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Starting with this interesting topic of travelling, let me first tell you that I love travelling.

Till now, I have travelled most of the tourist places in India covering east, west, north and south.

I have successfully travelled around 7 states and 20 cities.

These cities include the most famous cities of India like Mumbai, Banglore, Delhi and Allahabad.

Banglore Iskon Temple

Travelling taught me some important lessons of my life too, like the time when I got lost in Allahabad’s MahaKumbh at the age of 8 and then again got lost in the midst of grand city Bengaluru’s ISKCON temple at the age of 16. The most fun and interesting part were that I found my way back without anyone’s help and reached my parents safely after half an hour or so.

A lot of memorable incidents happen when I travel and now I am planning to travel the whole world. Travelling is the most adventures and bubbly thing one can ever do in their life.

More you travel the closer you get to look at life.

Travelling includes meeting new people, visiting new places, eating regional cuisine, getting familiar with that place’s culture, art and history. You can even discover a totally new and different side of you. You understand yourself better.

Personally, my favourite part while I travel is food. It excites me the most when I visit the Dhabas on the highway, local food stalls selling tastiest street food, big luxurious restaurants serving regional gourmet cuisine, a bag full of snacks and a cold drink while visiting places and monuments.

In this article, I have shared some tips for you as a foodie traveller to follow whenever you travel and then enjoy most of your travelling without catching food poisoning-

Do not always go for Big Restaurants

If you really want your travelling to be full of fun then try local street food sold at famous stalls of that particular city.

The most delicious food is street food. I am not saying to avoid all the big restaurants but if you haven’t enjoyed the street food, then you haven’t experienced their religion. You will discover some of the most unique tastes which are really good by the way and just let street food give your taste buds a real treat.

My travelling experience suggests you should try these whenever you visit

  • Mathura ki Kachori
  • Maharashtra Misal Pav
  • Mumbai ki Pani puri
  • Bengaluru’s Appam
  • Mysore paak
  • Gujrat’s Fafda and jalebi

  • Amritsar’s Singhada(fried crispy fish)
  • Bihar’s litti chokha

Rajasthan’s Daal baati churma

If you are visiting a religious place like Vaishno Devi or Shirdi then nothing will be as good as the Prasada food served over there. It is delicious and either free or charge is just 10 rupees to 20 rupees for a single person till your tummy gets full. Some of the most famous temple foods are served in-

  • Shirdi
  • Amritsar’s Golden temple
  • Tirupati
  • Dharmasthala
  • Vaishno Devi

Do not forget to keep your digestive pills

You obviously have to visit so many places at once and you want to try every food available but never forget to keep digestive pills and a bottle of soda to digest it all and make a little space every time you want to try new street food.

Always keep some “change”

If you are travelling then don’t just keep the credit card for safety but also keep at least 100 rupees change. I personally suggest you to keep coins and 10 rupee notes as these help you when you want to go “loo” but you don’t have a “change” to use a clean public toilet or bathroom.

Ask the locals and try the famous shops

If you want something special to eat then always ask a couple of locals as a suggestion and visit this city famous shop for local food.

Add variety to your taste buds

Don’t just stick to one restaurant to eat again and again. Try different shacks, cafe or stalls for food, this way you will be able to cover most of the place and decide which one is better.

At last, I would like to advise you all to keep your water bottles filled all the time you travel and drink lots of water. I suggest you buy a hiking bag for this purpose. Hiking bags really makes it easy to carry your weights around. I prefer Wildcraft 50 Ltrs Grey Rucksack mostly because it’s affordable and durable.

Just let me know if you have your experience to share with me. I always love to hear the experiences of people. Or if you want to read about a particular topic that you have in mind, you can suggest me below.

Be Happy Always 🙂

  • Article By: Priyanka Yadav

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