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This is a BeMyAficionado Subscriber page. I made this page just as a way to tell our readers about the potential of BMA and why they should become a part of our community. We are focused on helping people across the world through our life experiences. How exactly are we going to do so? Well, I’m 23 years old and each and every second of my life is filled with new experiences. It is not just about my life, let me re-phrase that sentence – Each and Every second of our lives is filled with new experiences (similar but new) and we have a choice to either learn from them or discard them by saying it is not new. ?What I’m trying to point here is that there are endless opportunities hidden in every moment. It is just that we are not yet evolved to find them. This is not a website that talks on spirituality (not often) rather we are focused on providing value to our users in the ways they feel connected. The connection is very important.?

What do we have to Offer?

BMA has a lot to offer to its readers. We are trying to build a community of focussed individuals who will be driven by people and for the people (Sounds like a democracy). BMA is focussed on delivering the real-world experiences combined with the expertise to help people make a better decision when it comes to making choices in life.?

How often have you found yourself in the middle of a situation where you have to make a choice. The choice seems so difficult. Do you know the reason behind? Let me tell you, there are several reasons behind. Lack of self-confidence, lack of faith, fear of failure, lack of knowledge and more. There are many factors, however, these four factors are the most common and I find them interconnected. See, if you have a certain level of knowledge and self-expertise then you will automatically develop self-confidence. If you have self-confidence you will start to have faith and if there is faith there is always a chance that you will overcome your fear. You see, if you can work on improving the one thing that is known, you will end up improving your life. This is where we are focused at. Providing knowledge from our daily life experiences which can help others walking the same similar path. You may want to read about us section where I have shared how I started blogging and things started to unfold.

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BMA – A Handy Guide for Life

Whenever I think about my past days, my schooling and college. I always ask myself, what would have I chosen if I knew the future already. This very thought has given birth to an idea which reverberates inside me and pushes BMA to provide content and guidance which directly relates to my personal experiences. I want to provide as much information as I can about the path I have walked so far, such that it might become useful for someone who has just started or planning to start. Just imagine how awesome would it be if you can see par the tunnel and then make the decision whether you want to be on the other side or not.

It is no point wasting time in reaching someplace and then realising that the place is not for you. It is awfully frustrating and sometimes causes serious mental illness. So, it is better you ask for guidance and that is what BMA is trying to become. A handy guide for life.

BeMyAficionado Services

BMA is not just limited to providing valuable content but also valuable services for others to start their passion quickly and hassle free. We use our acquired knowledge to help others achieve their goals as well. Currently, we offer services in the field of web development, content writing, Search Engine Optimisation and social media marketing but as we keep on learning new skills we would be able to provide more value services for our readers. Follow the link to our services,

We are different than other service providers because we are not aiming to earn big amounts by offering our services. We are not at all in the competition. Our lives don’t depend on these services. We offer these services as a way to help ourselves by refining our existing skills.?This will become very clear to you once you will look at our prices. We simply do it to make ourselves better and ask for a little amount for our time. That is all.

A Potential Marketplace

BMA is not just limited to sharing life experiences. We will also focus on creating it a marketplace in future. A place where people can share their views and ideas and get paid for it. A place where they can sell their projects, art, skills as long as they are useful and helpful for others. We have taken a step in this direction and hope more and more people will support us in our endeavours. We believe the future does not lie in working as an employee for some company or organisation, rather future lies in our ability to mould the very fabric of life itself to create something truly meaningful and amazing that will help our generation to move forward as a whole. ??

So, if you are convinced then do not waste any second and become a member of our growing community. Just fill the subscription form below and we will send you latest news right in your inbox. You will also get a free ebook that will guide you to backup your website or any content safely using the open source tool available for programmers. It is free, you just have to provide your email address and the book will be sent straight to your inbox.

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