New Year 2019: Fire And Smoke3 min read

Today is the start of the year 2019, and not to forget that 2018 has given us many life lessons and challenges. I hope everybody has learnt something from it.

I woke up late, dreamt a little more on the 31st of December and I had a thought about the relationship between fire and smoke which I would like to discuss.

The words Fire and Smoke have so many different meanings that we are aware of, right?

Fire And Smoke

Fire and smoke

Some people see fire as a danger, the bringer of heat and hatred. Fire burns everything, it can destroy a whole forest. It can bring down huge buildings. Fire can disturb the ecology. Fire can destroy lives. We hear news that so and so buildings caught fire, and this many people died because of it.

On the other hand, some people see fire as the bringer of energy, excitement, a will to do something. Fire brings comfort. Fire brings food. Fire brings energy. Fire brings life.

We know what matter is, right?

Matter, Matter is never created or destroyed, but can only be rearranged. So why should we even think that there is destruction. We should believe in the thought that there is only hope, desire, and positive energy everywhere.

What comes after the fire?


Smoke comes when the fire goes out.

Smoke might symbolize to Silence, right?

When we see smoke, we say “The fire has gone out”. But on the starting of this year, we should ask ourselves, do we want the fire to go out?

The first time, when people saw fire they were glad. After the storms, the heavy rains, they saw fire. They didn’t understand what happened? It was all sparkly, bright, and beautiful. They somehow went near it and felt better. It gave them comfort from the coldness. The heat from it felt great. Sometime later, the fire was dead. Smoke began coming from the woods and going up into the sky. The sadness on the faces of the people was clearly visible.

When the fire goes out, the smoke starts to ascend to the sky and slowly it vanishes. The starting end of the smoke is dense and dark and slowly the smoke becomes thinner and then vanishes into the sky like an immortal soul leaves a mortal body.

On this New Year, Light a fire inside you that gives comfort to everybody around you. Friends, Relatives, Family.

Bernard Williams said “Talent is a flame, Genius is a fire”. Be a genius. Use your talent to ignite the flame in the form of genius and do that thing that you wanted to do. Be Kind, Be Energetic, Be Full of Life, Be Happy and I hope this year may bring you lots of happiness and success.

  • Article By: Vaibhav Shrivastava

  • He is a professional Gamer and technology enthusiast. He spends most of his time playing games and reading about computer and technologies.