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Wow! Yet another year has ended and I’m sure 2017 had been an enriching year for all of you. It had been a good year for me and BMA. The Year 2017 helped BMA to grow bigger with more subscribers, ranking and traffic. I’m looking forward to taking it to the next level in 2018. All of this has become possible with a simple vision to help everyone start their own business and with a simple strategy of Investing In Self This article is going to be the starting point of How to Invest In Yourself …

Welcoming New Year 2018

Happy New Year 2018

I want to make the Year 2018 one of the best and memorable year of my life. Continuing in a similar vein, this year also I have made my personal goals and resolutions that help me to ignite the fire in me and move in the next year with a sense of achievement, confidence and enthusiasm.

I’m planning to double the efforts that I gave in 2017 and make this year “THE YEAR OF ACHIEVEMENTS” I will fuel the quest that I started last year and make sure to stay focused and get the job done.

Perhaps, I have already made a Goal Sheet. In this sheet, I have listed the milestone that would take me to the final goal. After all, Concrete goals are the essence that put the mind on Auto-pilot so that it inevitably gets programmed to take positive steps in the right direction (the direction you want it to go). I have done the same thing. I’ve just provided the direction. I would recommend all of you to download the sheet and lay the milestone to reach the goal you wish to achieve in The Year 2018.

Invest In Yourself

How many times have you asked the question about the Best Investment of 2018?

I’m sure you have asked this question multiple times. Well, the best investment of 2018 is The Investment In Self.

You might have observed that I’m highlighting the word Investment in Self a lot too many times and that is because the mantra for success in the coming year is Investment In Self


As you can see around you that the jobs are shrinking at a faster rate. With the increase in population and automation and at the same time decrease in the skills has caused a lot of troubles. This trend is going to continue in 2018 as well…

According to the recent survey in the field of occupation, they found that people going to school does not have any idea of the job they would be doing in the year 2022. All my gut check and research tell me that 80% of the careers of 2030 has not even born yet. With so much of surprises in the coming years, would you let yourself loose or prepare for a miracle.

In every decade a hero is born which takes the community ahead of its time. The only way you can become the hero is by investing in yourself and make yourself unbeatable. The process is often easier than you can think of. The Internet is the most powerful tool that can help you achieve that.

The Internet has connected more than 80% of the world. Not only that, Internet has provided each and every individual with the equal opportunities to shine. You do not need to be an expert in web development to make your web presence. There are so many ready-made open source systems available for you that do all the hard work. Youtube, on the other hand, offers a free video platform that has made many millionaires. You just have to take a step.

How and Where to Start?

Allow me to brief you how and where to start your journey…

google g-suite getting started

First of all, you need to identify what you are good at. Only when you know your strengths you can make the most out of it. The chances are you already know your strengths. If by any chance you are still a wanderer who is in search of his/her strengths then stop looking and start doing right away. Just remember, Not All Who Wander Are Lost. Do what you are currently doing for your living but with a sense of purpose and higher goal.

Not All Who Wander Are Lost. It is just a matter of time. Keep Patience... Click To Tweet

Suppose you work in an IT Industry as a software developer then you would already know how to write code or program a machine. The people who can write code today will become tomorrows wizards. You have got an awesome skill. You can use your skill to create products that would help others and in return, you will get what you deserve.

I know what you must be thinking… it is only easy to say but very difficult to achieve. You are right, I totally understand you and your thoughts. I was in the same place last year but things have changed for me a lot. I have seen the power of the Internet and what it is capable of, you just need to take an initiative and things will unravel automatically.

Create a Personal Portfolio Website

Your time to shine

This is one of the most realistic ways of starting your journey towards financial freedom. Do you know the best way to get heard?

Shout… Shout Out Loud. Make yourself heard.

A personal portfolio website is the best starting point for you if you haven’t made your internet presence before. Through a personal portfolio website, you can showcase your skills and work to a probable client. Once you have a presence on the Internet, you will automatically make efforts to get known, after all, you have given yourself a platform from where you can shout and get heard.

I first started by building my own personal portfolio website and it was named after my name ( It was only after I created a portfolio website, people started contacting me through it. I started making some money doing freelancing and it was a good start. Finally, I knew that we can earn money online. A year later, I created BMA blog where I share my knowledge about blogging, WordPress, Finance, Programming, Technology etc…

If you are still confused then you should read the Advantages of having a Personal Portfolio Website This article will give you a deeper understanding and benefits of having a personal portfolio website. In case you are ready to start your new portfolio website then you should read How to Start a Project and create a portfolio website quickly.

Please let me know if you have any question. I would be happy to answer it all.

Start a WordPress Blog

If you have some writing skills then you can start a WordPress Blog. Through this platform, you can start writing about the things/topics for which you want your blog to rank in google. You never know what information you could provide until and unless you start doing it. People might love your blog and may offer you business and partnerships. This way you can start your new career where you will be your own boss.

Recently I wrote an article about the How Does Successful Bloggers Earn Money Blogging where I have shared all the hardcore knowledge that you need to start earning from your blog. I have listed down and explained all the money earning streams you can exploit blogging. I have also mentioned names of a few successful bloggers who made it big and are now earning millions every month.

How/Where to Start?

The next question many people ask me is that How can I start a Blog or Where should I start?

The answer to this question is WordPress.

start website

WordPress is the most widely used Open Source Content Management System which was primarily built to support bloggers. This is very easy to setup, infact, you could setup a WordPress system with a single click. HostGator offers a one-click WordPress setup and its plan starts with very less.

I would ask you to read the basics before diving into creating a blog. I have compiled an article with all the crucial knowledge from my experience which I felt is essential to begin for every blogger. There are a few basics to know before starting any blog and it will definitely help you to boost your blogging career.

Choosing the Best Hosting Provider

Free web hosting

Another important thing that comes to starting your own blog is choosing the best hosting provider. If you ask me the one thing that plays the most important role in the success of a blog, I would undoubtedly say that it is the hosting provider. It is mandatory to start with a good hosting provider.

A hosting provider is the backbone of every blog. The first thing you need to earn money from your blog is a Google ranking. Google favours blog which provides a good user experience and information. If you have opted for a poor or free hosting provider than it would hinder the experience of the people landing on your blog. This will pull down your Google rankings and thus a chance of earning. Therefore, you must not hesitate to spend some bucks on your hosting provider. Below is the list of all the best hosting providers along with the discount links and coupons. Make good use of it 🙂

Free Resource

I hope I have made a lot of things clear in this section. Please find below all the links that I pointed you in this section. These will really help you to think straight and clear.

Please let me kn0w if you need any help setting up a blog for you. You can hire me to setup a WordPress blog for you. Contact me and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Start a YouTube Channel

Youtube Image

Another great way to start earning a side passive income in 2018 is via Youtube. You watch hours of videos on youtube but have you ever given a thought to starting your own Youtube channel. Well, you could make a fortune posting videos on youtube. And it is really very simple. You just have to create a channel and start uploading your videos to it.

The only hard part is the video creation and editing. You need right types of equipment and a place setup to create your videos. As long as you can create and edit your own videos you can continue earning from your channel. According to the recent survey, they found that videos are first and most widely used media to consume information and it is growing rapidly with each passing day. In the year 2018,

Lilly Singh is one of the most awesome examples when it comes to making a fortune via posting videos on youtube. She is a millionaire Youtuber with a super fan following from all parts of the world. You could check her videos on youtube and see how she made a fortune simply posting awesome videos on Youtube. But you see, consistency is the key.

I will provide you with all the necessary types of equipment that you need to start creating awesome videos. Just make sure you are subscribed to BeMyAficionado to get access to free resources and receive the monthly newsletter straight into your inbox.

Start a Podcast

The Four Dynamics to keep you moving up in your company

This trend has recently started to pick fire in the past year and is expected to grow in the coming years as well. The Podcast is one of the best ways to make your presence on the internet. You can host multiple interviews with various people from your industry and post the conversation on your blog. You never know who subscribes to your channel and offers you the next partnership. Make sure you are ready to grab this opportunity.

You only need a nice microphone and a voice editing software to start with your very own Podcast. I will provide you with the link to all important tools and software you need to download via email, so do not forget to subscribe this blog.

I hope I have given you a strong start to look forward to the year 2018 with all the business opportunities. You just need to be consistent and confident that you can pull the act off. You will learn once you start with it anyway. After all, you need to get in the water to learn how to swim. Make this year a starting point for your business journey if you have not started already. If you already have a business and an Internet presence then make sure you expand it through the above-mentioned channels.

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