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I feel iPods and Mp3 players are one of the most important inventions which has the capability to take you in a state of trance. These are like a heaven for a music lover who spends most of his/her time listening to music. I’m quite sure that this article is will excite you as it excites me :).

Just to make it clear that since I have numbered the products, it has nothing to do with their quality or ratings. This is just the list of top 5 devices that I had on my wishlist and now I’m sharing it with you.

In case you like the device then do click and buy from the link, this won’t cost you anything extra but would help me and motivate me to create similar content for you in the future.

Note: This page contains affiliate links. I have spent time in research and I can assure you that the products are 100% authentic and intent to help the readers.

#1 Apple iPod touch 32GB Blue (6th Generation)
Apple iPod Touch 32GB 6th Generation


  • iPod touch features an apple-designed A8 chip built on 64-bit architecture.
  • The M8 motion coprocessor continuously measures physical motion from advanced sensors, including a gyroscope and accelerometer.
  • iPod touch has a 4-inch retina display, so all your fun has a beautiful canvas.

The new M8 motion coprocessor job is to continuously measure data from accelerometer, compass, gyroscope. This is the same task which is done by primary processors in other devices which often put unnecessary load on the primary processor and reduces its efficiency. The new M8 coprocessor is responsible for all the extra work like measuring data from other sensors, thus, taking a load off the primary A8 processor. This increases the battery performance of the device and improves performance.

If you are a user of iPod 5th gen then I strongly recommend you to use this iPod as it is way faster than its previous version. I can bet you that these are here to stay for next 2-4 years without a doubt. If you are thinking to purchase it already then make sure you buy a one with more than 16 GB space. In today’s world, 32gb must be your average go-go.

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#2 Zune HD 16 GB Video MP3 Player (Black)
Zune HD 16 gb


  • 16 GB capacity for up to 4,000 songs, 24 hours standard definition video, or 5 hours high definition video
  • 3.3-inch OLED screen with 480 x 272 resolution and 16:9 display
  • HD Radio gives you access to many local stations with crystal-clear digital sound at no extra cost
  • Watch supported 720p HD movies, TV shows, and videos in high definition
  • Buy, stream, and update your music, download free games, and surf the web via a Wi-Fi connection

There is nothing much I had to say about this MP3 player. I found a review about it which is complete in itself. I’m simply going to share a snapshot of that review here. The review is from a verified buyer of this product and I really found it authentic.

Zune MP3 Player

She actually sounds passionate about it. Writing such a long review and putting out each and every pro and con of a device do take a lot of time and knowledge. I hope you found her review useful. Find the link to this player below,

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#3 Apple 8th Gen 16GB iPod Nano

Apple 8th Gen iPod Nano


  • You can tap to play your favourite songs and albums, or give iPod nano a shake and it shuffles to a different song in your music library.
  • At 1.1 ounces light and 5.4 mm thin, iPod nano is designed to provide hours of entertainment with maximum portability. Wirelessly connect to speakers, headphones, your car stereo, and other Bluetooth-friendly devices.
  • Bluetooth 4.0
    Since Nike+ support and a pedometer are built into iPod nano, you can track your daily activity. 2.5-inch Multi-
  • Touch display, Diagonally. FM Radio and Video

This iPod feels more like a girl’s gadget because of its cute looks and colours. That’s why I chose a pink colour image to showcase it. It comes in 5 stunning colours and is designed to provide hours of entertainment with maximum portability. Its 2.5-inch Multi-Touch display lets you see more of the music, photos, and videos you love.? And it has built-in FM radio as well as support for Fitness Walk + Run and Nike+.

It has a really good rating of 4.5 stars and users has given positive reviews. Just click on the link below to buy it now.

#4 Apple Ipod Nano Slate 7th generation
Apple iPod Nano Slate


  • 2.5-inch Multi-Touch colour display with 240-by-432 pixel resolution
  • Only 5.4-mm thin?the thinnest iPod ever
  • Easy-to-use controls to quickly adjust volume or play, pause, and change songs
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Widescreen video
  • FM radio with Live Pause
  • Built-in pedometer for fitness
  • Built-in Nike+ support for voice feedback and syncing to
  • Anodised aluminium in seven gorgeous colours
  • 16GB capacity
  • Up to 30 hours of music playback
  • Apple EarPods
  • Works with Mac and PC

The best thing I loved about this iPod is its design. I simply loved it. Its ultra portable design makes it one of the most desirable iPods in the list. It has 16 GB capacity which means you can store roughly 3500-4000 songs in a go. The backup is absolutely amazing.

The biggest turn off is that it cannot connect to the internet. You will have to manually store music and videos in it. After all, it is meant to be a companion for outdoors where you can disconnect from the world with just your music and you.

Let’s see what others have to say about this product. Nowadays so many people are writing such good reviews of the product. I got everything I wanted from the review that I’m sharing below. Have a look,

This product is truly amazing if you are ready to compensate with less storage and no internet connection. Apart from that I did not find any flaw in this device. It’s a good buy. Find the link to the product below,

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#5 Sony Walkman NWZA17SLV 64 GB Hi-Res Digital Music Player


  • 64GB1 Hi-Res Walkman Portable Music Player, Supports Hi-Res audio playback of: WAV, AIFF, ALAC, FLAC, and more, Up to 50 hours MP3 playback and 30-hours Hi-Res playback, Stream music wirelessly with Bluetooth & NFC connections
  • Compact, slim design with microSD slot for up to 192GB memory, Easy navigation of songs & folders, 2.25″ WVGA
  • LCD anti-reflective display, Drag & drop from iTunes for Mac or Windows
  • S-Master HX digital amplification for unparalleled sound, Advanced Multimedia UX for AV playback and FM radio,
  • Find music to match your mood with SensMe channels, World’s smallest and lightest Hi-Res audio portable music player

If music is all that is in your mind then this is the best choice for you. This can very easily be said of the alternative to iPods because of it’s built, quality, size, sound, body, memory, display and a lot more. This device has really given a tough competition to the apple product, We all know sony for its sound, again and again. Sony has not let us down. This device is truly amazing. If you want a complete description of this product then visit their page.

This is one of the most beloved walkmans in the market with a 4.3 stars rating on amazon. Here is what people has to say about it,

Sony Walkman Review

This is one of the best in the world right now. If you are an apple fan from quite a long time and looking for a change than this device will give you an amazing experience. I actually prefer this device over apple product simply because of all the features it has to offer at this price range. Truly amazing. Find the link to the product page below,

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I would like to say it one more time that I have not ranked any of the product in any way. I have just shortlisted top five Mp3 players and Ipod based on their features and price. These products are on my wishlist and that’s why I have compiled this short article. If you liked the collection then do share and comment below.

I hope you found it useful. Let me know your views or write a comprehensive review in the comments below once you have bought it 🙂

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