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Hey! We have just migrated our previous domain eg, to (BMA). Earlier I used my name as domain to host the website. After domain migration it has changed to I started the website with a purpose of a portfolio to showcase my skills and bring potential clients. I started projecting my daily experiences and learning on that platform and slowly more people in my circle wanted to join me. But this was not I was planning at that time. But, the idea was planted.

I kept on blogging from that website but was constantly looking for a domain name that will suit the motive of this website. Blue coat systems categorized this website as Society/Daily Living and Informational. Although, it is what this website offers, however, the motive of this website is to inspire affection in every heart towards the things they want to do. Therefore, we started sharing experiences and learning from our daily life in an effort to help people who are searching for a way to make their identity in today’s world. I think if we can provide a clear and practical picture of what’s happening around us. If we can do that. I think later youth of this society can better understand about this world and can plan things earlier in their lives. Therefore, Be My Aficionado came into existence.

Meaning of Aficionado

The meaning of the word Aficionado is deep and perfectly supports our motive. If you will google the name aficionado, this is what you get in the first result.

Meaning of aficionado

It perfectly explains the motive of this website. It is simple to understand and easy to pronounce. The only thing that was a point of concern while choosing this domain is that not many people are aware of the word ‘Aficionado’. But, it simply doesn’t matter because we are here to stay. If they have not heard the word yet, they will hear it pretty soon 🙂

Domain Migration

Migrating to new domain involves some serious SEO related task which needs to be taken care, otherwise you can easily loose you rank in google search ranking. You have to do everything just the right way. It was something new for me and therefore I had to do a lot of research for the same. There were lot of glitches after the migration process was over which requires manual intervention. So, it almost took a month to gather all the information before proceeding with domain migration. If you find any glitches or errors or bugs then please contact us immediately.

Also, there were lots of other SEO related concerns with the previous domain. We really wanted to make a shift to a dot com domain as soon as possible. And as we got the opportunity we made a shift. If you are planning to start a new website and searching for a new domain name then here is an article explaining you the best practices to choose a domain name. I really found this article helpful and you can benefit from it too. On the way I learned a lot of other useful stuffs that I will share in my next article.

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What do you think of this new domain?

And as always,
Be my aficionado 🙂

  • Article By: Varun Shrivastava

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