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This article is for everyone who is new to the world of blogging or internet. Well, In short, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process through which search engines like google sees your website and index them. SEO plays an important role in listing your website on the front of google search page. If you master this skill then you will no longer need social websites to bring traffic to your website or blog. You will get organic traffic through google and that’s the best way to bring your visitors to the website. The better you are ranked on google search list, more visitors you will get.

SEO – Tips for Beginners

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Few things that must not be overlooked, you must always concentrate first on creating good content. Google bots are smart enough to tell whether the content is useful or not. This is the very first and the most essentials step that you should keep in mind while writing your blog or while you create your webpage. It should be for the humans and not for the search engine bots. Invest all time in creating a content that is useful for the people. Now, few SEO tips that you can follow to make you blog stand out.

  • Limit Title to 160 Chars


    Make sure your blog title is less than 160 chars. Because that is the default length which is going to show up when your page is listed in a google So, make sure you are in the range and also spend quite some time to come up with a catchy title. After all, humans are going to read and it should attract them to your blog or website. For more info on meta description follow this link, Meta Description Tag

    NOTE:?Google uses meta descriptions to return results when searchers use advanced search operators to match meta tag content, as well as to pull preview snippets on search result pages, but it’s important to note that meta descriptions do not to influence Google’s ranking algorithms for normal web search.

  • Provide the description for your?Webpage

    <meta name="description" content="Here is a description of the applicable page">

    Meta description plays a vital role when it comes to SEO. Make sure your description contains the summary of your article or page. Google pays attention to the description of the page and it gives you more control over your article. Do not try to fool bots by the false description in order to get traffic. Just make sure your description is a summary of your article. It should be authentic.

  • Insert Images | Make it Visually Attractive

    Make sure you have images on your page with the alt attribute. Alt is an alternative name for the image. If the google could not understand the meaning of the name it reverts to the alternate name for the image. The images should be very well optimised in all aspects, especially size. Reduce the size of the image to make it load faster. Try to use the exact dimensions if possible. If your image is going to be displayed in 400×400 then there is no use to download an HD 2048×2048 image, this will indefinitely increase the load time of a website. And as per the research, an average person waits 3-4 seconds on a page. If possible, then use lazy load for images. So, make sure your alt attribute defines the picture you have on your website. Check out this article ?Travelling Tips for a Foodie

  • Try to Reach a Minimum Threshold

    Your page should contain more than 300 words. Though it is not a must condition but an above 300 words articles has more chance of listing then a less one. Again, it is not mandatory but a good practice, so if you can get it more than 300, DO IT!

  • Insert Valuable Links

    There are mainly two types of links-
    – Internal Links
    – External Links

    Internal Links -?Search engines are very keen on internal links to make their jobs easier. Search spiders go through your content and search for connected links to insert into their database of indices. This helps search bots to index your website into their database and to understand the semantic relationship between two or more links.Hundreds of thousands of sites make the critical mistake of hiding or burying their main link navigation in ways that search engines cannot access. This hinders their ability to get pages listed in the search engine’s indices. For more information on internal links follow the link, Internal Links – Best SEO Practices

    Internal Links

    External Links – Your article or page must contain links to the useful source. Outward links are helpful, essentially if you are linking your article to some reputed website such as Wikipedia, then google sees that and ranks your page higher. Google first made its mark by introducing the Stanford community to PageRank (an algorithm developed by Google co-founder Larry Page). This algorithm counted hyperlinks as votes for popularity. The pages that had the most links pointing at them were considered the most popular. When they were deemed relevant for a particular query, the most popular and relevant pages would become the first pages listed in Google’s results. Although this algorithm is much more complex today, it still likely includes the notion of external links as votes.?So, make sure you give reference to other sites and pages outside your website and in turn get them to point at yours. This way you increase your reputation and google will rank you higher. For more info follow the link, External Links – Best SEO Practices

  • Provide Focus Keywords

    Do not forget to mention the focus words for your article. Focus words are simply the keywords that you want to relate your page too. You would want to choose high-frequency keywords because that’s what people search frequently. You can take help from Google AdWords for high-frequency search words. Also, make sure that the focus words are used in most of the places in your content. Suppose you choose focus word as SEO then SEO should be used at multiple times in your description. This increases the chances that your article will be marked high by the search bots.


These are a few SEO tips which you can start implementing in your articles and web pages today. You do not need to be expert to follow these simple tips. Just make sure that you follow this guideline while crafting your article and you will surely see the difference. SEO is very important if you are looking to earn from your visitors because SEO is the best way to drive organic or natural traffic to your website or webpage. Pay extra attention with the visibility of your webpage for the visitors. After all, you are writing for the people and if they didn’t see it then there’s not much point to it all.

Change your focus from making money to serving more people. Serving more people makes the money come in.
Tweet: Change your focus from making money to serving more people. Serving more people makes the money come in.

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