Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

There are a variety of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services which are related to all sorts of different optimization such as Search Engine Page Rank, Website Speed Optimization and many other such deficiencies. You can never say for sure that your website is 100% optimized for better page rank. The reason is ever changing technology. Google is continuously changing its algorithm to offer better page results to the users. There is only one way to get it right and that is to keep yourself updated with the changing technology trend.

We at BMA offer various SEO services explained below. If you want help related to any of the services then fill the respective order form and I will contact you personally for the same. Please find below the SEO services that BMA has to offer. Choose the desired service just by filling the form.

Website SEO Audit

We will audit your website thoroughly to generate a report which will contain all the major and minor deficiencies if present which needs a resolution right away. To audit your website, we will run it against multiple tools to find all the common problems regarding your website titles, heading, broken links, content duplication and all sorts of different metrics. I will compile these reports and mail it to you. This will help you to better decide which service you must take next in order to find a feasible solution for your various problems.

If you are running a WordPress website then this audit will also involve the efficiency of all the plugins that are running on your website. If you are using any plugin which is unknowingly affecting your website’s performance then it will be highlighted in the audit report. This report will be generated for you in the most affordable prices. It comes just for 500 INR or $10. If you are interested then click on the below link to fill the form and I will personally contact you.

Package Price: 500 INR or $10

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Code Optimization

This optimization comes at the highest level of SEO. In this package, we will make sure your website’s HTML is well coded and optimized. This helps in two main factors, a well-designed webpage is more probable to be recognized by the search engines by removing most of the clutter. Secondly, it helps to speed up your website page load time. This package comes at only 14999 INR or $500.

Package Price: 14999 INR | $500

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Website Speed Optimization for better SEO Rank

In this package, I will make sure your website page load time is less than 3 seconds by following the best optimization techniques used by big players. According to recent studies, it was observed that more than 50% of the users tends to leave the website if the website takes more than 5 seconds to load. This is one of the most important part of the website. You must make sure your website loads instantly as soon as the user clicks on your website’s URL. A before and after report will be provided to you to see the significant difference in your page load time.

Package Price: 9999 INR | $300

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On-Page SEO

It is the process of implementing the changes that are recommended by the Website SEO Audit report. We will make sure to cover most of the recommendation recommended in the SEO Audit without affecting the original structure of your website. If there are major changes that are needed to be made, we will take your approval before proceeding with our actions. We understand your concern and will never let you use your potential clients.

Our On-Page services will cover most of the work required to rank your website on the first page for most of the targeted keywords. Some of the things that we will cover are the website page load speed, Content optimization, Content organisation, Internal Link Structure, Sitemaps optimization, Structured HTML and many more. Normally, On-Page SEO is a one-time thing and it is not required in a regular basis. Once you have optimized all the content of the website then regular website audits are all you need to keep a watch if there is any potential SEO issue present on your website or not.

If you are interested in this service then fill the form below. This package comes just for 5999 INR or $200.

Package Price: 5999 INR | $200

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A comprehensive search engine optimization campaign will have all the above elements, but it will also incorporate other important services such as keyword research, ranking reports, traffic reports, and conversion tracking. It will all come as a part once you become our trusted client.