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Amazon Affiliate Network is one of the biggest and largest affiliate network present in the world.

Amazon Affiliate Network has been there for a long time and knows how to keep their affiliates happy and growing. But, I’m not here to tell you how great Amazon Affiliate Network is (actually I do :p), I’m here to tell you ways in which you can maximize your earnings from Amazon.

This article is going to be your little guide to earning more and leveraging the most that Amazon Affiliate Networks have to offer to its Affiliates.

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Let’s get started…

How Does Amazon Affiliate Marketing Works?

First things first, you must know how Affiliate Marketing actually works and whether you can leverage it to earn money.

How does affiliate marketing works

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for a newbie to start earning money online. It will not take a lot of knowledge on your part before you start earning money. The overall system is pretty simple.

Here are the four steps that make the basis of every affiliate network.

  1. Subscribe as an associate on Amazon’s website.
  2. Generate a unique affiliate tag-id for your store.
  3. Place Amazon’s product on your website with the link to Amazon website with attached referral unique tag-id.
  4. Once the customer purchase product on the Amazon website, customer link is tracked and you are awarded a commission of the sale.

This is all you need to earn money from Amazon affiliate network. To learn how to become Amazon’s associate, click on the following link:

How does affiliate marketing works - schematics

With this knowledge let’s move to the next part which is more exciting. Actually, it is the money earning part of this article 🙂

You Need a Website First

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Ways to Earn Money from Amazon Affiliate Program

I assume you have understood how affiliate marketing actually works.

I also assume that you already have a website and you have signed up for Amazon Associate Program and they have successfully verified your website.

If you’ve not done the above two steps then don’t worry, following are the necessary information to help you out:

Okay, great! You are all set to start earning money from Amazon Affiliate Program.

Earn money in the traditional way

First I will show you how to earn in the traditional way. By the traditional way, I mean to stick Amazon product links on your website, social media and forums.

This is an effective way to earn money from links for a long time. To leverage this technique of earning money, you will have to choose a product which will stay in the market for a long period of time. After all, you are going to put hours of efforts into research and coming up with your reviews for the product. You would want it to stay for some time before it becomes extinct.

# Start by choosing the right product

Choose the right product

Look for a product that gives you average commission and stays in the market for long. For a tech blog like mine, an average commission is anywhere between 2% – 6% on most of the products. You can find the list of all the commission rate from Amazon’s associate portal. Amazon has given a complete table of all products along with their commission rate.

You can always visit the following link to check the latest commission rates on all categories: Amazon Fixed Commission Rate.

Amazon Fixed Commission Chart

Pick the product category from the list that resonates with your website niche and research on it. Prepare a nice review blog on the same and post it on your website.

I usually pick the product from the 4% category of Consumers Electronics.

Reason: I have experimented with different categories and found that Consumer electronics work well for BeMyAficionado. You will also have to experiment with different categories and find out what works best for your website and audience.

How to insert links on your website?

Step #1. Login to Amazon’s associate portal

Amazon Affiliate Login

Enter your credentials with which you signed up

Step #2. Navigate to the Amazon’s website

You will see the Amazon’s Site stripe at the top.

amazon site stripe

Step #3. Search for Amazon Product from the search bar

Amazon Product Search

Search for the products that you want to link on your website. Click on the product and go to the product page.

Step #4. Click on the Text button from the Site Stripe on the product page

This will generate a unique link to your store id. Copy that link and use it on your website.

Amazon generate product affiliate link

There are other options to generate product link. Beside Text button, there is Image button which lets you generate a link with the Product image.

Amazon generate product affiliate link with image

This is by far the safest and easiest way to link Amazon product from your website. It is hassle-free and your links do get tracked. Although you will have to spend some time fetching the product links if you are going to a list type of post.

# Share links on your social media channel

This is a really handy part that I like about Amazon’s Site Stripe feature. It lets’ you directly share product links with your store id on your social channel. It is just a click away. I call this leveraging the power of social media.

Many a time when I’m surfing on the Amazon website, I find products that are suitable for BMAs’ audience. At that time the social sharing comes in very handy. It is just a click of a button away from sharing the product with your target audience.

Amazon share product directly on social media

You just click on the icon and respective sharing dialogue opens up. I’m sure you know the drill 🙂

# Share product links with your friends and family

I’m sure, one or more of your family members are on the WhatsApp or Facebook.

I’m also sure that you have more than 100 contacts on WhatsApp and all of them know you. You can leverage those contacts to sell Amazon products.

Why not create a WhatsApp group with your website’s name and post occasional offers there. Let people join your group and when they click on your link and make a purchase, you earn a commission. Leverage your very own existing network of friends and family.

# Create an Amazon Deal’s and Offers Page

Always be on your toes and wait for the Amazon’s best deals and offers.

But, how can you leverage the most when deals and offers are available?

You cannot wait for the time when deals and offers are available. Usually, deals and offers last for 1 or 2 days and there is no way you can list your Deals and Offers page at that time. You must create a page right away and give Google some time to index it.

Then whenever new deals and offers are available, update your existing deals page with the new products and launches.

This will help you to reach a greater audience and also consistent page content update will help you to rank higher on Google’s SERP.

You can take a look at BMAs’ deals page here.

This page is already indexed by Google and whenever there is Amazon sale, I update the deals and offers on the page and it gains traction 🙂

For this, you must always stay updated. So, how exactly do you mine for offers and deals?

Ways mine offers and deals from Amazon

Amazon Affiliate Network is huge for a reason. They offer you all sorts of service to keep you updated with their deals and offers.

# Regular updates from Amazon via Mail

Once you have signed up as an associate, you will get regular updates about their sales, deals and offers. You could simply follow their links in the email to mine deals and offers. So make sure you read all their emails and keep yourself updated.

Sometimes there are special offers that last only for a few hours. These offers come and go real quick, so if you could take such offers to your audience then you will definitely make a good sale. For that, you will have to be on your toes all the time.

# Connect Amazon on WhatsApp

This is the latest service from Amazon. Instead of you mining the offers and deals, they send those deals and offers straight to your inbox. This saves you a ton of time, also the chances of missing on these offers are less as compared to email updates because you are always on the WhatsApp.

I personally love this service.

The offers and deals are some of the best and it does yield some good money.

Remember, I talked about leveraging your friends and family on WhatsApp, this is exactly what it is. You take the offers from there, attach your store id to the link and send it to your friends and family. They are doing a really good job.

You can subscribe to their service from your Associate Central. They will send you an invite link to join their offers via WhatsApp alerts. Join for WhatsApp alerts and you will get all the offers straight to your inbox.

How to Use Amazon’s Product Advertising API

Amazon Advertising API

This one is for the advanced user. Someone who is a programmer and have worked with APIs before. Amazon offers a complete Product Advertising API, and this API is so powerful that you can create your own little store and fill it with Amazon’s product. I’m sure you wouldn’t wanna do that because it is not recommended by Amazon. But, hey that’s how powerful it actually is.

This article scope is limited to how you can earn money from Amazon, so I’ll stick to that.

So, with advertising API, you can Search for products, create your store link, and when people make a purchase using that link, you earn a commission.

I use Amazon’s Product Advertising API to construct affiliate links by passing in the simple product links that I after mining products from different places. It helps me automate the process of generating links which saves me a lot of time.

# How to Use Amazon Advertising API?

You will have to sign up for Advertising API from Amazon Associate Central. Once you have signed up successfully, you can then simply login to the AWS console to generate a unique token. This token will be used to authenticate your request at the Amazon’s end.

Login to AWS console

Once you have generated a unique token, you will then have the access to the Amazon’s inventory with the help of their Product Advertising API.

With the help of Amazon API you can look for product description, price, images, reviews and much more. Basically, you can build your entire store-front by using Amazon API. In short, you can create another Amazon Store frontend.

However, you will need a developer (like me) to acheive that. Also, I don’t know why would people choose to buy product from your website when they already have a powerful Amazon’s website with a great UX.

How to earn money online with Amazon Affiliate Network Infographic

How to earn money online with Amazon Affiliate Network Infographic. Feel free to embed it on your website or Pin it with pinterest.

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Amazon Affiliate Network is a great starting place for a newbie to earn some quick bucks by referring right product to the right audience. In todays’ world, with speedy online tech, earning money have become a game of business. The more hardwork you do in the right direction, the more you get at the end.

I truly admire Amazon Affiliate Program as it gave me the first hope when I my blog was starting up. The first bucks I earned made me believe that online money making is a real thing. Since then I have come a long way, and now I constantly earn enough to pay off my website and other small expenses.

And most importantly,

You Can Do It Too.

Do share this article with your friends and family. You never know, someone’s life might change with your share. A small idea can change lives.

  • Article By: Varun Shrivastava

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