How companies might affect their employees growth unknowingly?5 min read

There are several reasons by which companies might affect their employee’s growth. The tragic thing about this is that they didn’t even know what they are doing. As the IT sector is expanding each second, there are several loopholes that need to be looked after. Major companies have been through this and know the importance of their employees but budding companies or companies that are content with what they do does not look after their employees the way they should. I have listed down several reasons which I think affects the growth of an employee.

1. Economic Stagnant

Economic Stagnant

This is a serious issue when companies become content with what they have and do not look forward to the expansion. This is where they suffer from Economic Stagnant. This stage is bad for employees because they are directly connected to the growth of the company and if the company stops, they are forced to stop. This is the time when they start thinking to move somewhere else thus further affecting the reputation of the company.

What is the solution to this problem? Well, the solution is pretty simple. Small or start-up companies do not pay much attention to Research and Development Side. This is okay for a very small company which has just started. Because the priority for them are the deliverables and they have very few employees. But, once the company has become stable then it’s time to pay attention to Research and Development Cell.

The main difference I observed after comparing big MNC’s with small companies, is the absence of Research and Development facility in small companies whereas MNC’s pay a lot of attention and spends loads of money in this sector. This is very important because you need to cope up with the latest technology trend to stay ahead of your competitors. You need new projects which have different architecture and technology stack. To take such project and make new clients your resources must be capable. If you have a sector which is dedicated for this work then you have nothing much to think about because those men are there for such taking and things will flow smoothly but in case you do not have such resources then you cannot even think about expanding your horizon and that’s when things become stagnant.

Just by paying little money and attention to the Research and Development Section of your company, you can drastically bring change to the overall economy of your company.

2. Too Many Restrictions


This is another reason that affects the life of an employee at a company. An Employee is not your pet and you should stop treating him like one. An employee is your partner who is with you to take you forward and achieve the vision that you see for your company and he should be treated the same way. He should be given every possible right that you have inside that company such as accessibility, he should be allowed to talk, play, dance whatever he like to do. He should be free. The only thing he should be worried about is completing his/her work. Nothing more than that. He shouldn’t be worrying about the time, money, access etc? If you can provide him with all of his freedom then he will provide you with what you want.

Just give you employees freedom as they would have in their home. Make them feel like home. If you can provide them with that then there’s no need to think about anything else. Every major MNC does it. I think we all should adopt this work culture from the major MNC’s.

3. Restrictions on the Use of Smartphones

No Smart Phones

Smartphones are so crucial in today’s world that it would not be wrong to compare them with our body part. These have become our extensions. Today, you cannot even imagine the world without a smartphone. For the simplest of things like calculating something we depend on it, for checking our emails we depend on it. In fact, much of our life is dependent on smartphones. And if you restrict the use of smartphones inside the company premises then it’s like you are restricting that person to use one less of his body part which he relies upon for most of his tasks.

Some of you may argue with me on this topic but if you will observe closely then you will understand. A person is always distracted if he does not have his smartphone with him. If a person is in constant touch with every one of his circle then he will feel more at home and less at work and that’s the kind of environment we need to provide him. A person is more productive from his home rather that from his workplace. You got to give him that feel in order to take the most from him without degrading his creativity and mindset.


It is a well-known fact that every company runs because of its employees and therefore you must treat your employees as your partner.The must be given every right that you own. Every access that you have. Then you can make a difference in the way your company runs. I would love to hear your views on the same. There’s a lot of things which I will be updating in the near future. Tell me what do you think about the trend of startup companies or the companies that have become stagnant.

  • Article By: Varun Shrivastava

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