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Hey guys! A lot of people I meet tends to be in some kind of problem. Somehow, they find themselves surrounded by lots of problem in life. When asked what is the problem then they tend to explain the side-effects of this problem but fail to explain the real problem. It’s like they don’t even know what’s the actual problem and banging their heads everywhere looking for solutions. I have three effective techniques with which I tackle problems in my life and it seems to working for me.


#1 Identify the root cause of your problem

Find the root cause of all problems

The very first thing to solve your problem is the identification of it. You cannot find answers if you does not understand the question, Right? So, you need to understand the root cause of your problems and believe me it is very easy. There are some questions which you need to ask yourself in order to identify the root cause of your problems. Let me explain you with a real life situation – Let’s say there is a guy named Lucky. Lucky has completed engineering and now he is faced with another challenge of finding a job. Lucky has already tried for one year, even after that he finds himself in the same place without a job. Now, he is getting into depression. His colleagues are not helping him. His parents doesn’t have the same confidence on him what it used to be. Relatives are exerting pressure on him as usual.

Lucky chose to go and meet his old friend Mohan, who already has a job and seems to be doing good in his life. Lucky explained his situation to him that he is facing a lot of problems in life. Now, Lucky has stopped focussing on his actual problem. He has started thinking of the side-effects of his root problem as main problem. Lucky started by saying,

  • My parents no longer believe in me.
  • My relatives are pressuring me in all sorts of ways.
  • My friends have distanced themselves from me.
  • I still don’t have a job.
  • I have no money.

Mohan asked him to take problems one by one and identify those problems in the queue which are not dependent on any other problem. In simple words, list down the problems which exists independently. Those problems which are going to be there unless solved specifically. So, Lucky begin to see matrix. Lucky exactly knew what was the root problem. He said, I’m jobless and that is the root cause of all the side-effects. He realized that if he had the job, then his parents belief would have been the same. His relatives wouldn’t get any point to pressurize him. He will automatically get closer to his friends because the only thing which kept him distant from them was the distance itself. He will have money. Lucky quickly realized the cause of his depression and now he can find an antidote, a solution for this problem. Try to live a Minimalist Lifestyle.

#2 Set a Goal to reach the Ultimate Goal

Goal Setting is crucial

Goal setting plays a major factor in your achievement. If you have right goals setup for you then those goals will automatically take you in the right direction.We you have set the wrong goals then it could affect adversely. Okay, now we need a goal. How can we begin with the goal setting?

There are a few important (key) points that needs to be taken care off, but I’m not going to tell you this. I want you to participate in this. I will give you a few situation and I want your answers in the comment section below. Let’s see how many of you get it right.

Example 1 – You are in middle of a cricket ground. Bowler is coming to bowl you. You need a boundary to win this game. What will be your goal?

Example 2 – You need 1,00,000 INR in one week. What will be your goal setting for this?

Example 3 – You have your exams in a week and you need to complete 5 units. What will be your goal setting for this one?

Let me know your goal setting for the above the situations mentioned above.

#3 Focus

Arjuna Fish eye focus

You have learned the art of goal setting. You have well defined goals setup in front of you. Now, the only thing left is their accomplishment. Those goals are not going to get fulfilled automatically. You will have to focus your thoughts and willpower to accomplish them. Focus on your goals. Do not let yourself deviate from the path. There is only one way to failure and that is lack of focus and willpower to do the needful.

Story time…

There is a very powerful story in our Hindu mythology which everyone (majority of us) have heard of. The story of Arjuna and the Fish Eye. It is a story of a renowned archery master Dronacharya training the Pandava brothers in an art and skill of archery. Master Drona tied a wooden fish to the branch of a tree and asked everyone to target for the fish’s eye while looking at its reflection in the bowl kept below. Everyone came one by one took the stance. As they took the stance, Master Drona paused them and asked the question – “What do you see?”. Everyone gave them unsatisfying answer. One of them said, he can see the tree, the fish, the sky blah blah blah? Other one came and gave similar answer. Then it was Arjuna turn. Master Drona asked the same question – “Arjuna, What do you see?”. Arjuna Replied – “The eye of the Fish”. Master Drona said – “Toh Chalao Baann (Shoot)”. And Arjun released the arrow and Arjuna’s arrow unwaveringly pierced right through the eye of the fish.
Lesson Learned.

If you can focus on your goals with everything that you have. Then no matter what, that goal will get accomplished. Even you won’t be able to stop yourself from achieving those goals once you have set your mind on it. Your mind is a beautiful piece of art/nature. It has the capability to mould the reality. The only thing you need to learn is how can you master your mind. Once you learn to master your mind, everything else will become minuscule in front of it.

I’m practicing it daily and I know how much does it take to keep it focussed at all time. Your mind is one of the most powerful tool in this world which can think independently, so you can imagine how much energy will it take to guide something which can think of its own and is the most powerful. You are that energy and you can guide it. All you need is FOCUS.


The steps mentioned above is how I tackle every problem in my life. I thought this could be helpful for many of you out there looking for answers. I would really recommend you to follow these simple techniques and let me know if it worked for you. If you like the simplicity then please comment and share it in your circle.

And as always,
Be my aficionado 🙂

  • Article By: Varun Shrivastava

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