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India is the largest democracy on face of the earth. It is spending lots of money to educate its citizens. Once the education is complete, educated people look for the opportunities abroad. What do you think is going on here? If you are an IT professional then you will relate to this article better. There is ever increasing number of professionals migrating to foreign countries. The biggest player in attracting most of the highly trained professionals is US. It’s another problem from which our country is suffering from and the sole responsible for this situation is our country itself. Let me answer Why Indians Migrate?to the US?

US is advance in many things that India would take time to reach there. It has better living conditions, better opportunities in terms of career, less poverty, open culture, and a-lot more that India doesn’t have it today. People say India is still evolving, which is true but my question is how long will it take? How much more time does India need to provide its citizens with all the opportunities that they deserve? When asked they give excuses that America has been independent for a long time, America has passed this phase a long time back. Okay let’s say that they have been through this phase before but then why not learn from them instead. Why can’t we learn from someone who has been through this phase and made the mistakes already. Do we really have to make the same mistakes that they did? Is that what we call evolution. Well, I don’t think so?

Geographic factors

bird in indian wild

If we look India from a geographic point of view then we see that India has access to a lot more resources than any other country in this world. We have seven major rivers which makes the river system of India. But, all we do is pollute these rivers which are full of life. Rivers that once gave life to many other villages is asking for life from others. River Yamuna is so much polluted that?A study published in the International Journal of Engineering Sciences and Research Technology concluded that even the expensive water treatment plants were incapable of treating the polluted water, and that the water was unfit for any purpose.

This is what we do, we kill the nature and then cry over it. This is not what India was suppose to be in the first place.

Financial Factors

Indian currency and globe

Indian Currency & Globe

If we look India from a financial point of view we see that India was once known as the Golden Bird. The country made of gold. The country which is the richest in terms of everything. We had the most fertile land. But, today The World Bank estimates that India is one of the highest ranking countries in the world for the number of children suffering from malnutrition. The prevalence of underweight children in India is among the highest in the world, and is nearly double that of Sub Saharan Africa with dire consequences for mobility, mortality, productivity and economic growth. ?Somewhere something went miserably wrong. We made a huge mistake down the line. And it is not difficult to find the hole in the system and where India lacks in giving the opportunity and food to people of India. If we would have respected our motherland, then we would have be ruling the world. But as I said, Something went miserably wrong.

Cultural Factors


If we look India from a cultural point of view we see that India is an amalgamation of different cultures. We say this to everyone proudly that our culture is diverse. But is it really a positive aspect? Because I don’t think so? India is separated from within. I have traveled to different states in India. It is actually true that people have different culture but also different views. I’m not saying that having different culture is bad or it is a bane. But having different views that comes with each culture is definitely a big point of concern. We have seen and still seeing that how these corrupt politicians easily disrupts the unity of people in India and its just because of the different views each and every person has. And the fact that the diverse culture of India became the reason and a weak spot through which Englishmen came to India. This is the reason why their policy Divide and Rule worked effectively. This is still happening and the fun thing is we all are aware of it but choose to stay silent.

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Final Thoughts

There are tons of other things which forces people from India to migrate. They migrate because they cannot take it. People say they are coward and that if they have problem they should stand and make a change. For all those people, if you have a family and your passion is to do something for the community then certainly fighting for your rights is not the kind of thing they would waste time with. You must give them opportunity to change your nation instead of expecting them to take a stand and change it. If India can provide opportunity to these smart people then definitely migration will reduce and India will change.

People want to do something. They have come here to contribute, to share, to fulfill their ultimate goal. But, they are being stopped and constantly being criticized and that’s where other nations especially US comes in and take it. I’m sure if they will be given opportunities here in India to make a change, they will indeed bring a change to this nation.

I started seeing a silver lining from the day Modi ji came into power. This is the kind of initiative we need and soon enough there will be India all over.

Note: This article does not support any party or views or is involved in any kind of politics. It’s simply my view?that I wanted to share with you all.

Please do let me know how can we make a better India and stop brain drain. You views weights a lot for me.

  • Article By: Varun Shrivastava

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