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Hey, friends, Have you ever given it a thought on the Importance of our time.?I have been quite busy thinking about the importance of time in our lives. You hear people saying “you get everything when the time comes”, “time heals every wound”. If you notice carefully, you will realize that the most valuable entity in your life is time. We get 86,164 seconds in a day. Yet 90% of us waste a large portion of this time in doing useless things. Don’t you think we should Work Smarter?

When I look at myself, I find a lot of my time is getting wasted in useless things. By useless things I mean-

  1. Over Sleeping
  2. Overthinking about kinds of stuff that doesn’t matter
  3. Bitching
  4. Daydreaming
  5. Waiting for good things to happen
  6. Context Switching
  7. Partying way too much, etc…

There are a lot more things which you all know better than me that waste your most valuable possession of the day. And I quote-?

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Make Use of Every Second

Look at all the successful people in the world, be it Mahatma Gandhi, Mark Zuckerberg or Sundar Pichai, they all had one thing in common – They got success at an early age. Among millions of people on earth, these were the very few who actually used each and every second?of their day. Success neither comes overnight nor does it knocks the door of few lucky men. Success comes to those who value the time they have right now, right this moment.

A lot of people get confused about what they have to do in their life. They are not certain about the things they want in their lives. Setting your goal is an easy task but it takes a lot of thinking in the right direction. Often times you fail but then this failure is what teaches us the most valuable lessons and becomes our experience.

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The Deduction Theory In Action

How can a person decide that he wants to be an astronaut if he doesn’t even know what an astronaut is? For this, he needs to learn about astronomy.?Sometimes, you will find yourself in a situation where you have already picked your path but after a while walking into that path you realized that it is not where you want to be. This is called failure and it will make you certain of the path where you don’t want to be. This is a very important part to the road of success. Elimination of the things which you don’t want. The Deduction Theory is at the play here. The only drawback is that you will have to walk the path to know it. So, failure itself plays a big role to your ultimate success. To make it efficient you must make efficient use of your time and try to take as many decisions as you can.?

In this blog, I will tell you how to make the most productive output from your day. This blog will also help you in becoming a better version of yourself and realizing what you exactly want from your life. So here are the tips to utilize the best out of your time in a day.

#1 Wake up Early

wakeup early in the morning

Oh yes, assuming that the day starts at 4 am in the morning we all should be getting up early in order to start the day. By early I mean before 8 am. This has many benefits like

  • Enjoy the very positive part of the day.
  • You can also enjoy the dawn.
  • Go for jogging or exercise.
  • If you are a cook then you can prepare healthy and tasty breakfast for you and your family.

Waking up early in the morning saves up to 40% of the time. You get time to plan your day. This will obviously affect your health in a positive way. I think we all are familiar with our ancestral quote – “Early to bed, Early to rise, Makes men, healthy, wealthy and wise”.?Here’s how this makes sense, if you wake up early (say, 6:00 AM), then you will have enough time for exercise. Exercise will make you healthy and more productive. You will become more efficient, simply because most of the world is sleeping and you are awake doing things which are necessary. This will surely make you wealthy.

Also, you will have a better time for meditation. Morning is the best time to meditate. It is silent, serene, your thoughts are fresh, it’s the start of your day which makes it the perfect time for meditation. This will surely help you to know a lot about yourself and will make you wiser.

#2 Move Your Body

exercise first thing in the morning

Don’t be a cushion to the couch or bed, get up and do some work “move your body”. Do the domestic work if you are so free. Write, read, cycle, code, eat if you are too thin, run if you are too fat. Sitting at one place doing nothing is of no use. Things will happen to you only when your body will be in action. It is a scientific fact that if you can manage to move your body for 1 hour in the morning then you do not need to do anything else in order to stay fit and healthy. Just wake up early and move your body.

I would suggest you do some resistance training in the morning. The benefit of resistance training is that it helps you to strengthen your muscle and take the laziness out of your body. You can buy lightweight dumbells to put your body in action. Read this article,

#3 Be A Good Learner

be a good learner

There is one thing common in all the successful people in this world. ?It is that they all were and have been good learners. A good learning never gets bored from his work. ?If you are a good learner then you will be successful in whatever field you try. A learner never gives up on something, ?neither does he accepts the things the way they are. ?He rather absorbs the knowledge provided with a curious mind to get the to the source of that knowledge. Don’t hesitate if you are given a work that is not your part of interest. Learn from your mistakes, ?learn from nature, learn from people and even a small thing as a pebble.

Start reading books, ?good books that acknowledge you about various things in the world. ?When was Bill Gates asked as what power does he wishes for? ?He replied saying that he wishes he could read books faster. If you are not a good learner then these are your traits –

  • Easily bored with things and people.
  • Cannot stick to one thing that you apply for.
  • Remain confused most of the times.
  • Not much interested in reading.

Now if you want to be a good learner then these are the tips to follow –

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The more you read the more knowledge you will gain.


#4 Gain Your Focus

Work Smarter: gain focus

Most of the people find it difficult in passing an exam because they have low concentration power. ?Also, it happens often when a deserving candidate doesn’t get the job because of the final interview and someone else gets it. ?Well, it’s all about being focused and Committing to the moment. Our focus plays a very important role in making a good personality. A focused person always succeeds. So we must all learn to increase our concentration power. Moreover, it’s important to control our mind so that it does not get distracted easily. There are some exercises which you can practice to enhance your focus.

  1. Get up early and take deep breathes – there is no need to make a particular yoga posture. Just sit straight and breathe slowly. ?Make an isolation between the outside world and your mind. A regular practice will help you better.
  2. Be observant – whatever work you are doing at any time, be observant to the place. ?If you are waiting for the bus then try observing the surrounding. Say it in your head, ?I see a blue car going right. Even if you are cutting vegetable then be observant to the way you are holding your knife and the way you are holding the vegetable.

Minimalism lifestyle is also a really good way to increase your focus.

#5 Practice Gratitude

be grateful

By the end of the day, you should be thankful for the wonderful day you had. Even if you had a bad experience and things didn’t go your way. ?Just think of that moment in the way you wanted it and thank god for the positive things of the day. Close your eyes and have a good night sleep.

Law of attraction really revolves around the concept of gratitude. As much as you give out you will receive. This sounds like a really cool idea on paper and believes me it is actually true. The universe is like a big reflecting mirror. Whatever you give out, it shall return you back amplified. You send out love, you get back a lot of love. You send out Kindness then the world seems to be kind with you. It is simply what you give out at the universe that makes you.

Let me know what do you do to save up your time and to use it more efficiently. I would really love to put some more tips on this page, so please help me increase the number.


5 Tips to Manage Your Time Better

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