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If you are working in some organization or for someone, chances are you’re might be asking yourself this question – “is it worth your efforts?”. The size of your company doesn’t matter, neither does money. Recently, I came across individuals who have handsome pay but still, they seems to be unhappy. I could see the reason for their unhappiness. It’s just the lack of time. They are so heavily being consumed in their work that they don’t realise it is taking away their life from them. But is there a way out of it. Of Course, there is a way out, but do you have that courage to walk the path.


Is Time Management solution of all problems

Time Management

Let’s try to break down things in a way such that we can make each segment filled with meaning. As we all know, an average person needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Keeping this as a fact we must give sufficient time to sleep. Let’s subtract this time from our daily bank (24-8=16). If you are an IT professional and working in some MNC, so we can assume that at least 9 hours of your remaining time will be spent there. Now, we are left with (16-9=7) hours. Oh, I forgot to add the travel time for reaching office and coming back home, keeping in mind the on road traffic which may differ from person to person. It takes me approx. 40 minutes to reach my workplace (if traffic conditions are good) and 30 minutes to come back home. Summing it up, it takes minimum 70 minutes in transport (minimum). Let’s make it 60 minutes to round it off, so we are left with (7-1=6) hours. We spend some time in our breakfast. If we have to cook breakfast for us then it takes more time. Looking around I can see people hire a cook for this task. On an average, they take 2 hours for breakfast and other housekeeping stuff. Then for the dinner, it takes approx 40 minutes. Again to round it off, let us assume it takes 2:30 hours for our breakfast and dinner and other house keeping stuff. We are left with (6-2.5=3.5) hours.

Cool, we have 3.5 hours for ourselves. But wait, we almost forgot that we also spend some time preparing for the day after. Like managing our clothes, micro works that come up, call from your mum, if you have a girlfriend then god bless. It takes one more hour from our time bank. Great, we are left with 2.5 hours for ourselves. How are you going to make this time worth for you? If you opt for a side work like I do, then it’s a totally different story. But, it’s not the same with all of us, so how can we make this time worth.

Priority System

Priority management chart

Time management diagram with arrows for importance and urgency things to do

The only way you can make this time worth is by prioritizing the most important things in your life. In this way, you will know the things needed to be done. A lot can happen in 2.5 hours if practised daily and passionately. Your priority might be to work on your physique or to try your luck in cooking. Whatever it is, don’t give this time to anyone. This is your time. Spend it in achieving your ultimate goal. If you will practice this everyday with discipline you will put yourself in auto gear for attracting the things you want in life.

If you find happiness after doing things of your choice but you feel cramped up and need more time for it (which you will feel at some point). Then I think it’s time to make a shift. You need to cut the extra time that you are spending on things less important and more time for things which are worth and will take you towards your ultimate goal. Be a minimalist and look for opportunities to make the most of it.


Whatever you do, do it in a way which will take you one step closer to your ultimate goal. Never let your job or any other thing prevent you from achieving things which you are meant to achieve. If you think your job is sucking your soul then it is time to start looking for a new one. If you are not happy, then you are doing things the wrong way. Just remember, it’s your time to shine. Don’t let someone else take it away from you.

If you are a geek or novelist then you might have already read The 4 hour work week. If by anychance you have not then go through the book. It speaks the truth.

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