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Howdy guys! I recently ordered a Certified Professional Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Stereo Sports Headphones Headset Running Jogger. My old Philips joggers headset is worn out, so I was looking for an affordable replacement. My brother suggested me to get this. It is very affordable and costs only 600 INR. It has a lot of similar feature as Philips headset.


  • Bluetooth Sport Headphone
  • Up to 4-6 hours of Talk/Playing Time and about 175 hours Standby Time.
  • HD quality Comfortable, flexible and light. High-quality sound with HD speaker and enhanced BASS effect.
  • 180 Days (or 6 months) Doorstep Replacement Warranty Available all over India

I will write a complete review of it here once I receive it from amazon. For now, I have the link to this product here,

Running Joggers Headset

599 INR Only

Buy on amazon


Which BlueTooth headset do you use? Suggest me your options. I would love to explore.

Update: Okay, here’s a complete review of it. ?I returned the headset today. It was like, ?the day it came into my life, my life became miserable. The sound on that thing was nowhere close to my expectation. Let me take everything one by one.



Although it looked good in the hand, but when I wore it, it was HORRIBLE. It was very uneasy for my ears. I don’t know what the designer had in his mind while designing it. This device was not at all comfortable. It was harsh on ears, always gives you a feeling that you are wearing something and not fitting. As you can see, it is definitely not made for every ear. It comes only with one size ear bud and if it doesn’t fit you (just like me) then there is nothing much you can do. You will have to order a different size which will cost your more time, more trouble and more of everything you don’t like.


It has a good connectivity. I tried it from a distance of more than 20 feet and it was connecting well. This was the only thing I like about this headset. You can easily keep the mobile at any one place and just roam about in your house without the fear of loosing the connection. It is pretty good in terms of range and connectivity.

Sound Quality

Not at all adequate. The sound quality on this headset was very bad. There was a clear mix in vocal and hight pitch and it felt more like a noise than a melody. I was not able to hear it for more than 30 minutes, whereas, with my philips headset I use to listen to music for more than 2 hours straight. Sometimes I used to sleep while wearing it. The sound is not at all acceptable on this device.

Also, I don’t if this was a faulty set or not, but when I connected it over the call, it had a distortion in the main voice. A lot of distortion. I was very irritated by this things. The reason I bought it at the first place is for the mic and speaker and both of this was below my expectation. I was very disappointed with its sound quality. I would never recommend this product to anyone.

Value for Money

I bought it because I needed a replacement for my?philips joggers headset?that will have a good design (which you can never judge by the picture), good sound quality and a good mic. I did not get any of it. There is zero value of this device for me as it did not pass anything I thought it would. I would never recommend this to anyone.


What do you think on this one? Let me know about your views.
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