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Just celebrated my college farewell on 17th. Venue was hotel Samdariya Inn and the party was quite early yet my evening was full of fun that day. Some of my friends cried on leaving their college and friends, some danced like they never got a chance to dance and me on the other hand just enjoyed the tasty dinner that our juniors ordered for us that evening as a buffet. This farewell party for IT DEPT. 2016 out batch was just like every other farewell party with music, dance, food, and lots of memories to bag in. Apart from all this stuff, one interesting thing before the farewell party was its preparation. Everyone wanted to look their best and especially the girls, you know already how much we girls like to flaunt ourselves during such occasions. I have a short fairytale story on this and I am going to tell you how I made my own wardrobe with zero investment and just rocked the whole party with my grand stylish entrance at last. Have a look at My Farewell Wardrobe.?So here goes the story from the beginning to the end.

My Farewell Wardrobe

The theme for farewell wardrobe was coat suit for boys and Saree for girls. I personally was not at all ready with my Saree. The reason behind this was to look fabulous with zero investments on wardrobe or makeup. So, I just decided to get ?minimal on this farewell yet stylish. I gathered everything I had in my wardrobe to mix and match and make a good outfit from it but I failed. But just two days before the farewell, I saw this picture of my friend Shifa in this amazing long velvet captop she was wearing. This captop is ethnic and is a part of an Anarkali Salwar suit. Hence, I decided to make an outfit from this captop. I borrowed the captop and wore it with a low waist narrow bottom blue jeans.?Jeans were old and gave the perfect look I desired. My three other girlfriends spent a lot whereas I was pretty slick to pull it off together 😉


For makeup, I already had a Lakme 9to5 mousse foundation


Lotus Herbal Pure colour Magenta Fire Lipstick 4.2g

Maybelline ColosSal kajal SuperBlack


Oriflame’s Pure Colour Pressed Powder?
oriflame powder


Chanel Le Vernis nail colour shade number 635

chanel nailpaint

This is all I had with me for the makeup. Let me tell you I didn’t buy any of these for the farewell but I had them beforehand. I love brands especially when it comes to makeup and that’s why I ?always prefer saving money for them and buying stuff like that. So my past planning and buying funda helped me lot over here and I didn’t have to spend a lot of money just before the occasion whereas my girlfriends spend thousands of bucks in Beauty Parlor to look good.


For shoes, I had my old high red wedges which I bought two years ago.


For accessories, I only had my white earrings and metal bangles which I bought three years ago. Not to forget, my awesome red clutch gifted to me by Varun on my birthday.

At last, I did the makeup on my own and did a french pony hair style which I learned a year ago and there I was ready to rock the floor.

My Farewell Wardrobe


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