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In my circle, I often hear people talking about the best investment of the coming time. How and where should they spend their money for the maximum profit? At the same time, they are looking for safe investment. When I asked what do you understand by safe investment, their answers were simply not convincing. Their definition of safe investment was that if they are not getting any profit they should not bear any loss either. If this is what you think then my friend, you have boarded a wrong train.

So, what is the best investment of 2018?

Before I go forward and tell you about the best investment of 2018, I would like to give a brief definition of “Best Investment”.

What is Best Investment?

Best Investment is one which has the maximun ROI

Best Investment is anything which has a good ROI (Return on Investment). This return is not necessarily about money rather it means anything that takes you one step closer to your goal.

You must be wondering:

What does Goal have to do with investment?

Everything. Let me explain.

Investment without the goal is like chasing a car with no intention to sit in it. You should have a clear picture of the end destination where you want to be before investing your hard earned money and time. You must be clear with the result of your investment and why you are making this investment. Once you are clear with the end goal, you will automatically become aware of the risk involved with the investment.

Now, let’s take an example of SIP (Systematic Investment Plan). This is a way of investment in which you decide the end goal (i.e. the amount of money you want) in a definite period of time. Once you decide, say I want 1 million dollars after 25 years then I will start laying down the steps to reach there. In the process, I will find out the definite amount that I need to invest every month in order to reach my end goal. While doing this, I would become aware of all the risks that I have to face and how I’m going to prepare for it.

Best Investment

The best investment is one which has the power to give you maximum return with the least risk.

Next time if you are going to think of investing in something, be very sure of the end result that you are targeting. Also, the risk that comes with that investment. A great man once said –

“Do not test the water with both your feet.”
~ Warren Buffet

Great, now we are on the same page. The next thing that I want to make clear is my understanding on the types of investments in a broad sense. Actually, it is not my understanding, it is The Understanding of Investment.

Types of Investments

I like to divide investment into two broad categories. This division makes it easy for me to plan my investments to achieve my life goals.

There are two broad categories-

# Time

Investments made in terms of time such as SIP. You define a time period of, say 20 years and fix a definite amount of money to invest every month. I like to think this type of investment in terms of time. Because you are not worried about the market anymore. All you care about is the end goal and steps to reach that goal in 20 years.

# Money

This is a quick investment scheme. You try to yield the profit as soon as possible. Such investments are usually made to start your own business or to expand it. Such investments are focussed on earning good money in less time. However, such investments involve a greater range of risk (if all aspects are not taken care of carefully).

Usually, every investment involves money and time. Both of these are kind of intertwined with each other. But, I like to think them as two separate entities because it helps me to make clear distinct decisions.

Now, we come to the part of Best Investment in 2018 keeping in mind the above understanding.

The Best Investment of 2018

One Word: YOU.

You are the best investment of 2018.

I’m not going to give you philosophical answers like health, food, relationship blah blah? I’m going to tell you the path that can lead you to actual money or I like to put it Financial Freedom. I’m going to lay down definite steps by which you can truly reach the place you ought to be. And I promise this is one of the safest investment in terms of time and money.

How to Invest in Yourself to Attain Financial Freedom

Anytime if you think I’m not making any sense, feel free to exit the blog. Okay, let’s talk practical ways of investment. As you might already know that we need a good understanding and knowledge of the market before diving into it. We must be aware of how the market works before putting our money into it. Similarly, the market of 2018 is going to be different.

Financial Freedom

In 2018, we will transition into the era of Web 3.0. This will drastically hit the IT industry and many will lose their jobs. Although web 3.0 has started showing its presence in the field of the weather forecast and Space technology, it is yet to become part of the population. This era is when machines will start producing data and everything will start shifting it gears towards automation. So, automation is the truth of our future. Manual jobs are going to get lesser and lesser. Best Investment of 2018 must be done in a way that will give you the maximum return in the coming years. Looking at the time, you are the best investment.

Steps to Invest In Yourself

# Find Yourself


Look at yourself, what do you see?

You must see yourself in terms of profession. How do you find your place in this world?

Are you a doctor? What is your specialization? What is most needed in your industry that you can provide?

Are you an engineer? Perhaps there are lots of ways you can help others with the knowledge that you have.Try to think in terms of specialization. What is one thing that you do best? Forget the best, just think what is one thing that you do today and how can you make it grow?

I’m pretty sure you have the answer to this. It is not at all difficult. Most of us are professionals doing one thing or the other to earn money. You just have to self-reflect and you will find yourself.

# Build Yourself

Believe in yourself

Great, you know yourself and what you are good at or at least what you do presently. Now, it is time to work on that skill and master it. Suppose, you work as a Java Developer in some IT industry then one thing is for sure that you know JAVA. You know how to code and you know how to write applications.

So, what is going to be your next step?
Personal Portfolio Website

You have found yourself, right? Now, it is time to tell the world of your existence. The best way of doing that is through a website. Build a website with your niche and advertise yourself. This time you are the product listed on your own website. The good part about advertising yourself is that you know everything about the product (yourself) because you are the product. You know what you are capable of and what is the target audience for the product.

Do you know about a woman who created an awesome resume for Airbnb and caught the CEOs attention immediately? Her name is Nina Mufleh. I would not tell her much about her because she has done that for herself. You can view her resume in full here.

After viewing her impressive resume, I was so curious that I immediately sent her a message asking her whether she got the job or not. Her reply-

By the way, here is the link to her story –

Although she did not land her dream job, she did open up a lot of new opportunities for herself. This is the power of your online presence if used wisely and creatively.

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# Build Your Product

Good Programmer and Mathematician

Your next step is to find the requirement in your field to create a product.
Do you know Tinder? Well, this app was a pretty small start. They only had around 5000 users in the first six months and then they experienced a boom and reached 50,000 users in the 8th month. Although, the Growth Hacking techniques they applied were amazing the point is you need a product.

Make sure your product is desired in the market
According to Ryan Holiday, “the single worst marketing decision you can make is creating a product nobody wants, or nobody needs.”

You must spend some time in the market to understand the need of the people. Is there actually a need for the kind of product you are about to introduce in the market. You need validations from the market before jumping straight to construction. Take a few survey before start building your product. Once you have found the market or once you are sure that there is a place for your product in the market then start with the building process. One more thing which needs to be taken care of is that you just don’t have to build the product all at once. Take small breaks and re-validate your product to make sure you are going in the right direction. If there is any alteration which needs to be made, go ahead make it.

As Mark Zuckerberg said –

“Ideas Do Not Come Out Fully Formed”.

You gotta keep an eye on the direction that you are heading to. Constant validation will not only keep you on a right track but also give you a confidence that what you are doing is going to be successful because there is a constant need for your product in the market.

Once you have identified a need in the market or in other words once you have found the market for your idea, it is time to build. Build your product with your 100%.

# Sell It To The World

Perhaps the most important part of the construction steps.

You know yourself.

You have found yourself.

You have a super solid idea.

You have validated your idea.

You have made a product out of your idea.

Now, Your product is ready to be launched in the market.

Intelligent Brain

This is the time when all the knowledge that you have gained comes into use. Marketing is the essence of every industry. The first impression by which people are going to know about your product. The way people are going to connect with your product. You gotta do it just right.

Ratan Tata posing with NANO

Let me give you an example of TATA NANO. Everyone is aware of this mini car launched by TATA company which was a great piece of technology back then. A 600cc 4 seater car which ran at an average speed of 50kmph and only costs Rs. 1 Lakh (i.e. $1562.38). This was an audacious achievement of that time. Nobody had ever built a car in that price range and with such awesome features. Amazing, right?

It failed miserably.

Failure Stamp

Do you know the reason for its failure?

Well, it was failed not because it was a bad build or a bad product rather it was failed because of a bad marketing. This car was launched in the market with the tagline that said – “World’s Cheapest Car”. Their Bad. They would have said so many cool things about the car, its technology and how they have made an entry level car for every group of people, rather they chose this tagline to sell their car in the market.

“Harping on the ‘cheap’ price tag was certainly the car’s undoing,” says India-born, Paris-based brand strategist, Shombit Sengupta. “Young Indians do not necessarily think cheap is best, they like things to have embellishments and dazzle.” Sengupta said many brands from detergents to computers have perished after being branded ‘cheap’. “Cheap is a label that even the Indian software industry is trying to shake off.” This was such a big flop that many great marketers dig in to know the cause of its failure in spite of a great product. You can read the whole story in Forbes article here.

So, you see this is the impact of marketing on any product’s success. Try to do it the best the first time. Consult with other people who are in the marketing business for quite some time. Learn their language, their skills and then make the launch. Harsh Agarwal has recently written an article on Growth Hacking techniques which I really found useful. You can read it here.

# Become Wealthy

This is the result of all the above actions you do. This is something which is not in your hand. A result is always the outcome of our actions and a whole lot of hidden forces and power attached to it. I’m a believer of action. I follow Bhagawad Gita and in the Gita, it is written –

“Karam Kiye Jaa, Phal ki Icchaa Na Kar”.

This is one of the best quotes to live by. It fills me with energy and positivity to just keep doing what is needed to be done and leave the result to GOD.

Below is the scene from one of my childhood serial named Mahabharata which depicts the conversation between God Krishna and Warrior Arjuna.

So, this is something which will rely solely upon your actions. But, don’t worry, if your actions are good and the intentions behind your actions are good, your results will definitely be positive.


You Are The Best Investment of 2018. If you can turn yourself into a money making machine then you will never need to work for anyone or be the slave. You will work for the unity, the community and the humanity. After all, this is why we all are here, To take our humanity into the next era of evolution.

Let me know your thoughts.

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