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Hey friends,?First of all a huge apology from my side, for not writing to you all for such long. I get moody sometimes, just like a moon. So, it’s mid-November and did you know that it is the time for the biggest festival in India. If you are thinking that Diwali is over, Eid is over too, Christmas hasn’t come yet. Then what festival is she talking about? Well, it’s the festival of Indian arranged marriages. Yes, people, in India exactly eleven days after Diwali comes Gyaras. According to the Hindu mythology, it is believed that this day is the wedding siren for all the Hindu marriages in India. But for all the bachelors and bachelorettes of India, it’s a warning for the coming chaos in their lives.



You will notice big fancy camps usually in a school’s ground or some community marriage halls, dressed with beautiful lights and loud speakers. That is the place where all the chaos is happening. This topic is so vast that I will tell you about it in two blogs. In this blog, I will tell you about how marriages are arranged in India and how senseless this ?process is.



It’s a beautiful union of two people who love each other and vow to be with each other in harsh conditions of life. In India, marriage has a slightly different meaning. According to our uncle-anty and the society people (most important people), marriage is the time when we meet all our relatives, spend weirdly high amount of money on useless things, make two strangers vow to be with each other for the rest of their lives (even if they don’t want to or they are 99% confused about their marriage till the last day). Marriage in India is a business, it’s the venue where you can find food to make an entire city’s tummy full for a day but rather it’s chosen to be wasted :).

Indian Marriages

My personal thought about Indian marriages and typically arranged marriage is- “apocalypse“.



I did a public survey about arranged marriages in India and asked a couple of questions to people. This is what they had to say:

Question 1. How can two people decide to spend the rest of their ?lives together just after a 15 minutes meeting?

Parent’s and relative’s answer?– They have their whole life after marriage to know each other darling :), so just take a chill pill.

Youngster’s answer?– I cannot decide which nail polish shade I should buy in 15 minutes and you are asking about choosing a life partner in 15 minutes. Do you think I am doped? he hee

Question 2. How can you judge a girl as a perfect bride for you and your family?

Parent’s and relative’s answer (the experts) – Simple, she has to be fair, she has to be virgin and she has to be obedient.

Men who are about to get married ?- She has to be fair, she has to be a virgin (it’s a must) and she should be very obedient.

Well, you see this is the scenario of about 70% of arranged marriages in India. I really pity those people who cannot even find their own life partner and rather depend on their parents or relatives to search one for them. Marriage is one of the two most important decisions of life but in India, this major decision is also taken by our relatives and parents.

Big Fat Indian wedding

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Just yesterday my cousin got happily married ?to the girl he loved for seven years and gave a ravishing party to all our relatives and his friends. He spent an enormous amount of money on things like gifting all his friends with the same matching attire as groom’s friend and decorations which were not even needed. But ?he and even his parents failed to gift their servants ?a pair of good clothes to celebrate. Also, I just read this article on the most expensive marriage in India that happened just a few days ago in some state of Southern India. This marriage costs about 500 crores worth of celebration. It was reported that bride was alone wearing 17 lakhs worth of saree and 90 lakhs jewellery. We spent so much money on a wedding and the bridegroom themselves have no idea about each other, what a pun.

At last, I would just say that guys and girls, please be aware of your life and choose your partners well. Don’t let this hazard of arranged marriage happen with you too because, believe me, it’s a hoax. Also, these are my personal views and I have no intentions to hurt anyone’s feelings. So you all have the right to read this article with totally open mind and without hurting your own egoistic feelings. Follow me if you liked my thoughts or ignore if you didn’t like and be happy. Because you see friends, happiness is a pursuit and not a thing to ask from others.?

What do you think about Arrange Marriages?

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