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All over India students have given their 12th standard exams followed by their entrance exams for engineering, commerce or medical line. I still remember my time when I gave my 12th exams and PET exams(last state level engineering entrance exam held in 2012), I scored low. Also, I did not appeared for AIEEE, just because I filled the form incorrectly and it was too late before I realized about it. Well, that’s enough about my past, now talking about two people around me who just finished giving their JEE mains and 12th class exams. One of them is my neighbor and the other one is my younger cousin. Both of them are excellent in studies, they both scored above 90 percent in their 10th. Although, at this point in time, they are very confused.

Both of them are confused because they cannot decide about which field should they choose for a better career. Their parents and relatives are forcing them, emotionally blackmailing them to opt for the stream which profits the family. Also, the answer sheet for JEE mains exams are out and both of them estimated their marks accordingly. My cousin thinks that he won’t be able to get above 100 marks in the exams which will make him ineligible for any government engineering college. Also, my neighbor is confused because her father really wants her to do engineering but actually he cannot afford her college fees. Also, she is quite confused about engineering.

My cousin brother called me to take some advice about his career. I think he is the only one in my family who admires me for my views. After hours of question answers and lots of research on various fields, we finally came back to where we were already -?“state of confusion”. My brother kept asking me to help him choose his career line and make things easy for him. I couldn’t really think of options as choosing a career is a personal decision. So now the situation was “DECISIONS DECISIONS”.

I started thinking about myself and how I never wanted to do engineering but my parents and my elder brother guided me into this field. As a result of lack of interest, I got a year back and then I started blaming my parents, my brother for my failure. I had to face a lot of struggle during these 5 years of engineering. These have been the toughest five years of my life with lots of crying, embarrassment and fights with my parents.

Although this struggle taught some of the most valuable lessons of my life and I am going to tell you about them all. I learned this lesson from a series of experiences. Some of these experiences has been really good and some really bad. This lesson helped me become a much better person in life with a goal to pursue. In short, I learned that life is too short to regret.

Here goes my list of experiences throughout my college life which you will definitely relate to.

We are the creators of our own life

After failing in exams, I started blaming my brother and family for it. I yelled at them for pushing me into engineering. This made my relations worse and things got more complicated. This didn’t change anything but rather made my life worse. With this, I learned that we are the only one responsible for our life. We make our decisions all the time. We can put excuses by saying that there was peer pressure and my family didn’t want so but the fact is that the decisions is always within our hands. So blaming my brother for this was a complete stupidity and it didn’t change anything. Back then when I was 18 and I had to choose my career, things were completely in my hands but it was just me who didn’t realized it.

Be aware

I was completely unaware of the career choices when I passed high school. This was a huge drawback on my side and this has been the actual reason why I came into engineering. Being aware means to be well acknowledged about the situation you are in. Also during my college days, I was quite unaware of the selection criteria and companies that come for recruitment.

There is always time

It’s never too late to wake up. We need to realise who we really are. I heard this great saying from a saint, quoting

?we are all a part of one source.

We are not ef complete and this life is a journey to understand who we really are and our true purpose. Work covers a large part of everyone’s life, our work defines us. Work is the source of income for everyone and de facto every person has to complete his work on his own. Every human on this earth has been made to do a specific job. The job we are made for is inbuilt in all of us. As Steve Jobs said, “love what you do and do what you love”. Therefore it is never too late to understand what you are made for and then give your 100% effort in achieving your goal. This thinking is a stepping stone to success.

No regrets

All the failures and embarrassments that I faced, the mistakes that I made were all a part of my life and my actions. Being regretful about anything makes us unproductive and there is absolutely no benefit in being stuck in the past. Accept the things as they are and look for a solution to make easier.

Apart from all these experiences, I learned that life is too beautiful in its own ways. Life is spontaneous, unpredictable and the best part is that nothing remains same. If you really want to be happy in life then be responsible for yourself. Make your decisions well and never blame anyone else. I found myself as a blogger through all of this and also cleared all my papers with good marks. I am a regular student in my college with 70% marks, I also got placed in a couple of companies through campus recruitment. Life is too short crying over, again and again, nothing is as precious as our family and our life. As for my cousin, I advised him to choose a path that keeps his 100% interest and so that he can contribute to the society.

I hope my blog helped you to understand your problems in life.

Be happy
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  • Article By: Priyanka Yadav

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