desires. It has the power to amplify your every action and even emotions. Social Media (SM) has the capability to make you popular and famous in freakishly less amount of time. Let me explain it to you by giving an example of a person I admire the most. She is impressively famous and well know among the youth. I know you will guess her name mid-way of the story.



A depressed 23-year-old Indian girl was totally lost in her life. She didn’t have any idea of what she was doing and where is she headed towards in her life. Her life was like a straight path with no turns. She couldn’t even find a good use for her education and her relationship story is not even worth telling, although her turnaround story is pretty inspiring.

Broadening depression and constantly fighting herself in search of a purpose, she randomly uploaded a video on youtube. Don’t get excited, nothing much happened. She did get a few likes from his friends and circle but the feeling stuck with her. She really loved it the first time. This motivated her to upload yet another video and another and a few more. This was her way to fight his depression and utilise her time in doing something which actually made her happy from within. She started uploading videos about his daily life (masala mar ke) and people started liking this brown girl whose jokes are contagious and made everyone laugh to their knees.

I know you guys have guessed her name till now. Yes? she is our very own Lilly Singh a.k.a ||Superwoman||. And if you are from the minorities who have not seen her videos yet then it is time you go and watch her. She is a riot of laughter.

Her story is very inspirational for me. My friend shared one of her videos two years back and from that very moment, I’ve become her biggest fan (although I don’t comment on her blog, but I do follow her everywhere). Just like superwoman, there are many other internet celebrities who has inspired me to start writing and it turns out they have always been right.


The common factor

Common factor to success

Just like Lilly Singh, there are many other social media celebrities. They could be a blogger, YouTubers, motivational speakers like Akash Gautam, Instagrammers and list go on. No matter what they are and where they are, they have one thing in common – They found the meaning in their actions. All of them found a way to turnaround social media to make a living out of it instead of wasting time. Not just a living but they made a fortune out of it. They found the secret. A secret that many of you are still searching for.

Just look around you, do you see it? Don’t you think every person who made big on the internet like Harsh Agarwal, Amit Bhawani, Neil Patel, Miss Malini seems to have hit on some kind of special formula that made them grow forever? I will try to decrypt this secret formula by pinning down the points which they all have in common. The urge to grow more and more, the hunger that never ends. Let’s try to unravel the mystery.


The Secret Formula to Success

Secret formula of success
Secret formula for success

Look at this Social Media formula as a complete recipe. A recipe is made by various different secret ingredients which are unique, good match and perfectly suited for that particular recipe. We are like a Chef in this cooking game who has to find those secret ingredients just by tasting the food once the entire process has been followed (at the last). This time each and everything has already been done and what we are looking at is the complete product which is liked by thousands and experienced by millions.

I hope I’m making sense to you. If you did not get it then read the above paragraph once again because that is important. Think of Recipe like a complete step-by-step guide to create your dish. Secret ingredients of the recipes are like little ‘Ah-ha’ moments that you learned along the way which is used in the making of the dish. The popularity and money are just the finished product of this recipe. And we are just the audience who is experiencing the dish, we have to guess those ingredients to make something entirely different.

The secret ingredients that I’m going to list down are those common ingredients which are found in almost every dish we make. These are the core of every great dish ever made in the world.

The Unique Factor

Be Unique, Be Yourself

You might be wondering, I was about to list down the common things and now I’ve written a heading as Unique Factor (I’ve probably gone mad). Well, this unique factor has always been there in the first place. This unique factor in the equation is you itself. Have you ever noticed the difference in taste between the two dishes cooked by two different people following the same recipe? I have experienced it and it is always different. Although, the recipe they are following is the same still the taste differs and the only thing differs is they themselves. Also, do you still think, you can become uber rich by following the recipe of some great chef whose recipe book you purchased in the first place? Sure, you will become yet another cook, but, to become great and uber rich you would need to invent your own recipe book.

You must understand this and take this factor to the Social Media platform as well. If you are doing what others are doing, you are routed to get what everyone is getting. You need to find your talent and work upon it. Going back to the example of Superwoman, she found her talent. She knew she can make others laugh by her explicable talent of pinning down the most fundamental things from her life and present it in a funny way. Plus, she has an awesome command over her words, body language which makes her charismatic and loved by people. She has made her own recipe and now everyone is enjoying her dish across the world.

Once you have identified your unique talent which is not difficult. You just need to take some time out from your regular routine and observe yourself closely. Ask yourself what is that one thing which you can do for hours or even days and years without thinking about the money. If you have found it, you can move on to the next ingredients. If not then keep looking because you are close. It does not take much time.

Timing Is Important

Timing is crucial, time it perfectly

Timing is crucial, time it perfectly

What do think would have happened if Harsh Agarwal or Amit Bhawani would have started their blogging careers today in the same niche they did back in 2007-08. I really don’t think they would have made much difference because there are tonnes of other popular blogs today that talks about the same stuff. The competition in their niche has grown tremendously. You must find a way to walk with the age and technology advancement. Find your unique corner that exists in today’s world. You just being unique is not going to help you unless you study the market and use that uniqueness to help others in solving their real world problems.

Always stay with the trend or I will say ahead of the trend. If you could become a trend setter, you will come into that 1 % of the people in the world today. At least try to be with the time and keep yourself updated with all the new trends in your niche. If the opportunity comes, you must be in a position to grab it. Hit a six when bowler throws a bouncer at you but for that, you must prepare yourself.

Timing is the most crucial thing that is seen among every successful and wealthy people in the world. They made use of the opportunity so well, people started calling them GENIUS. This category is of the people who were known as the visionaries. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and many such people come under this category. They saw beyond their time. Saw the possible future rather than the impossible present. They made futuristic things which people did not even think about. They made use of their time and created a future for everyone. If you are good at something, be innovative and invent the new wheel which can further help you to become what you desire


Be Real

It is the essence of every genius ever lived on this planet. Many people don’t understand the meaning of being real. Being real doesn’t mean you stop imagining about the impossible, it simply means to start creating your path from where you are right now. Let me explain you with a simple example. Suppose, There are two bloggers (B1 & B2). They have just started blogging. Obviously, both of them want to grow their blog fast. Now let’s say B1 is being real and B2 is not. The difference in their actions will define their end result.


Thinking Pattern for B1

End Goal – To get more than a million page views in a month

Goal Setting

  • Deliver at least 10 quality articles every month
  • Deliver two guest posts on authoritative site every month
  • Reach 100+ organic pageviews in the first month
  • Get at least 10 new subscribers

Thinking pattern of B2

End Goal – To become the best blogger in the world

Goal Setting

  • Create a lot of new articles
  • Start making good money
  • Become famous in the circle
  • Get lot of page views
  • Get many social shares on the blog

What do you think, who has the potential to become the best blogger in the world? I will leave it to you.

What I’m trying to prove the point being real is that your goals should not sound like a dream. Your goals should sound more real. What in the world will your brain understand by the term a lot? There are no definite stats for that word. Similarly, good money does not make any sense. Your brain is a computer which processes at very high speed. You must provide definite numbers to your brain in order to make correct calculation. Once you change your mindset in this direction, there could be nothing far away from you for long. This is what being real means. Build your empire from the point where you are right now.

Breaking the Stereotypes

change the trend or create a new one

change the trend or create a new one

Everyone is familiar with this phrase but a very few actually makes effort to break it. This is yet another ingredient of a successful recipe. The Internet is a place for all. If it is good, there is also bad. It’s a concept of Yin and Yang. No one can negate the fact. You will find a lot of people who are doing stupid things on the internet and getting famous? Wait, I have a better word to explain that and it is DEFAMOUS. This is not what you would want if you want to be remembered in the hearts of many people. The example of a recent such defamed video is delivered by “Dhinchak Pooja”, I just defamed her one more time. If you want to see that nuisance, follow the link

Never do such act. Never never never? it is not making you famous, you will look like a meaningless clown to whom people will laugh. It is not good. Don’t ever call this your talent just because you have managed to get some negative likes and views.

Think out of the box, create solutions for the existing problems. There are a lot of things you would have to change in yourself in order to make the most of your opportunities. Read this article – 3 ways to solve every problem in life, it will help you a lot. You must also learn to manage your time well. If you could make your mind to think in this way then automatically you will find new opportunities to make use of.

Addiction affects adversely


Never get addicted to anything

This is one of the rarest yet most important ingredients in the making. I know it is difficult especially when social media is your source of earning a livelihood. But you must find some time out to let your creative juices flowing. You must find a way to relax and completely take your mind off of a thing you are doing. I have faced this many times but never really realised where I was getting lost. It was only when I saw multiple videos of Sandeep Maheshwari and read Four hour work week by Timothy Ferris and then I realised where I was making mistake. I was involved way more than normal. I was involved so much that I stopped feeding my brain the energy so that it can produce the masterpiece.

No matter how much you are involved with your online activity. Just find a way to switch off it at will. If you can do that, you will automatically start to see drastic changes in your overall life. Your life will become vitalized and you will feel elevated. Now, the question comes, how can you switch it off at will. This is very selective and subject from person to person. For ex – I take a time off and go outside to play the sport. Or I plan a small trip and go with the friends to that place and spend some quality time. At that time I do not check my work or emails. That time is used to recreate the creative juices inside my head and gives me a new energy anytime when I come back to work. Another thing that I do is Meditation. I also follow a minimalist lifestyle which gives me freedom to keep detached from most of the materialistic things in life. If you do not know what being minimalist means then you can read the following article – The Minimalist Lifestyle.

Keep a Mentor

have a mentor

You cannot win the war alone even it’s your own. You need someone by your side whom you may trust. The one who can give you right advice in the most crucial time. You mentor could be anyone, it could be your close friend, your parents or even your teachers and relatives. But one thing you must give attention in choosing your mentor is that he/she should be well versed in the field which you are trying to grow and work ahead. The reason is simple, if The Great Sachin Tendulkar would have taken guidance from the Great Lata Mangeshkar then would he be this great.

A mentor must be the one who has already walked the path you are on and guide you in avoiding the common pitfalls. He will be the one to tell you to beware, there’s danger ahead but not how to tackle that danger. That way you will bring the best within yourself. A similar example comes from Hindu religious book Mahabharata when Dronacharya (mentor) asked the five Pandavas to hit the bird’s eye. That story teaches us the importance of having a mentor who can advise us at each and every step of our journey.

Patience is Crucial

Patience is Virtue

Keep your focus on the present actions and forget about the result

Ever heard of someone getting popular overnight. I know you have heard of it but you do not know the multiple nights he had spent in waiting for that one night which changed the entire course of his/her life. You can become popular overnight but it doesn’t mean that you are successful. You will have to spend sleepless nights and have patience that it will reap one day. Spend your time in creating your foundation brick by brick. Do not hurry, take all the time it needs but make sure the foundation you have created in all this time is capable of withstanding the greatest of the impacts. Make it as strong as popular and keep building. You will never know when success hits you. It is one of the most awesome and unpredictable things of life. You will become successful overnight and you will not know it.

Just keep patience and put your efforts in building your foundation. If you need help building an online presence then you may subscribe to bma and get every new article delivered straight to your inbox. There are other successful websites which teach you everything you need to get started with your online passion. One such website is Neil Patel’s Blog. He is a millionaire. He has put every success story on his website which you can learn step by step and become a Social Media magnet.


Just know one thing that Social Media is just an amplifier that can amplify your existing skills. Whatever you dream to become, be it doctor, engineer, comedian, actor or a model. If you have the capability and talent then social media is a platform to amplify your capabilities and make your voice heard by millions. Make good use of it.

Just remember, it is nothing more than a work – You cannot always be doing work, can you? Make sure you take breaks every now and then. Also, share your views on How did you find this article? Do you know any other ingredient that is missing above? What do you think is the biggest factor that comes in between you and success??

And as always,
Be my aficionado 🙂

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