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What is Android Malware?

Android malwares are software program built to corrupt other programs

Android malware is malicious software that is developed to attack android smartphone systems. The Android platform is targeted more often than other mobile platforms due to the reason that it has many smartphone users.

When a device is infected, it requires Android Malware Removal Tool to take care of the situation.

Today, malware is developed in the sophisticated form to perform automatic transactions or communications without the device holder’s knowledge. From the expert’s point of view, it is safe to work on the latest Android software to avoid the threats from Android malware and viruses.

What Can Android Malware Do to your Phone?

Hackers create Android malware with the sole purpose of generating illegal revenue.

Some of the things that android Malware do are:

  • stealing user’s sensitive data
  • sending out SMS to text services that work on premium rates
  • install adware that takes the user to view unsolicited web pages or download apps.

Besides this, info stealers may target in robbing the contact list, personal details, location, passwords, etc.

All such details are harvested by infecting malware and is sold on the dark web.

Online criminals also encrypt personal data, lock the device, and urge the users with pop up messages to pay the ransom to get back their access.

On the contrary, paying up the demanded sum doesn’t guarantee the user of regaining the complete access. The cybercriminal may choose to wipe off the data on the device after taking the money. Basically, it is advisable to perform an Android malware removal instead of subduing to the hacker’s orders.

Signs of Android Malware Infection

Android platform is the most targeted one. Besides, smartphones, tablets also run on this platform.

Android malware is hard to detect, the damage caused is internal and so, it could be hiding in plain sight.

Basically, the need for developing Android malware is to cause damage or steal vital information. The malware comprises of virus, worms, Trojans, ransomware, and spyware. Sometimes the malicious software is developed to run repeated tasks that exhaust a lot of resources on the phone.

Not many of us are well-versed with the signs of android malware infection. Here is a list that will give you the heads up to react without any delay:

  • The phone is too slow
  • Loading time of the apps are ever-extended
  • Battery drains a lot quicker than usual
  • Unsolicited pop-up ads keep reoccurring and it’s hard to get rid of them
  • Apps that you don’t remember downloading➢ Data vanishes quickly and unrealistic phone bills

As for any user, it is vital to understand these clues to steer clear from android malware dangers. When the infection is certain, go for an android malware removal immediately. A delay can cause data leak or other complexities.

How to Check for Malware on Android Device

Malware Detection Techniques

Be sure to run the antivirus scan periodically to find out if something has got into your system. This is a must and cannot be omitted for any reason.

It is important to choose the right virus protection product that’s available for your device. Not all antivirus solutions are competent enough, it is for you to make your choices right.

To stay out of the confusion, do research in depth on the products that interest you, even though it may be a time-consuming process, never-mind, remember its worth the effort!

On the contrary, if you choose an incompetent solution to defend your device, then there are chances of it overseeing the vulnerabilities. All it can do is offer a sense of security but it is likely to fail miserably when it comes to providing protection.

Having Comodo Android Antivirus on your device saves you from all sorts of online threats. Virus protection software performs a thorough scan and brings to notice of the problem causing apps that drain the battery, allow pop-up ads, and leak sensitive data. Try Comodo mobile security antivirus software and protect your device from all online dangers.

Methods to Remove Android Malware

Comodo Mobile Security App

Android malware might sneak into your device and prove to be fatal.

Here are a few useful tips to take control of the situation.

Your first approach will be to turn off the phone and restart in safe mode. Some of the smartphones support this feature today, so have it restarted without second thoughts.

Next, find out the app that’s causing problems, probably the last one you installed on your device, have it uninstalled. Then proceed to look for other apps you think may be infected. There is a whole lot of possibilities for some apps to have been infected by malware – in other words, delete them immediately.

Install a robust virus protection program on your phone like Comodo Android Antivirus.


I hope this article helped you to understand about Android Malware and how to eradicate it completely from your device.

Just remember, safety is personal and should be taken seriously.

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