Different Types of Shrugs for Girls

How to Choose Between Friends and Family

Ever been confused about a difference of opinion. Especially, when the difference is caused in-between your friends and family and yourself. You are often stuck between these situations in your twenties. I know this because I'm literally experiencing it myself and decision-making does become a pain in the ass. So, what's the possible solution? Is it friends or family? Experience says that it can't be both. If you are in your twenties then just read on.

By: Varun Shrivastava
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Financial Freedom must be your Primary Goal

3 Strong Motives to Plan Monthly Expenses in Advance

When I first came to a new city, with a new job and a totally new environment, I was nervous instead of being excited. There was some kind of hidden fear inside me. Maybe it was the fear of being completely independent and responsible in life for the very first time in my whole life. I was in a very different situation, hard to tell. On top of that, the new city was way too expensive. Nobody planned for these unplanned expenses beforehand, therefore, the situation worsened. That was the moment when I first realized the value of planning monthly expenses beforehand. From that time I always Plan Monthly Expenses in Advance.

By: Varun Shrivastava
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Teach students how to Earn Money instead of Mental Mathematics

How Does Successful Bloggers Earn Money Blogging

Use Social Media to Become Rich

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