AmazonBasics Portable Bluetooth Speakers: The Best Budget Speaker in the Market5 min read

Are you tired of using your laptop or mobile speakers while watching movies with your friends?

Are you looking for an affordable alternative that can bring comfort to your ears without the clutter of wires?

The AmazonBasics Portable Bluetooth speakers are the best budget purchase you can purchase right now without compromising the quality of the audio.

These budget speakers are impressive. They look stylish and packs good speakers to produce pretty awesome sound. Watching movies with this little bad boy was an amazing experience since then.

I have earlier used JBL portable speakers which costs around 1.6 thousand and comes with one speaker with pretty decent sound. But when I heard AmazonBasics Portable, it was the best value for money. Since then I thought of writing this article to let everyone know what they are missing.

AmazonBasic Portable Bluetooth Speakers

I’ll pick up every feature one by one and talk about its pros and cons (if any). Then you will be in the best place to make a judgement.

So let’s start with the very essence of any Bluetooth speaker. That is the Connectivity Range.

Bluetooth Range

As mentioned on their website- “Portable Bluetooth speaker with 33-foot wireless range for streaming music, podcasts, and more from your compatible Bluetooth-enabled device”.

Whenever you read anything like this. Don’t simply trust them. They talk about the line-of-sight range of Bluetooth where there is no obstruction in between. However, this is not always the case in our house.

The actual range can only be addressed by someone who has already test it (me). So, In my experience, AmazonBasics Portable do have a pretty good range. I have tried playing it from the other side of the 15×20 room and it was okay. Sometimes, it played fluently and at other times it stammers.

All and all the range was not bad and serve the purpose of a Bluetooth device well.

It is a YES from my side.

Check out the Bose Speakers Store for the best audio experience from Amazon:


It has two 3 Watts speaker and a built-in microphone. The 3 watts speaker is of good quality and produces good sound. It has a good volume and a pretty decent bass. I was amazed to hear the sound coming from those two small speakers that I bought for 999 bucks.

The sound quality is pretty clear and loud. These speakers are best used when you are going out with your friends in a car. Or you have a small party and need the bass to move your body.

I have been using these speakers for movies and listening to Sonu Nigam 😀

These speakers did a pretty good job in keeping the Sonu’s voice in its original form.

Below is a list of similar speakers that compete with AmazonBasics Portable:

3.5mm Stereo Cable

It also has a feature to connect via 3.5mm stereo cable. Although they do not package it with that cable, you can purchase it online and use it. This could be used with your computer and other systems that do not have a Bluetooth connectivity. Apart from that, it does not make much difference in the quality.

Below are the 3.5mm stereo gold plated cables do deliver the best quality without resistance: (Click on the image)

Built-in Microphone

These speakers also have a built-in microphone which can be used while you are driving a car.

These microphones are okay in quality and provides a good overall call experience.

I’m sure you are not going to use it at home. This feature will mainly be used in the car. But yes, this is a decent microphone in a decent speaker.

Play All Night

The Battery backup is pretty good. I have played it for a stretch of 4 hours non-stop. After that I had to sleep. So, you can be sure that the batteries will play out well.

Batteries are one less concern to worry about. Also, you can play it while charging.

Plug it in with the wall charger or your laptop and play it all night. It is great in terms of lasting longer 😉

1-Year Limited Warranty

This made me click on the Buy Now button and call this boy home. They offer 1-year warranty if anything goes bad in a 1 year time from the date of purchase. 

The speakers cost me 1000 bucks and then it gives me 1-year warranty. There was nothing stopping me to purchase it and I did.


The AmazonBasics Portable Bluetooth speaker is a great deal in all perspective.

(Click on the Image to Buy Now!)

I would strongly recommend you to spend your bucks for it and bring it home. Try it out and then come to conclusion. You can always return the product if it doesn’t satisfy or work up to your expectations.

I know you will like it because I’m a certified buyer and a music lover. I know these speakers will rock you.

Let me know which part of the article gave you the most useful insights. If you have any suggestions, please mention it in the comments below.

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