Thoughts and Reality – Do Thoughts Make Your Reality?2 min read

Do thoughts make your reality?

This topic is highly discussed and practised all around the world but does it really work? I have seen so many questions in quora asking the same question. Does your thoughts make?your reality? Well, I have also tried this thing many times in all forms and learned one important thing that I will share in this article.

Thoughts & Reality

positive thougths

Above statement is only partially correct. There is nothing wrong to think that thoughts create your reality but it doesn’t work in the way you think it does. If you study the reality more closely, you will be surprised to find that whatever you experience is simply a manifestation of your thoughts when accompanied with your actions. We need motivation behind everything that we do. Our thoughts is our motivation. It takes constant efforts to realise our goals and in the midst of this journey there are times when we loose our confidence and focus. This is the time when we must stay positive and recursively say to ourselves that “I can do it”. Thoughts invoke actions, Actions which are necessary to realise our dreams and that’s how thoughts manifest our reality.?

Thought creates a virtual reality in our mind as we motivate ourselves by thinking positive. Everyone of us wants a car, a bungalow, lots of luxury, etc… and thinking about it gives us motivation to keep working. But we should be very careful not to get lost in our thoughts. We must not stay in virtual reality which dissipates as soon as we open our eyes. We must dream, set goals and then perform actions in the right direction to realise those goals. It is then you will truly reach your goals.

Thoughts and Reality

All and all it does come to your actions through which you can transform your life in whatever ways you want. Actions are your tools with the help of which you can create your own world. Thoughts simply provide you with the strengths that you need to keep working every second. Without your actions, you will move nowhere. And without your thoughts, you won’t be able to stand the ground. So, to conclude, thoughts and actions are the main pillars for your success and creating a life that you want. ?

If you are determined enough to change the world, you will.
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Always think positive and take actions.
cheers 🙂

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