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I live in Pune. And let me tell you a fact – This is hell. I know many of you won’t be happy after reading that statement but try travelling from Baner to Magarpatta during peak hours and you will know what I mean.

One day while I was travelling through the hell, a thought came to my mind. And that is what I’m going to discuss in this article – I wondered Did Humanity Started Off On The Wrong Foot?

When you are stuck in the traffic under the warm sun, covered with cars emitting heat from their engines, usually you find yourself lost in your own thoughts. A similar thing happened to me. I Just imagined a world where there are no motor-bikes and no city cars.

The thought was so beautiful then I thought of exploring it further.

One Bad Decision

Good people can do bad things, make bad decisions.
Good people can do bad things

The first car was made by Benz in 1885. One bad decision that set the world on the wrong course. All the air pollution, global warming and noise pollution is the consequence of that one bad decision.

Now imagine a world, where there are no motorbikes or cars. But each and everyone has their own horse for travelling inside the city (less than 80KM/day) or bicycle for short distance travel. A horse can run at a maximum speed of 80 Km/hr and average speed of 30 Km/hr which is more than enough to travel inside cities.

A horse does not need concrete roads to walk on, they can walk on soiled land just like us with full efficiency.

Trees All Around

Trees keep our lives going, just like the outer part of our lungs.
Trees keep our lives going, just like the outer part of our lungs.

You would no longer have to cut the trees to make concrete roads, rather you will have greenery all around. These trees would absorb the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and pump oxygen into it. Thus cooling the atmosphere.

There will be food for everyone everywhere. Whenever you get tired, stop beneath a tree, pluck the fruit and eat it right there. If food is free, hunger is out of the picture automatically.

These are some handful of benefits that I talked above. The main benefit would be the change in people’s mind and heart.

Love And Affection All Around

To keep the horse happy and healthy the owner of the horse will have to take care of him. This in-tern increase the humanity quotient of each and every individual. No longer the person can treat a living horse like a product. They will treat them like a friend.

A friend who helps them serve their purpose and ask nothing in return. There will be love and goodness all around.

If only Gasoline was not used to fuel our bikes and cars. Our nature would not have taken the toll. The world was a pretty awesome place back then when there were no motor vehicles burning fuels (releasing harmful gases into the atmosphere) and people use to travel on horse’s back.

More Technological Advancement

wearable technology

If everyone would be using a horse as their means of primary transportation inside cities. Then there would be negligible burning of our fossil fuels. These fuels will then be available for very less.

All this fuel would have been used in scientific exploration. Sending our spaceships into deeper space. There would have been abundance all around.

People would be using it to build the next level technologies like Hyperloop. The world would have been completely different.

In that world, everyone would have the chance to explore beyond themselves. The liberty and freedom to explore beyond your five senses and live in unison with nature itself.

Please let me know your views on the same. I would really love to discuss more on this topic.

  • Article By: Varun Shrivastava

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