HACK-Free 1 year Amazon Prime Membership1 min read

Quickly grab the opportunity for free Amazon Prime Membership for complete 1 year. Just follow the steps below and get your free Prime Membership now.

Steps to avail free prime membership

  1. Open Amazon App
  2. Search for Amazon Prime Membership
  3. Click on Join Prime Today link that comes up.
  4. Click login to Join Prime Button.
  5. Register for prime.
  6. Click check out.
  7. Select Netbanking as a payment option
  8. Select HDFC bank
  9. Continue – This will take you to HDFC payment gateway.
  10. Type 123456789 as user id
  11. Click login
  12. The transaction will fail immediately.
  13. Now press back button to reach your app.
  14. Congrats you have availed Amazon Prime Membership


Follow above steps and avail your prime membership today for free. This is not going to last for long so hurry up.

Do not forget to post your Prime screenshot in the comments area.

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  • Article By: Varun Shrivastava

  • Varun Shrivastava is an innovative Full Stack Developer at ThoughtWorks with around 4 years of experience in building enterprise software systems in finance and retail domain. Experienced in design, development, and deployment of scalable software. He is a passionate blogger and loves to write about philosophy, programming, tech and relationships. This is his space, you can get in touch with him here anytime you want.