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This article is pretty interesting for all my friends who are in their twenties. It’s not just interesting but very fruitful if you follow the steps given below. The twenties is the most lively and amazing part of a person’s life, we are attracted to a person and then we come into a relationship with him/her. Most of the times making someone as your girlfriend/boyfriend is a spontaneous action. In the beginning, it’s fun for about 5 to 6 months or even for a year or more. But then something unexpected happens, your partner cheats on you with someone else or breaks up with you. Now you are alone and sad. You feel as if nothing bad could happen to you after this, this was the worst. You might also feel like killing your ex or killing yourself too (really a stupid act dear).?But if you will ask me, I will say that it’s the best thing to ever happen to you( not that you want to kill yourself but your partner breaking up with you).?It’s time for the best revenge my friend and in this article, you will be taught the best revenge you can take on your ex who cheated on you and left you.

1. Don’t show your emotions

?As a very famous quote says, “fake it till you make it”. So look in the mirror and smile. No need to share it with everyone about how sad you are because no one cares if you are a failed majnu?or a laila.

?Yes, you are sad, but practicing this fake smile for a minute will give your mind the idea that you are very much capable of making yourself happy. You don’t?need another person for such a small yet important task. I heard this amazing thing online that not just our mind and thoughts change the way we look or behave but it’s vice versa. The way we act, shapes our thoughts. If you are nervous then stand straight, you will feel the strength. If you are angry then say “I am calm” to yourself for two minutes and all your anger will vanish. Similarly, if you are sad then smile with a pen between your teeth, I promise you will laugh looking at yourself in the mirror.?

2. Forgive and forget

?No need to curse your ex or perform a voodoo on him (hehe). Just forgive and forget as soon as possible. Move on with your life. The important thing that you need to focus on here is that your partner left you for someone else. So why don’t you also flush him/her out of your life. If you hate someone for leaving you then it’s all going to affect you only and moreover, you will be practically thinking about the same person all the time.?

3.?Focus on yourself

Now that you have ?hours of extra time with you, which earlier you spent talking to your partner and spending time with him/her. Why not give this time to yourself? This is the best time to enhance your qualities and flaunt the world with all that you have. Make a list of all the things that you enjoy doing and then accomplish them. Join a gym or maybe a swimming club if that excites you.

4.?Do not leave yourself alone

?Meet your friends, new people and spend some more time with your family. Obviously no need to hang out with such friends who pity you for being a left out.

5.?Let that anger out for once and for all

?Yes you are hurt and you feel like shouting out loudly or crying like hell but still it is the same. Call your friends at home and dance like crazy or just let it all out for once and for all. No need to perform stupid acts which might get you in trouble or leave you in a more miserable situation like-

  1. Kissing one of your single friends, that is the worst thing ever, hahaa.
  2. Physically harming yourself, well you are already been hurt by others and now you yourself is hurting yourself. Dear, if you have no respect for yourself then stop expecting someone else to love you back.

6.Live by the moment

No matter how bad the situation gets, always remember one thing that “life is one and it’s way more precious than you could imagine”. Life is full of beautiful surprises in its own way, so just live by the moment. And if you still need a very good inspiration, then just go and watch these awesome movies “JAB WE MET” ?and “QUEEN”. Both of these movies are the best examples to prove how beautiful one’s life gets after being abandoned by his/her partner 🙂 .

Personally, I believe that there is a special person for very human being on this earth. No matter how many frogs or chicks hurt you, we all eventually end up with up our perfect partners. ?Life is like a super hit movie in which everything falls in the right place at the end and if it doesn’t then as my favourite?Shahrukh Khan?says “PICTURE ABHI BAAKI HAI MERE DOST” ;).

Never give up on this beautiful feeling of love because of a moron and more importantly never give up loving yourself. Things will definitely work out somehow, just follow your heart and let the life show it’s magic.

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