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On 21st, May 2016, I attended the computer science department farewell party with my best friend. Let me tell you that it is the most happening experience I have lived in all my college life. Whatever happened that day was like as if I was in a fairy tale or a famous prom night movie scene with all the jolly things happening just as planned.

Most of the times it happens with all of us, that we plan something else ?but it comes out to be something else at last. This could be a surprise or even a shock for despair. But my experience was a total surprise to me.

So it all started three days ago, I just finished my farewell party and now it was time for my best friend’s farewell party. ?He told me about the clothes he was going to wear and how grand this party would be. I kind of felt jealous as the venue was a three-star hotel and I knew that the party is going to be much more fun than mine. Still I restricted myself by thinking that I am not from CS department, how on earth can I attend their party? And even if I get a chance to do so, would my parents allow me to attend it till 10:30 at night? What if I somehow out of magic get the permission too but what will I wear? I don’t have a ?good?Saree to wear. All these thoughts made a virtual restriction around me and so I made up my mind to just stay at home accepting the situation as it is. But deep inside I really wanted to attend that party with my best friend as this party was a big celebration of four years of college life at the end.

Suddenly my bestie? as how delighted he would be if I could join him on this memorable day. Hearing this I felt really happy but my restricted thoughts made me say “No, I cannot join you. It’s impossible dude”. Hearing this he got really sad. So now we started planning to persuade my parents to attend another farewell party with my best friend. At first, it all seemed impossible to me, yet I started preparing for it.

The first thing I did was to get a good Saree?for the occasion and I just found a designer Saree in my wardrobe which at the time seemed unfit. The second and most important thing was to get permission from my parents.

Here is where all the drama started, I asked my mother and she refused it. My friends called her and she again refused it. Now after ?three times of persuasion and pleading, I gave up and surrendered myself to the situation.

I told my best friend that he will have to enjoy this last party of college without me. This thing made me cry but then, suddenly a strength came inside me and I went straight to my mother. I stood straight and told her in a very polite voice “Ma, I am going to the farewell with my friends and this is my final decision”. My mother looked at me for a second with disappointment and said: “Why you even asked me then if you really wanted to do what you want”. Answering her I said, “Ma, I want you to be happy with this because if I won’t attend this party then I will be regretting this decision my whole life”. Hearing me say all these emotional but true stuff my mother happily gave me permission to attend the party.


I got ready with my saree. My best friend came home to pick me up at 5 in the evening, he was wearing a light yellow colour kurta and pyjama(looking at him me and my mum made fun of him that he looked like a Bengali) and after that, we had the most fun of all times together.

A photo posted by Priyanka Yadav (@pvrano) on

A photo posted by Priyanka Yadav (@pvrano) on

We danced, clicked photos with our friends, ate in the buffet, laughed together and more importantly, I just got a beautiful memory to last a lifetime.

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