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Two people were having a general chat,
1st person– Hey! Have you checked this awesome Grammarly app which helps you write better English? It’s a trending app nowadays.
2nd person – Chhod Na yaar, Have you seen the latest episode of Sasural Simar Ka? In the last episode, Simar’s husband’s brother’s second wife who actually incarnated after being killed from the Iccha Dhari Nagin has turned herself into a witch and reunited with Simar’s grandmother-in-law (who looks like a 35-year-old lady, BTW) who actually made herself disappear with the help of black magic.
1st personstabbed himself :p (Indian Daily Soaps Bullshit)

Sasural Simar Ka Chutiyapa Duniya Bhar ka

Daily Soaps Bullshit

You all are familiar with this kind of crap, Right? Every evening your mother, or sister, or any other ?person switches on the TV just to watch these type of Saas bahu shows. Actually, I was surprised to see how much they enjoyed it because my logical mind never understood it. Daily Soaps in India are focused only on the Indian housewives and they try to get their attention by showing things in utter nuisance. The majority of the channels in the Indian Television is pathetic. Even the kids channel in India has lost its charm. It has all gone bad recently, I remember my childhood when I used to watch cartoon series like Bey-blade, Pokemon, Digimon, Tom-n-Jerry, Johnny Bravo etc ? as compared to today’s Chota Bheem. I mean where and how did they lost the track. My dislike for TV serials is recent, there was a time when classic Indian serials were aired like Sara Bhai VS Sara Bhai, Office-Office, Tu Tu Mai Mai and more. Somewhere down the line, something has horribly gone wrong. In this article, I will try to create a picture of our present Indian Daily Soaps to which I would like to call Indian Daily Soaps Ka Chutiyapa (an utter nuisance).

With the increasing popularity of foreign shows in India, I thought the picture might get better but I couldn’t get much wrong because the targeted audience is so loyal for anything that will be put in front of them. As you all know and most of you will agree that Indian soaps get way too much time than it is required by them. I mean they get 150-160 hours a week and that’s where the things get wrong and the crap filling takes place. Some of the things I would like to point out that are unbearable-

  1. They are eager to get the most profit from one shot or I would say PAISA WASOOL shot so they keep shooting these long and irritating scenes.
  2. What is wrong with the background music? I can never find the need to put so much music in the background only to cover up the bad acting performed by the actors. They put so loud music in the background that I personally bought a pair of ear plugs so that I can concentrate on studies and stuff. And the music continues even when the actors are delivering dialogues. Let me show you an example of how time-consuming and idiotic these shows are-
  3. The system of “Seasons” is absent here. A TV serial will go on every week for years to come until the TRPs are below par after which it’ll be replaced by another.
  4. They will never depict anything of value. You will never learn anything of value that you can use in your daily life. They will only show utter nuisance just to get the housewives hooked up to their television sets. At the end of the day, you will find that you have wasted more than 2 hours of your life.
  5. No Storyline whatsoever :/

As a whole, everything about these daily soaps is unbearable.

Making of the Crap

About sixteen years ago, a very famous production house started making daily soaps which were related to family issues. There were two of the shows-

  1. Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi
  2. Kahani Ghar Ghar ki

These two shows are the very starting for what all of us are bearing today. Although even the makers of these show wouldn’t have thought, what a big change they are bringing to Indian television. These shows were made with a purpose. The makers wanted to make a show which made a?connection between television and daily viewers. A big percentage of these viewers were Indian housewives, who spent 90% of their lives at home. With the dawn of such shows, their boredom actually came to an end. For some years, both the shows did a great work and all the things were on the way. But after 5-6 years of continuity and revolution in the Indian television with new TV channels gave viewers other options for entertainment. ?New TV channels introduced more daily soaps. One thing which is to be considered over here is that you cannot make 1000 of shows just related to family issues. Yet Indian television made it possible when it started making shows, most of those story lines were as follows-

    1. A beautiful girl with lots of dreams but no proper degree meets a boy who is either her college mate or a neighbour.
    2. Then either she gets attracted towards him or he gets attracted towards her or no one is attracted to anyone.
    3. After hundred episodes of their love story including vamps and stupid villains, and the villains are portrayed in such a way as if they have no life or work other than planning and plotting stupid strategies against the hero/heroin, ?still they finally get married.
    4. But it’s not over yet, after marriage it is discovered that the villain has taken place of the hero inside the mandap (in a ceremony where there are thousands of people but no one even for a second or the bride herself cares to have a look at groom’s face) and this shit takes another 500 episodes of the show.
    5. Now there is no happy ending but a very irritating climax which makes the viewers mad but they still watch(because they too have nothing good to do in their life other than watching a senseless soap).Then comes a twist when husband and wife themselves start fighting with each other and one of the partners dies.?But the partner is not totally dead, he/she is incarnated even if it’s a high jump from mount Everest and then with the help of ?high technology of plastic surgery they come back and then the story goes on for another 200 episodes.

??I think it’s not the fault of those who make these type of shows but it’s the viewers.

The day, housewives of India will start watching discovery channel or fox traveller shows that day itself will be an end to all the stupid crap on Indian television which is no knowledge other than filling our mind with negative thoughts. I think it’s a very serious issue in India that these shows must be banned, they support things like domestic violence, brainwash and a whole lot of negativeness.

There are some shows which I personally recommend to all you viewers. You can start watching these shows in order to free yourself from the addiction of Saas bahu daily soaps. The shows I am going to recommend are viewer friendly, without any offensive languages used, will definitely make you laugh, make all your tensions that you bare from the real world will be vanished watching them. The list is as follows-

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma

    • Taarak Mehta ka Ulta Chasma
    • Bhabhi ji Ghar par Hain
    • May I come in Madam, Do not stick to these shows for long too.

Now this is the list of those shows which could be very harmful for your health, please avoid watching them or else you will end up being a very unproductive person (you know how India’s GDP depends on its people right?). The horrible shows are-

Twist Sasural Simar Ka

  1. Sasural Simar ka (Chutiyapa Ghar Bhar Ka)
  2. Saath Nibhana Saathiya
  3. Mere Angne me
  4. Udaan
  5. Kumkum Bhagya

You know the rest better than me.?


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