?Easiest Way – Port Existing WordPress Website to New Domain

If you are a returning user of this website then you will observe that the domain of the website has been changed without affecting anything else. Well, we have recently moved to a new .com (www.bemyaficionado.com) because of endless reasons which I will tell you in another article. It was kind of challenging for me as this was my first time. I have not done anything like this before. For this reason, I had to do a lot of research before making the move. In this article I will share my acquired knowledge and experience during the entire process. This will surely help everyone who is trying to port existing wordpress website to new domain.

This article is for anyone who is porting his wordpress website to a new domain. It is not for someone who is porting a website to a new hosting provider. I have written entirely different article. Find it here – How to port your existing website.


I always like to create a roadmap well ahead before attempting anything which can compromise the entire system. ?I first created this roadmap as a rough note and then reframed it in evernote. ?

  1. Secure ?website data. Backup all the contents of wp-content folder.
    I will leave it up to you how you secure your website content. I use git for that purpose. You can simply make a backup of your website using Duplicator plugin. It is up to you how your back your contents.
  1. Secure database.
    I use mysql database with phpmyadmin. I simply export the database from phpmyadmin console. It exports the entire database in .sql file which I can later import in my new database.
  1. Download latest wordpress from the official website.
    Navigate to www.wordpress.org and download the latest wordpress package in zip file. Extract the file and you will get a wordpress folder.
  1. Replace wp-content folder of latest downloaded wordpress with the backed up wp-cotent folder.
    Now you will have to replace everything which is there in wp-content folder of newly downloaded wordpress folder with everything inside of your backed up wp-content folder. You can directly copy the files to the new wordpress folder.
  1. Upload the latest wordpress folder to the server.
    Once you have replaced the wp-content folder of the wordpress, it is now time to upload this folder to your hosting server. You can use filezilla to do that. I prefer git as it is faster, easier and secure. ?I use cloud hosting to host my website as I like to have full control over each and every part of my website and server. If your website is hosted on shared hosting provider then you must first confirm whether you can host more than one website with it. If you can host multiple websites then create a new folder and upload the wordpress setup in it.

Setting up the database

I’m assuming that you are using mysql database and you have your .sql file. Now, login to your phpmyadmin panel and create a new database with whatever name you want your new website to be. Usually I name database by the name of the website although this is not mandatory and you can use whatever database name you want.

Once you have created the database, it is time to import that .sql file into it. It is really simple, select the database and click import button from the tab. It will take you to a file import view. Use the file select to select the file and upload it. Refer the ?snapshot below.

phpmyadmin sql import

Once you have uploaded the file successfully, you will see the list of all the tables in the left sidebar under the selected database. It is time to change the meta information about your new website from the database. Select wp_options table from the left sidebar, you will see the url of your old website in the first and second row of the table. You just have to replace this url with the new one.

That is all you need to do to port your existing database. You have successfully ported the database of your wordpress website. It is time to setup the new website. See you in the next section.


  • Article By: Varun Shrivastava

  • Varun Shrivastava is an innovative full stack web developer. He is a passionate blogger and loves to write about philosophy, programming, tech and relationships. He works as a Software Developer. This is his den, you can get in touch with him here anytime you want.
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