Top 5 Wired Earphones With Mic Under 500 INR [August 2019]13 min read

Recently I lost my JBL C200SI In-Ear Headphones. I really liked those earphones and all of a sudden it was gone (:() So, this time I didn’t want to spend any more bucks on the earphones. I was just looking for a decent earphone with deep bass and mic that would replace the JBL C200SI.

While searching for those I read a few articles and went through half-a-dozen review videos and finally made up my mind to buy Boult Audio BassBuds Loop in-Ear Wired Earphones with Mic and Deep Bass. And I must say… I’m really impressed by the audio quality. The bass is really good.

I would like to state a few things that I really liked about it from the first look.

  • Stylish look
  • Very comfortable in your ears
  • Comes with buds of different sizes
  • Good quality wire
  • Strong magnets (Stronger than JBL)

I went through quite a few earphones in the market and then chose this one. And in this article, I’m just going to share my research with you guys so that you do not have to spend the same amount of time trying to find the best earphones under 500 INR.

Top 5 Earphones Under 500 INR

Okay… I’m not going to make you wait. Here’s the list of the top 5. But if you want to know about the technicalities about these earphones then scroll down. And please do comment if you want to know anything that I missed to put it in there.

If you are in a hurry then go ahead and select any one of the earphones from the list. They all are equally good. But if you want to know more about earphones and what parameters are important before buying an earphone then read this article till the end.

Terminologies I Use To Express Sound Quality

One important thing I want you to understand is the terminologies that I use to describe the quality of sound. When I say Good Quality, what I really mean to say is this:

  • Covers the entire audible range i.e. from 20 Hz – 20 kHz. This range is the spectrum in which humans ears hears the sound.
  • Adequately produce low-frequency sound (BASS). You see there is a different quality of bass. There are many earphones out there which produce high bass sound but the quality doesn’t really match anywhere with what is actually played in the music. So, a good earphone is one that closely reproduces the music in its entirety.
  • Equally produces the high-frequency sound that doesn’t hurt my ears. The high-frequency sound is comparatively easier to produce… but it is much harder to reproduce the same level of sound that was originally played in the music.

When I say Not So Good, what I really mean is this:

  • Doesn’t covers the entire audible range.
  • Disturbs the quality of low-frequency sound (BASS).
  • Different frequencies overlap each other.
  • Too much noise in the high-frequency.

When I say Great Sound Quality, well… don’t bother. There is no way you can find great sound at this price range. That is where BOSE Music comes into play. And they really charge a lot just for producing great music.

Boult Audio BassBuds Loop in-Ear Wired Earphones with Mic and Deep Bass

Good Sound Quality


There is a reason I bought these earphones. And that reason is its sound quality. The first time I heard their sound I knew I want them. The sound quality was really awesome at this price range. Believe it or not, I’ve heard BOSE earphones and its bass quality actually touches that of Bose.

I know it is hard to believe but the bass is extremely good. And if you are someone like me who appreciates good bass more than anything then these earphones do fulfil that requirement.

Its magnets are one of the main reason behind its bass. The magnets are really strong and it is very unlikely that you will find such strong magnets in earphones. And as a result, the volume on this gear is really high. High enough to cause temporary damage to your ears on full volume.

There is a unique touch to these earphones. Apart from sound quality, these earphones stand out with its built quality as well.

Built Quality Is Par

I wouldn’t say that these are the best, but looking at the price range (plus, 150 amazon cashback) it gives good value for money.

The cable quality is good. You can totally rely on these cables. They will easily go for a year (unless you cut it with a scissor). It looks costly. I don’t know if you care so much about the look that way but it is a plus. It would definitely make you look good in public.

Supreme Quality

Ergonomic Design

These are extremely comfortable to wear. The angles ear tips do fit well. The little curve at the end fits perfectly with your ear slopes and kinda’ sticks there.

And because of such a fit, you can do jogging, running, cycling etc wearing those.

I think Boult made them accidentally. Because at this price range these are really cheap.


5W Speaker + Inbuilt Subwoofer

As I already mentioned above, the magnets on this thing are really powerful. I have not seen such powerful magnets in an earphone before.

And with that power, it beats really hard. It gives such good bass, you will definitely go to some other world.

The Bass quality is really close to my Custom made stereos and that is built with two 10′ Woofers.

Powerful Magnets

Go buy it right now!

boAt BassHeads 100 in-Ear Headphones with Mic (Black)

These earphones have good sound quality and bass. Not as good as Boult but still pretty good at this price range. I want to iterate a few things before you set your mind to buy this.


To be pretty straight forward, it is not very reliable. It can break in 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years. Really depends on the way you carry it around. But if you are a good keeper than that will be no problem.

Also, the company offers good service, so if something happens and you are under warranty, the company will take care of everything. You will just have to register on their portal. They will pick the broken product from your address, repair/replace within 2-3 weeks. And deliver it back to your address.

So, if you are not a good keeper of your gadgets (like me) then you wouldn’t want to buy it in the first place.


The mic is good but the placement of the mic is not so much. The mic is placed at the junction of the cable. So at times when you are outside then it could create some unwanted noise in between. Also, your voice could not reach clearly to the other end.

If you are using mics inside your home then it will not be a problem. So if you are an outdoor talker then go with the Boult earphones otherwise you are good to go with this one.

Looks and Styles

It has a good design and thus adds to your overall styles. This does look good on everyone. Not only that… it also comes in a variety of colours. You can choose one based on yo ur likeability.

The fit is pretty comfortable. You can go long-wearing it.

Cable length is adequate. These cables are smooth and the best thing is that it doesn’t form knots. It won’t tangle and saves you a lot of un-tangling time (:p)

Sound Quality

The sound quality is good at this price range. If you like to hear the bass and enjoy the vibrations that fill your skin with joy then go for it. It definitely knows how to produce good quality bass.

If you are expecting good bass then this will satisfy that requirement. But do not ask for more. At this price range, they have done a good job.

PTron Boom 2 Headphone 4D Deep Bass Stereo Earphone Dual Driver Sport Wired Headset with Mic

This earphone is absolutely adequate for its purpose.

It delivers good sound quality across the spectrum. Really good for your eardrums (:D)

The good think about this piece is it is tilted in 45-degree angles. And that makes it really comfortable to wear. Plus it has good looks. They have worked hard to put the style, quality and art in this one.


The mic is placed inline and does always stays close to your mouth. The range is pretty good for your daily tasks. Like talking in the wind or outside. I had no problem with the mic and its sound quality. It serves the purpose of mic gracefully.

PTron Boom 2 4D

The range on this thing is really high and therefore covers sound from all over the place. So, if some appliance is running in your kitchen and you are sitting in your living room, the person on the other side will be able to figure out which appliance is running.

Taking everything into account, it comes with a decent microphone.

Good Connectivity

You must be wondering what is meant by good connectivity, after all it is wired. You just plug it in and it works.

Well… I don’t know if you have faced something like: “It works fine when I connect it to my PC but doesn’t work with my smartphone”. If you have not faced this situation then you have been lucky. But this problem is pretty common.

Sometimes, the connector connects well with your pc because usually PC’s have more area of connectivity and the connector gets in completely. But the same is not the case with your smartphones. Smartphones are usually small and have awkward shapes at the edge. This sometimes makes it hard for the connector to connect with it completely or fully.

That is well good conducting connectors comes into play. This one says it comes with Gold Plated connector which provides better connectivity with all your devices. Taking that into account, they have really managed to create a good piece at this price range.

I suggest you buy it.

Blaupunkt EM01 in-Ear Wired Earphone with Mic and Deep Bass HD Sound Mobile Headset with Noise Cancellation and with customised Extra Ear gels

I and Blaupunkt go back to the year 2000. This is the first time I heard them in the car. The first thing that attracted me towards it was its looks. The stylish Blaupunkt name at the centre with a blue leading circle got my attention.

They look really stylish and fit perfectly. And now this German company has come into the Indian earphones market. I didn’t really know what they are selling these earphones as well otherwise I would have gone for these.

I still suggest this to my friends so that I can get hands-on experience with these. But on the Amazon website, it is looking good. The reviews from the people are really good. More than 60% gave it 5 stars… so I think they really liked the quality.

I’m really not eligible to talk about the quality of this product because I have not heard it myself. But I have heard other speakers built by Blaupunkt and they are really good. And the company has a good reputation in the market. It first started back in 1924 and since then it has made its mark in the technology industry.

Let me know if you buy it. I’m eager to hear from you on this one.

PTron HBE9 Headphone Stereo In-Ear Earphone Wired Headset with Mic

Again, I have not heard these first-hand. But based on the research and reviews this looks pretty good at this price range.

Overall, it has a 50% success rate in the Indian Amazon community and people are liking it.

Below are the specifications from Amazon’s website:

  • Driver Type: 10mm
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Speaker Impedance: 16ohm+/-15%@1000Hz 1mW
  • Speaker Sensitivity: 98±3dB/[email protected] 1mW
  • Distortion Rate: 5% At 1kHz
  • Mic Sensitivity: -43±[email protected] 2.2KΩ
  • Cable: 1.2m
  • Connector: Universal 3.5mm pin

Please let me know your views on this one as well. These are cheap but it does hold good reviews on the website.


All the earphones that I have talked about in this article hold an equal position with slight favour for the Boult Audio BassBuds Loop in-Ear Wired Earphones. And that is the reason I bought them.

Although, I have heard the other two and they are also pretty good competitors. The sound quality is adequate at this price range. And I think you can depend on me and get one for yourself from the list unless you are looking to spend more bucks on the earphone.

For higher price range there is an entirely different market for these. I’m planning to come up with another article that will cover the earphones of a higher range.

  • Article By: Varun Shrivastava

  • Varun Shrivastava is an innovative Full Stack Developer at ThoughtWorks with around 4 years of experience in building enterprise software systems in finance and retail domain. Experienced in design, development, and deployment of scalable software. He is a passionate blogger and loves to write about philosophy, programming, tech and relationships. This is his space, you can get in touch with him here anytime you want.
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