HACK-Free 1 year Amazon Prime Membership

Quickly grab the opportunity for free Amazon Prime Membership for complete 1 year. Just follow the steps below and get your free Prime Membership now.

Steps to avail free prime membership

  1. Open Amazon App
  2. Search for Amazon Prime Membership
  3. Click on Join Prime Today link that comes up.
  4. Click login to Join Prime Button.
  5. Register for prime.
  6. Click check out.
  7. Select Netbanking as a payment option
  8. Select HDFC bank
  9. Continue – This will take you to HDFC payment gateway.
  10. Type 123456789 as user id
  11. Click login
  12. The transaction will fail immediately.
  13. Now press back button to reach your app.
  14. Congrats you have availed Amazon Prime Membership


Follow above steps and avail your prime membership today for free. This is not going to last for long so hurry up.

Do not forget to post your Prime screenshot in the comments area. Here’s the code for that:

<img src"your_image_url" />

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  • Article By: Varun Shrivastava

  • Varun Shrivastava is an innovative full stack web developer. He is a passionate blogger and loves to write about philosophy, programming, tech and relationships. He works as a Software Developer. This is his den, you can get in touch with him here anytime you want.

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  • dinesh kumar

    Hi Varun, Ur technique worked.. The logo in the app changed to prime but prime video is not working.. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling prime video app then also it is not working.. could u pls help me out ?

    • Hey Dinesh,
      I have received multiple queries in the past regarding similar issue. I think Amazon is in the process of fixing this bug or has already fixed it.

      On the contrary, I would recommend you to purchase 1 year Amazon Prime Membership as it is very affordable (only 500 INR for 1 year) and offers great content + free & fast deliveries.

  • Armaan Khan

    not working sir? what to do?
    when i tried to watch video on prime it sends me to payment page, and that says to payment again

    • For how long have you been using prime hack now?

      Do you see the prime logo at the top left corner? Refer the image http://i.imgur.com/6vFSRLx.jpg

      If you are seeing the prime logo that means your prime membership is active. Re-install the prime video app and that should work.

      • Armaan Khan

        yesterday only i install
        but after this trick i install it says to login on prime videos it is not working, it takes me to payment page and says revise your payment sir

        • That is weird. Maybe they patched this bug. Please confirm with other people as well. They might have tracked your activity.
          Let me know if you find out… ☺☺☺

          • Ankita Khurana

            Same issue in my case!
            They must have fixed the buy already. 🙁

          • Well, I think you should become a prime member. It has a lot of benefits + you get unlimited access to Amazon prime videos.

            Try it…

  • Mukta Tanwar

    Wow this trick worked for me! Using prime membership now from around 1 week and not even faced any problem.

  • mayank kochar

    Sir i get access to amazon prime but not to amazon prime video

    • That is weird 😕
      Did you double check it. You should get the access to all.

  • Varun sir I tried but I got fail

    • Actually, the transaction will fail but you will have Amazon Prime membership activated. Check out the image below:

      You will see amazon prime logo in place of amazon’s logo. If you are seeing this that means your prime membership has been activated. Also, you can download Amazon prime app afterwards and you will get free access to Amazon’s library of free videos and TV series.

  • Vaibhav Shrivastava

    Works Like A Charm
    Thank You.
    Fast Delivery And Better Deals For Free. Thx.

    • Not only fast deals bit also whole library of free videos, tv series and a lot more 😉

  • Priyanka Yadav

    It worked totally…. awesome man….i got the free subscription now let’s see how long it lasts.