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Today I met a strange woman, she was walking down the road, at the hottest hours of the day (40 degrees to be precise) and asked me for a lift. I gave her a lift and in return, she thanked me so much that she blessed me saying “I wish you have a great day today”.

I guess her wishes worked for me as I actually had a very good day. But I wonder, what would have happened if I haven’t met that stranger.

I think, my day would have been pretty much the same… or not :/.

My day depends on me, right? There are my choices and calibration. In short, I make my day. Or is there something else to it.

This article is all about Superstitious India.

Superstitious India

My Superstitious India

Anyways, talking about superstition practices in India. I must say, they cover a large part of our lives. From the day a baby is born till he dies as an old man, superstitious beliefs follow him everywhere… even disturbing his soul after death.

I am a god-fearing person myself but it really creeps me out when people don’t move forward because a cat crossed their way and according to them it’s a stroke of bad luck.

Frankly speaking, it’s bad luck for the cat who could have been killed accidentally by the vehicle than it is for the people who thinks that way.

Some of these beliefs are sweet, like when your mother gives you a spoon full of tasty curd before your big exam or when you are about to start something new in life. It is believed to bring good luck. In a way it does – If happy thoughts are not a source of a good luck then what is?

But there is a dark side to superstitions as well. There are some rituals practised in India in the name of good luck, which doesn’t sound good at all. Let’s see what are these.

Sacrificing an animal in the name of GOD

Sacrificing Animal in the name of God

Hey people, can someone tell me in which Veda of Hindus or any other genuine religious book is it present to sacrifice an animal for good luck?

Mind it, it should be specifically written to do it again and again.

God never said so.

People do it in every part of the world.

For example– They do it in India during religious ceremonies (no offence to those who do, I’m just saying :p). These type of people in India are very high tempered and possess less IQ, and it is hard to argue them otherwise, they could sacrifice you instead of the animal.

No Oil, Soap, Shampoo or Nail Cutting on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and the list goes on

Let me tell you a secret, I do the opposite of all these things :D.

Besides, it’s bad luck for the soap and shampoo industries if we don’t apply them three days a week.

Also, it’s worst for those who practice it because, hey! it’s summertime and it’s 45 degree Celsius outside, I think you all are smart enough to get it.

Some of the hilariously funny superstitions practised in India

  1. Don’t laugh too much because then you will cry in life in double amount.
  2. My left eye is flickering, wow it’s good luck.
  3. Never go out if you sneezed twice.
  4. Do not comb your hairs at night otherwise, you will be declared as a witch all over.
  5. Give dowry to girl’s in-laws because it is somewhere written in some imaginary book that it is a relevant practice and if you won’t then you will not be proved to be a good father (wtf).
  6. Don’t dress up nicely because you are a widow and it’s again written in some imaginary book that women are not human they are just women.
  7. Don’t eat directly from kadhai even if you are starved to death because if you are unmarried then doing so will result in a big flood at your marriage.

The closer you look, the better to understand.

People make these things for their satisfaction and to prevent a person from being successful in life. So stop following stupid beliefs and start believing in yourself.

Here is an awesome video from my favourite Superwoman aka Lilly Singh enjoy.

If you are following these beliefs which have nothing to do with the reality, then think again. Next time, if you find someone with these beliefs, simply ask them WHY? You will get your answers 😉

These are 3 things to remember if your life sucks. Don’t worry it will stop sucking after you read that article 😀

Thanks for reading 🙂 Be my aficionado.

  • Article By: Priyanka Yadav

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