What is a Coder’s Worst Nightmare?

Work Smarter: 5 Tips to Use Your Time Better

Hey, friends, Have you ever given it a thought on the Importance of our time. I have been quite busy thinking about the importance of time in our lives. You hear people saying “you get everything when the time comes”, “time heals every wound”. If you notice carefully, you will realize that the most valuable entity in your life is time. We get 86,164 seconds in a day. Yet 90% of us waste a large portion of this time in doing useless things. Don't you think we should Work Smarter?

By: Priyanka Yadav
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Do you know about the new breed of human?

Hey Readers! It is hard to live in an extrovert-dominated society but  after reading this article you will get a different point of view to look at Introverts. SO, let’s start with a question… Are you an Introvert? Are you an Introvert? I have always found this question hard. I have always faced a dilemma in answering […]

By: Varun Shrivastava
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Basics to know Before Starting Your Website

The Naked Truth behind Indian IT Industry

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