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You have been told your entire life to get a college degree, get a decent job, earn money, pay bills, buy home, settle down? Well, this is the story majority of us have lived or are still living. You fail to see the system around you, the system that forces you to walk the same path. The system that doesn’t want you to think infinitely. It’s time to break the laws my friend and free yourself from these Soul-Sucking Jobs

This article is for everyone out there who are working under some company or organization 50 hours a week, away from their family. Taking bus in the morning just to reach office to sit in a 4X4 cubicle. In all this chaos, if you will observe yourself closely then you will find the reasons why you should not be doing this. This article is for people who are not happy with their jobs and searching for the reason or people to tell them that you should QUIT!

#1 You are being told to do something which you don’t want

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This is the problem related to majority of people working in the IT sector especially. The happy few are really the ones who have find their dream job. And they are very few. So, if you are not working in your dream company or you are working in the wrong direction then it is a signal that you should immediately change your company.

It is very easy to say than doing it because as usual we are under loads of liabilities and taking such a bold decision needs guts and self-confidence. It only takes a second to take a decision which can change your life. If you search the internet for all the successful people vs unsuccessful people you will find this contrast. Successful people come to a decision in a blink of an eye which has resulted as a complete life changing decision for them. Perhaps the most controversial aspect of the IBM PC is how Microsoft ended up with the contract for the operating system, which would eventually make Microsoft’s MS-DOS the standard and set the stage for Microsoft becoming the leading PC software company. If you know how this deal took place, you will see that Bill Gates closed the deal by taking a decision which would have destroyed his whole life if would have gone otherwise .

#2 You have bigger dreams than your company itself

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After interviewing people in my circle, I found this another reason why people were unhappy with their job. These people do not fit because they have big dreams and are not allowed to share their ideas. Their ideas do not get the platform and thus comes out in the form of frustration. You need to understand that there are people who are eager to find people who have ideas, it’s just that you need to find them. The only way you can find them is by getting out and finding your own way. You will never find people standing at a single place, you got to reach out there to live your dreams. You need to find a way to communicate with such people.

This is really a very difficult situation. Gradually you begin to loose you mind’s creativity and your mind just become a piece of waste muscle in your body. You loose your imagination and starts to turn out into a machine with no unique skill. A machine which is being paid to do a particular work. This type of job is sucking your soul every day and what you should do right away is QUIT! If you feel sick just by the thought of going to the office the other day, I think it’s time to quit.

#3 Your life has become too stagnant

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A very common cause why people hate their jobs. If you someone who has an innovative mind and the one who likes to do new things everyday, meet new people then you are probably the one who will hate your job because it is too consistent. It is so much consistent that you can very well predict your future because you know nothing much is going to change. Well, this type of lifestyle will definitely kill your creativity and send you to a state of depression. You will start to loose your charisma and slowly you will turn into a machine which only do work and more work.

If your life is going in the same direction then make sure you start looking for some job which will make sure that you stay alive as a person and understand your needs. If you are financially stable then start a business. People like you excel’s the business with their innovative mindset. You have the power to stay with the changing trend because that’s what you love – INCONSISTENCY.


The corporate world is very systematically designed to suck the soul out of every individual. They train you to follow their rules for their benefits and in return they give you a handful for which you readily agree to give away your entire life just to fill their stomach. What kind of service is that where you give your soul for money. If you are financially stable then you should look forward to starting your own job or offer your services as a freelancer. That way you will work on your time and on your own rules. ?So, follow your heart and give two weeks notice and keep on searching because your life’s purpose is out there someone and you need to find it. Things will find it’s way to align properly. You are the master of your own self.

You should not trade your life for money rather money for your life 🙂

I’m sure you will have a lot to share, please share your experience with me below?

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  • Article By: Varun Shrivastava

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