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Hey Friends, What do you think when you want to get ready for a reunion or a get together with your friends and look the best girl in the vicinity . Probably most of us are all confused with their huge pile of clothes lying on the sofa. Well here are three fashion trends for you which can make you look fashionable and appropriate for any occasions .

I myself got acknowledged about these fashion trends through a TV show and found them very interesting. These trends have made their way so far so clear through years that they are every girl’s favourite . The styling includes both formal as well as casual clothing and I am pretty sure that we all have tried a bit of this trend but never knew how and where to carry these trends. They are Grunge, Chic boho, Nautical, Chic. So girls let’s start dressing better without making ourselves a victim of fashion .

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous”



Well according to the dictionary “grunge” means a style of rock music characterized by a raucous guitar sound and lazy vocal delivery but in terms of fashion this word is generally used to describe modern day teenager’s dressing typically girls between 14 to 18 years who like to create a hardcore persona like dip-dyed hair, ying-yang symbols, inverted crosses etc.This fashion was originated in the United States in the early 1990s . Likely beginning with the regional growth of rock music made popular by bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. The style combines elements of punk mixed with inexpensive working class clothing like jeans and plaid fabrics. The development of this fashion also brought back the ripped and shredded clothing during the early 1980s. At first, it was rejected by the capitalist but it was then quickly adopted by designers and became a well-known fashion trend.


– It usually includes an unkempt look like pieces of clothing paired together that don’t match. The plaid flannel shirt is one of the most common grunge style cloth worn my people all across the world . The second contribution to this trend is loose, baggy, well worn and well-ripped pairs of jeans.

It’s new and impromptu version is?Neo Grunge. ?This fashion trend has been refined from time to time and current 2016’s neo-grunge has the following statements for fashion-


Modern plaid– Sophisticated one-piece with broad separate plaids with moody colour giving a cool girl look

Grungy and chunky– a Black pair of tights with ?a black choker and a nice pair of boots. Obviously, the colour has to be black to give it a killer look. Baggy sweater, Silky slip dresses, and over the knee leather boots, woolly tops and long sleeved tops.



The word “chic” comes from a french wordchique” which describes a skilled and fashionable lady. This fashion makes you look smart and stylish at the same time. Fashionable means to wear what looks good on you and not necessarily to wear what’s in the latest fashion. This style is a timeless sense of style .It is a formal style and gives you more of a girl next door look? it gives you an elegant look. This style of dressing goes with formal wears and party wears.?To make your own chic statement you can start wearing umbrella skirts-


Skirts– Umbrella skirts, tube skirt, pencil skirt, A-line skirt, tulip skirt, Yoke-waist skirts.

Jackets– Capelet, Wrap, Princess, pea. These are all types of jackets you can try this winter and get your own chic look.

Tops– You can wear formal shirts and try different necklace with different neck style tops like a strapless Choker, off shoulder asymmetric top, turtleneck long chains or pendants.

Chic Boho

Boho Chich

This is a style of fashion drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences. In 2005 chic boho style reached its peak height when it got associated with the actress like Sienna Miller and model Kate Moss. This will give you more of a cowgirl look or rather a hippie look. This has been very trendy for summer 2016 and I guess it’s still very hot outside so you can try this trend for the outings. Fabrics of ?cotton, silk, velvet, chiffon are mostly in use for making boho chic clothes. Floral print, tie dye, ?bright colour like orange, earthy red and white colours are common in boho chic. Embroidery, lace dress, crochet dress and fringes are musts for every boho chic style statement.

Essentials– Bracelets with beads, hats, big bags, brown colour bags, bandana, dangly earrings are some of the accessories you can use to make a chic boho style. Try keeping your hair style simple and wavy.

Clothing– Shrugs with fringes, long maxi dress, loose full sleeves tops with above-mentioned fabric, palazzo.



This is one of my favourite trends till now . You can call it the sailor’s trend or the seaside trends. This is one of those trends that is perpetually in fashion, particularly in the summer months. It includes usually blue, red and white clothes with striped prints or polka dots. Its most important element is Breton stripes(black and white horizontal stripes) . I can bet that every girl has at least one of these striped tops. Prince Albert Edward is believed to be the one for introducing? nautical fashion into the trend by wearing a naval attire as a toddler in early 1940s.

So these are some of the fashion trends for you. I hope you liked them.

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